Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bay Ridge Ave., 1018-Heart Church Ministries Inc. to Ryan and Michelle Douglas, $157,500.

Chelsea Ct., 13-Mary E. Gilman and James Robert Sprungle III to Samantha J. McKenna, $365,000.

Fairview Ave., 793-Estate of Eugene Winchester III to John Stuart and Marie Elaine Richardson, $330,000.

Gentry Ct., 49-Donna Marie and Donna M. Drelick to Andrew and Timothy P. Burt, $192,000.

Harness Creek Rd., 3325-Janet L. Cohen and Lynn B. Sassin to Kimberly Kristin Cirka and Gary Charlton Cubbage, $1.79 million.

Hyde Park Dr., 1048-James H. Shoenhard to Brian Bourke, $425,000.

Lake Heron Dr., 1138, No. 3A-514 Phase II Corp. to Curtis Nelson, $242,000.

Old Bay Ridge Rd., 1021-Michael T. and Erin Taddeo to Howard Glen and Jan Teater, $559,000.

Rockwell Ct., 23-Mary Frances Coleman to Kelly Ann Riling, $270,000.

Timber Creek Dr., 1027-Alan Barry and Judy Anne Glass to Laurice E. Jones and Rebecca L. Hawes, $420,000.

Woods Dr., 174-Laura F. Austin and estate of Shirley M. Fleming to Edwin R. Granados Lazos, Luis A. Granados and Guadalupe D. Luzos, $307,000.


Charles Carroll Way, 2005-Alexander D. Shushan to Allyson Curley and Darragh Moriarty, $432,000.

Coachway, 908-Laura Ann Davis and Bradley J. Wilcockson to John Andrew and Lauren Giel Meyer, $760,000.

Glen Ave., 25-Lauren Ziegler and Marcos Alvarez to Nicholas Berault and Nina Gallelli, $534,900.

Leftwich Lane, 547-Randall Mark Powers and Tony Minh Tran to Casey Thrush, $469,000.

Overlook Dr., 49-William R. and Margaretha A. Magee to William and Orasa Reinheimer, $1.8 million.

Rudder Way, 862-William C. Lambros to Irene L. Chuchra, $462,000.

Simms Dr., 110-David R. and Beth A. Gillingham to Breton M. Grant, $546,000.

First St., 207-Brennen J. and Katherine R. Daugherty to Matthew R. and Shaina J. Cullens, $354,000.


Bay Green Dr., 647-Daniel and Louise M. Slattery to Tina M. Hall, $430,000.

Broadwater Rd., 456-Emily Claire Rodriguez to Derek D. O’Halloran and Cassidy L. McMonigle, $426,000.

Buena Vista Ave., 325-Peyton Investments Corp. to Matthew and Michelle Davis, $367,500.

Cathead Dr., 1520-Kenneth and Erin Kloster to Jason Matthew Vellon and Ashley Marie Gladden Vellon, $349,900.

Club Rd., 132-J. Richard Jablin and estate of Linda P. Jablin to Christi Lynne Ellingson, $315,000.

Deer Creek Run, 960-Johnny D. and Terri Elaine Thomas to Kimberly and Stuart Sloat, $390,000.

Hickory Hill Ct., 68-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Anthony DiPietro IV, $536,697.

Knottwood Ct., 436-Kristie Hipple Mullins to Christopher W. Mauro and Grayson Cox, $284,900.

Moore Rd., 149-Christopher L. and Teresa M. Vetick to Bradford K. and Hannah H. Miller, $710,000.

Ruth Rd., 480-Robyn Patricia Smit to Chad A. and Brandi M. Fike, $440,000.

Talon Ct., 616-Emily Lauren Taylor and Wanda Lawson to Alexander J. and Jessica Cooper, $333,000.


Alden St., 606-Norman E. Shifflett Jr. and estate of Norman Edward Shifflett to Steven D. Blueford, $244,400.

Cedar Hill Rd., 48-NVR Inc. to Freddie A. Lewis, $362,280.

