Crudely written threatening letters have been stuck in the doors of residents of Manassas over the past four months, and at least one of the letters apparently carried a death threat, according to residents and authorities.

People in a Manassas neighborhood where a letter was delivered this month “are quite worried, quite concerned,” the head of the homeowners association said.

According to a resident who spoke on condition of anonymity because the letter writer remains at large, a letter was delivered last weekend to a home on Gaither Street. It came in an envelope covered with vulgarities scrawled in childlike handwriting. The letter itself also contained profanity, along with the words: “I will kill you for kids,” the resident said.

Manassas police have listed at least 14 such incidents since December. Police said the investigation continues.

The most recent threat apparently arrived between March 2 and March 4 on Sumner Lake Boulevard. Along with finding a note at her front door, the resident found that several of her clay lawn ornaments had been broken, police said.

The police have not disclosed the contents of the notes. However, they said the note found on Sumner Lake Boulevard was similar to ones left since December at other places.

Responses have varied. “We’re all aware of this, but nobody’s saying much about it” because details have been scant, a Manassas resident said. Another said, “We’re more mad than we’re scared.”