Residents reminded about risks to dogs left in cars

With summer having arrived Friday, Loudoun County’s Animal Services Department is reminding residents not to leave their dogs in cars on hot days.

Leaving an animal in a car in summer with no ventilation, even for a few minutes, is very dangerous, as well as illegal, county officials said in a statement.

Animal services hosted an event Saturday as part of the “My Dog Is Cool” national campaign. Information about the risks to dogs left in overheated vehicles is at

A resident who sees a dog in heat distress inside a parked vehicle should call Loudoun County Animal Services immediately at 703-777-0406 or the sheriff’s office at 703-777-0445 for assistance, authorities said.

The Animal Services Department is at 39820 Charles Town Pike, Waterford. Animal control officers can be reached daily at 703-777-0406. Information about department services is at

Resources fair informs inmates of county services

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office had its inaugural community resources fair Tuesday for inmates housed at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, Sheriff Mike Chapman said in a statement.

The event was hosted at the detention center by the sheriff’s office and the Loudoun Re-
Entry Advisory Council.

“The resource fair provides inmates an opportunity to educate themselves on the outreach programs available to them in our community,” Chapman said. “Our hope is that they will find the resources they need before they are released from the detention center, to help them with the transition back into our community.”

Loudoun inmates met with representatives from community organizations and government agencies. The services aim to prepare inmates to reenter the community and to increase their chances of success and reduce recidivism.

The fair was made available to low-risk inmates within six months of release who volunteered to participate. The community resource fair for inmates is expected to be a biannual event, officials said.

Gold was apparent target of burglars, sheriff says

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office detectives are working with local and federal law enforcement agencies to investigate a series of residential burglaries in which gold jewelry appeared to be the target, the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

After a February break-in at a home in South Riding, three suspects were identified and ultimately apprehended in Maryland; they have not yet been extradited to Loudoun, the sheriff’s office said.

“This case remains an active and evolving investigation,” Loudoun Sheriff Mike Chapman said. “The series of burglaries involves multiple jurisdictions throughout the region, and our detectives are working closely with our partners in local and federal law enforcement to ensure all of those involved are brought to justice.”

The jewelry thefts began in Loudoun in October. Authorities said they think eight burglaries in the county are likely to be connected. In most of the cases, the suspects entered through a rear door or window when no one was home. The suspects appeared to target jewelry made of gold.

The break-ins were in several eastern Loudoun communities, including Lansdowne, Ashburn, Brambleton and South Riding, authorities said.

— Compiled by Caitlin Gibson