Loudoun ready to take partin America Recycles Day

The Board of Supervisors has announced that Tuesday will be America Recycles Day in Loudoun County and is encouraging residents and businesses to pledge to recycle more at home and at work.

 Loudoun has continued to improve its annual recycling rate. Last year, the county increased its recycling rate by 1.5 percent, recycling more than 94,000 tons of material, county officials said in a statement.  More than 73 percent of the materials were bottles, glass, paper, plastic and cans collected through residential and business recycling programs, officials said.

 To improve recycling in the home and workplace, residents are encouraged to take the following steps:

→Place bottles, cans and paper in the appropriate recycling containers and not in the trash.

→Contact trash collectors, homeowners associations or the county government to find out what can be placed in recycling containers.

→Contact local officials or homeowners associations to get recycling containers where they are needed.  If curbside service or a recycling bin is unavailable, consider recycling materials at one of the 11 drop-off centers in the county or contact an authorized collector for pickup.

→Learn about how to recycle materials such as batteries, textbooks, engine oil, antifreeze, electronic items and clothing at www.loudoun.gov/recycle. Residents can take a pledge to recycle at http://americarecyclesday.org and be entered into a regional prize drawing.

Household hazardous waste collection is last of the year

The Loudoun Department of Construction and Waste Management will host its final household hazardous waste event of the year from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Heritage High School, 520 Evergreen Mill Rd., Leesburg.

The collection events are for county residents only. The next one is scheduled for March, county officials said.

Items accepted for collection include fluorescent bulbs, household batteries, oil-based paints, stains, varnishes, paint thinners, metal polishes, wood preservers, furniture polish, waxes, household cleaners, pool chemicals and old fuels, including gas and oil mixes, kerosene and diesel fuel. Latex or water-based paints are not a hazardous waste and can be dried or solidified and disposed of with household trash, officials said.

Used motor oil, antifreeze, automobile batteries, lead-acid batteries and propane tanks will not be accepted but can be recycled anytime at the Loudoun County Solid Waste Management Facility, 21101 Evergreen Mills Rd., Leesburg. Electronic items are also not accepted.

Tips on proper paint disposal and identifying hazardous waste are at www.loudoun.gov. Residents may also call the Department of Construction and Waste Management at 703-777-0187.

Leesburg receives awardfor budget presentation

The Government Finance Officers Association has announced that Leesburg has received its Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for its fiscal 2012-13 budget. 

The town’s Finance Department has received the award every year since 1986, Leesburg officials said in a statement.

Award recipients must satisfy nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation.  These guidelines are designed to assess how well an organization’s budget serves as a policy document, a financial plan, an operations guides and a communications device, the statement said. 

— Compiled by Caitlin Gibson