A Suitland man was sentenced to 30 years in prison Friday for his role in a robbery that resulted in the death of a handyman who was defending a Centreville family from intruders.

Tasheik Ashanti Champean, 46, pleaded guilty to robbery and firearms charges in federal court in Alexandria in December for the 2010 incident that left Jose Cardona dead from a gunshot wound.

Champean conspired with two other men to rob the owner of a check-cashing chain at his residence, where they believed he kept proceeds from the business, according to court records.

Armed with pistols, Champean and Reynard Lazaro Prather waited in the garage of the home for the owner to return, but when Cardona and the son of the owner attempted to access the garage they were confronted by Champean and Prather, according to court records.

During a struggle over the intruders’ firearms, Cardona was shot and killed.

Prather was previously sentenced to 30 years in prison for his role in the robbery. Stacy L. Reed, the alleged third conspirator and a former Metrobus driver, was arrested on a charge of conspiring to commit robbery in December.