Rebecca Hammond Ct., 150-NVR Inc. to Yezid Alexis and Lizbeth Morales, $315,000.

Reddish Hill Way, 111-NVR Inc. to Hannah and Mark Darnell, $319,990.


Aqua Ct., 960-Michael J. Kurtz to Virginia L. Wimberley, $450,000.

Broadneck Pl., 1503, No. 3-401-Jennifer S. Churm to Robert A. and Christina A. Joss, $305,000.

Deep Creek View, 573-Sherry Lynn and Thomas Eric Mooney to Benjamin Ryan and Briana M. Miles, $459,900.

Foxwood Ct., 1442-Nichole R. Dwyer to Lisa Surniak, $323,500.

Lehman Ct., 1411-U.S. Naval Academy Foundation Inc. to Eric L. Saunders and Desiree D. Lester, $484,030.

Stonehurst Ct., 872-Andrew Mutch III and Michael Anne Ashford to Alexandra R. and Bradley F. Arnold, $385,000.


Franklin Blvd., 5564-Tyler A. and Stephanie M. Spaulding to William L. Coulbourne and Marilynn German, $390,000.


Aberdeen Dr., 2209-John O. and Ozcan Inak to Ana I. Bolanos, $253,000.

Chapman Ct., 2808-Neil and Deborah Martin to David C., Megan L. and David C. Moncrief, $595,000.

Fallsway Dr., 1707-Michael A. and Michelle R. Piersol to Lee A. and Elizabeth C. Nicholas, $450,000.

Foggy Turn, 1298, No. 36-Beazer Homes Corp. to Ajani Maillard, $414,990.

Hart Ct., 1703-From House to Home Inc. to Melissa Rubilotta, $270,000.

Leisure Way, 1737-Allene J. Bryant to Justin D. Kirk and Raegan Symone N. Ross, $198,900.

Mount Airy Ct., 1621-Evan L. and Genevieve M. Swetnam to Corey J. and Sydney M. Seidman, $306,000.

Regents Park Rd. E., 1776-Mindy Kursban Kwaitkowski and estate of Jerry F. Kursban to Matthew R. Hiltz, $405,000.

Scribner Pl., 1755-Michael L. and Lisa M. Elias to Terry L. and Sue E. Esselman, $480,000.

Strongs Ct., 2705-Vincent O. and Melissa L. Wardlaw to Alexianna R. and Emanuel T. Garcia, $585,000.

Tobys Ct., 1605-Eric D. and Karin E. Kosiba to Neal J. Fisher, $589,900.


Bacon Ridge Rd., 1134-Prospect Hall at Red Hill Corp. to Mary E. Kremzner and Kristine A. Corbett, $565,000.

Kyle Rd., 311-Joseph A. Matera Jr. and estate of Paul W. Weifenback to Amy Yost and Dale Foster, $1.1 million.

Willis Lane, 1102-Penderbrooke Partnership to Meir A. Duke, $1.09 million.


Creek Shore Way, 7844-James E. Kiley to Zachary Ryan Brisbane and Mykala Ayanna Pearson, $313,000.

Tillerman Pl., 1235-Dreamquest Properties Inc. to Andrew Joseph Friend and Brittany Anges Coppock, $284,000.


Petersburg Rd., 706-Jeffery Lee and Jessica Parlett Wilson to Walter W. and Nancy Sofia Cruz, $525,000.


Deale Churchton Rd., 5866-Bank of New York Mellon and CWALT Inc. Alternative Loan Trust 2005 50CB to James Raymond Bennett, $160,125.

Parker Dr., 6003-Patrick Michael and Maria Dempsey to Anthony James Hopkins, $355,000.


Jewell Rd., 255-John and Doris J. Gee to Lindy J. and Nini J. Stamp, $455,000.


Beach Drive Blvd., 3754-Ron Hull to Joshua Michael Goodman and Ruth Mae Marie Goodman, $120,000.

Bright Light Ct., 309-D.R. Horton Inc. to Emily Elaine Ersoy and Jonathan Raymond Miller, $447,990.

