A Maryland man who helped transport more than 100 women as part of an East Coast prostitution ring, including throughout Prince William County, was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Alexandria last week for his role in the enterprise.

Angel Campos Tellez, 27, was sentenced to 46 months in prison for his role in the commercial sex enterprise. The prostitution ring operated in Manassas and Woodbridge, as well as Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, Baltimore and Delaware, according to prosecutors.

Campos Tellez, originally from Mexico, is in the country illegally, prosecutors said. He will be subject to deportation when his prison term has ended.

Between 2009 and July 2012, he admitted to coordinating drivers to transport the prostitutes, court documents say. He also took a leadership role in the criminal enterprise’s operation, instructing prostitutes to charge $30 for 15 minutes of sex, according to a criminal complaint.

Campos Tellez collected at least $15,000 as a result of the enterprise, prosecutors say.

“There are many moving parts in the vile sex trafficking industry – the recruiters, the transporters, and the so-called ‘pimps,’” said Neil H. MacBride, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, in a statement. “Here, Tellez, a leader [in the illegal operation], drove victims up and down the eastern seaboard to be prostituted in various localities. This reprehensible conduct will not be tolerated,”

Campos Tellez advertised for the enterprise by handing out business cards at restaurants, check cashing stores, construction sites and day laborer sites, according to court documents.

The ring employed drivers and those who would meet prostitutes at the Greyhound bus station in the District, and then transported them to an apartment in Riverdale, Md., court documents say.

The case was investigated by members of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force, a collaboration among local, state and federal authorities, along with related nongovernmental groups, to combat sex trafficking crimes. Federal prosecutors worked with Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli (R).

“Whatever their role may be in a sex trafficking ring, we want these criminals to know: we will find you, we will prosecute you, and we will lock you up for your crimes,” Cuccinelli said in a statement.

Campos Tellez’s attorney, Benjamin Kent, could not be reached for comment.