A 37-year-old District Heights man was found guilty Wednesday on manslaughter charges for the deaths of three people during a drunk-driving accident on an Oxon Hill road in June 2011, Prince George’s County prosecutors said.

Harry Easter was convicted of three counts of motor vehicle manslaughter and driving under the influence, officials said in a statement. Prosecutors said Easter sped at 89 m.p.h. on Indian Head Highway and rear-ended another vehicle in a violent collision that slammed it into a tree.

Cordelia Roberts, Eugene Johnson and Gwendolyn Demby all were fatally injured and Demby’s husband Tim was seriously injured during the crash.

Easter’s blood alcohol content registered at .24 which is three times the legal limit, and authorities believe he passed out behind the wheel before the crash.

His sentencing is scheduled for July 18 and he faces a maximum of 33 years imprisonment, officials said.