Cassia Ct., 2802-Carla D’Onofrio to Michael Luther, Kaydian Nakeita and William Luther Staton, $701,000.

Hazelwood Rd., 3429-Lili Virginia Thomas and estate of Ronald C. Ray to William S. Cox, $262,500.

Lane Dr., 1571-Michael Lee and Deborah Fay Ramey to Tyler and Elana Robison, $480,000.

Mulberry St., 3290-James D. Noble and Amy Fowler to Charles Joseph Eller and Jordan Delaney Cline, $595,000.

Poplar Point Rd., 34-Brian and Lynn Daitch to Kent Schertzer Digby and Martha Ann Spencer, $945,000.

River Landing Rd. S., 230-SSB Realty Holdings Corp. to Lynn E. Stith Bennett and Robert H. Bennett, $520,000.

Shady Side Dr., 1608-Snyder Tyler Corp. and Real Estate General LTD to Stephany N. and Theodore P. Nichols, $456,000.

Turkey Point Rd., 1250-Michael M. and Deborah A. Mercado to Arthur C. and Cheryl A. Smith, $600,000.


Bell Branch Rd., 2426-Joseph Lorentzen to Daniel R. and Lisa B. Eden, $502,000.

Chapel Lake Dr., 2608, No. 401-Corbi L. Foster and estate of Margaret Ruth Foster to Leslie R. and Kaye H. Ruffner, $342,500.

Honey Locust Dr., 1451-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Ignatious Michael and Shawna Zakrjewski, $510,000.

Honey Locust Dr., 1458-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Zachary Pirrung and Hyemi Ha, $509,241.

Hyacinth Lane, 2505-Lorelie Alexander Erculiani to Jeyaramesh Balasubramaniam and Shaayine Jeyaramesh, $517,500.

Wigeon Way, 1411, No. 306-William Muth Jr. to Mark A. Anthony, $320,000.


Baltimore Ave., 7-Jessica L. Record and Adam O. Woodley to Jesus Lopez, $288,000.

Castle Hedge Dell, 7970-James E. Obendorfer to Cynthia Berger, $375,000.

Forest St., 111-Ty Webb Corp. to Juan A. Ortiz Marquez, $287,000.

Glendale Ave., 454-James F. Hill to Joshua David Hill, $180,000.

Johnson Farm Lane, 302-Katherine P. Avara and Paula Brown to Daniel Rosenberger, $160,000.

Lexington Ct., 7722-Cohansey Overlook Corp. to Harish Gautam Khandrika, Geetha Srikrishna and Srikrishna Khandrika, $360,000.

Manning Rd., 1609-Ashly N. and Patrick Mark Clawson to Jeyson Jose Disla Concepcion and Jacqueline Pache, $241,000.

Packard Ave., 201-Dane Christiansen to Gerhard J. and Merrilea C. Klose, $390,000.

Ridgely Rd., 403-Warren Heppding Jr. and estate of Lorraine M. Heppding to Jacob T. Downs, $260,000.

Scotts Manor Ct., 7987-William E. Smith Jr. to Arturo Romo and Vanna Bun, $269,900.

Turnwood Dr., 243-U.S. Bank and LaSalle Bank to Kyle Saunders, $250,000.


Apple Orchard Dr., 712-Shannon and Gordon Harris to Afeez Lawal, $337,000.

Brooks Ct., 423-Jonathan and Carolyn Shattuck to Rebecca J. Mardesich, $289,900.

Crown Rd., 7213-Arlene Olivia Gassmann and Betty Joe Williams to Jose A. Esquivel Godoy and Marlin B. Gonzalez Flores De Godoy, $255,000.

Fox River Hills Way, 547-Curtis and Elizabeth Johnson to Andrew Taylor Cummins and Heather Mady Palmieri, $340,900.

Harvard Rd., 9-Vincent T. Bennett to Brady Aaron McCartin and Chelsea Glee Corona, $286,000.

Hopkins Corner, 934-Emily Geise Smith to Michael and Melissa Huber, $320,000.

