Man found dead
in park near Capitol

A man was found dead Friday afternoon in Lower Senate Park, between the U.S. Capitol and Union Station in Northeast Washington, according to law enforcement authorities.

The man was discovered about 12:15 p.m. near D Street and Delaware Avenue. Police said there did not appear to be any sign of foul play.

— Peter Hermann

Teens charged over inappropriate photos

Three teenage boys have been arrested and accused of taking inappropriate photos of their teacher, according to Alexandria police. They were charged and released to the custody of their guardians, police said.

The incident allegedly happened in May at T.C. Williams High School, according to search warrants filed in Alexandria Circuit Court.

According to affidavits, one student told police that when he walked into a class May 15, several students started encouraging him — chanting, “Photo, photo, photo” — to take a picture of the teacher. He used his phone to take a picture of her from behind. He also received a photo on his phone that had been taken up the teacher’s skirt, he said.

A second student told police that during the same class, he held his phone under the teacher’s skirt and took a video, according to the warrants.

The video did not come out, he said, and he promptly deleted it. He said he handed his phone to a third student, who took two photos up the teacher’s skirt.

One 17-year-old is charged with distributing obscene material, and another 17-year-old and a 15-year-old were charged with unlawful photography.

— Rachel Weiner

Suspect arrested in major casino theft

A 21-year-old Southeast Washington man was taken into custody in connection with a six-figure theft from a Maryland casino, authorities said.

An audit at the Maryland Live Casino, apparently conducted Wednesday, showed about $150,000 missing from a money room, Anne Arundel County police said. They said surveillance video showed a man putting a stack of $100 bills into his shirt.

After an arrest warrant was obtained, the man was traced to the District, county police said.

The man was found and a search revealed more than $34,000 stuffed into his socks and trousers, county police said.

They said a gym bag found in the trunk of a car linked to a friend of the suspect contained $100,400 in cash. The county police said Willie Herbert Washington, a casino employee, was taken into custody. Online D.C. court records indicated that he was being held as a fugitive from Maryland.

— Martin Weil