Leymar Rd., 1-John Grasso to Elizabeth R. Funsch and Oscar S. Hernandez Orosco, $340,000.

Marley Ave., 1632-Michael A. and Barbara J. Wood to Stephen Andrew Philipp and Amanda Cordes, $340,000.

Meadow Dr. S., 132-Margaret P. Harwell to Marlette A. Rogers, $275,000.

Spencer Rd., 7811-Jerediah and Anahi Fontanos to Vanessa Tauchus Deni, $335,000.

Sunny Brook Dr., 1118-William and Janet Busch to Joseph T. Gatti and Vanessa Rivera Sanchez, $310,000.

Warfield Rd., 11-Vernon and Shirley Thomas to Ray Stanley Hall, $175,000.

Water Fountain Ct., 206, No. 203-Marneek T. Johnson and Marneek T. Brown to Joseph E. Phillips, $163,000.


Allerford Dr., 1724-Huai Tsu and Janet Marie Chao to Glenn and Kyella M. Gilliam, $586,000.

Dogwood Lane, 7511-Rashid Ahmad and Yasmin Zanjabil Ahmed to Tyron Purnell, $379,000.

Greenknoll Blvd., 12-Ariandevelopment Corp. to Raysean Jones and Danielle Jones Dent, $410,000.

Maple Rock Rd., 2612-Matthew Anderson to Jung Kook Park and Mi Jung Yoon, $480,000.

Ridge Commons Blvd., 1379-Adrienne and Sherisa Thomas to Michelle P. Ferguson and Michael P. Lioi, $386,000.

Simonson Ct., 1905-Pulte Home Co. to Debra A. Reese, $551,982.


Earl Sullivan Rd., 1998-Sheryl J. Smith to Alexander S. Vonbussenius, $163,406.

Marys Mount Rd., 20-Norman C. and Mark Steven Thomas to David M. and Erica C. Kramer, $480,000.


Kantis Lane, 2807-CalAtlantic Group Inc. to Samuel James Anderson, $330,265.


Brooktree St., 8227-Mercedes G. Hardie Bailey to Hakeem Oladapo, $359,900.

Galaxy Way, 3149-Yong Sik Neforos and Yong Suk Phelps to Olasoji Banjoko, $332,000.

Red Rock Lane, 8611-Darcel Evon Cynthia Cox to Michelle B. Beasley, $419,990.


Cleveland Rd., 556-James A. Schepf Jr. to James C. and Faith K. Schepf, $235,000.

Furnace Rd., 1127-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Breana Metcalf, $205,000.

Linda Ave., 413-Nancy Hopkins and estate of Hazel C. Hildebrand to John P. and Jessica J. Bump, $256,000.

Midfield Rd. N., 696-Jocinda D. Adams to Jerrold Charles Rung and Shara Adyna Sites, $375,000.

Susan Ct., 463-Angela Marie Blades Hood and Melody A. Blades to Juan Carlos Sanchez, $259,000.


Pemberton Lane, 1081-Mark W. and Margaret S. Allen to Steven M. Burket and Dorothy A. Talbert Burket, $553,000.


Baldwin Dr., 1777-Patricia C. Woolford to Marilyn J. Soper, Sarah M. Mulhall and Grady O. Mulhall, $450,000.

Chalet Dr. W., 524-Lynn Ann Schrecengost and Said Frederick Clarence Schrecengost Jr. to Ebenezer Kwabena Marfo and Ekaterina Yarzutkina, $238,625.

Gambel Oak Ct., 399-Dennis E. Gibbs to Gregory F. and Nancy E. Chapman, $590,000.

Hazy Grove Bend, 304-K. Hovnanian at Wade’s Grant Corp. to Charles Jerome and Inez Dolores Battle, $634,339.

Marston Ct., 788-Victor E. and Helena M. Bernson to Keith and Natalie Jackson, $656,000.

Nathan Way, 272-Jennifer A. Emmet to Jelana Stephanie McCartney Adams, $240,000.

Pasadena Rd. W., 155-Elizabeth R. Brooks to Gary A. and Bridget K. Marsh, $615,000.

Verona Ct., 409-Arthur J. Buchler and estate of Laura A. Buchler to Carmen and Monica Colunga, $469,000.

Zeman Dr., 401-Southern Oaks Corp. to Nicholas and Kelly Long, $629,120.


Astilbe Way, 2035-Mark B. Thomsen to Kimberli M. Fujii, $279,000.

Burlington Dr., 1316-Rose Sims and estate of Song Fleming to Allison J. Anderson, $265,000.

Eagles Landing Ct., 317A-Alysa Jean Heidebrink to Maya K. Butler and Nevin D. Hall, $205,000.

Hinshaw Dr., 2020-D.R. Horton Inc. to Jessica Lauren Erler and John Daris Stockstill IV, $430,000.

Hinshaw Dr., 2042-D.R. Horton Inc. to Alicia Darlene Feliciana, $410,000.

Keuka Ct., 1403-Scott D. Wygant and Joelle C. Shappell Wygant to Sarah E. and Christopher Guthrie, $600,000.

Moonglow Rd., 604, No. 302-Molly P. McCaffery Todd and Molly P. McCaffery to Rachel Irene Titcomb, $209,900.

Orchard Overlook, 705, No. 302-Emily E. Heys to Odell Stevenson Jr., $244,900.

Red Fox Trail, 1723-D.R. Horton Inc. to Raymond John Walton, $394,990.

Samantha Lane, 1013, No. 6-302-Lawrence E. and Patricia A. Nuckles to Earl E. and Carol A. Webb, $265,000.

Sunburst Ct., 2224-Austin L. and Meaghan E. Chow to John Herty, $346,350.

Tuckahoe Ct., 1905-D.R. Horton Inc. to Adebowale A. Akinwumi, $411,710.

Tuckahoe Ct., 1925-D.R. Horton Inc. to Tia S. Lawrence, $409,000.

Waxwing Ct., 3521-NVR Inc. to Kim and Steven Joseph Freese, $620,242.


Sweetwater Dr., 5328-Christopher J. Mihalick and Kole W. Abbott to Kyle and Meghan M. Lynch, $460,000.


Annis Squam Harbour, 1185-Gar Real Estate Investment Group Corp. to Marcelle Moncada Peon and Rachel Michelle Moncada, $260,000.

Barnsley Ct., 3419-Anita Kraska Sherman to Brandon Michael and Yulia Reyes, $345,000.

Briar Lane, 7696-Estell Thomas and estate of Deloris M. Samson to Keelan Dixon and Shinene Floyd, $299,990.

Cedar Dr., 7683-Paul F. Zuby to Gregory H. Cooper and Bonnie L. Hoot, $375,000.

Circle Rd., 192-Paula M. Nicholson to Thomas Jonathan and Melinda Anne Dunker, $445,000.

Davenport Ct., 3502L-Bridget E. Williams to Emma Alley, $165,000.

Elkwood Ct., 8205-John F. and Jennifer D. Moesner to Stephen Smith, $379,900.

Forest Glen Dr., 8014-Bee’s Knees Homes Corp. to Matthew Parin and Oznur Alturk, $475,000.

Harbor Rd., 7804-Carole A. Patch to Falco Nicola and Brenda Anita Benfield, $280,000.

Lake Dr., 2254-Wilmington Trust and Mfra Trust 2014 2 to Alexandra and Jake Bafford, $325,000.

Main Ave., 1931-Christopher B. and Melissa A. Caldwell to Kyle J. Booker, $220,000.

McMagan Dr., 601-Amparo D. Trunik to Anthony T. and Kelsey Leigh Galfo, $360,000.

Shore Rd. E., 7841-Gary M. and Jessica L. Windsor to Stephan Charles and Jessica Lynn Kessler, $394,000.

Somerset Rd., 8-Andrew M. Kaczmarczyk to Jason J. Bembry, $345,000.

Zena Marie Lane, 7717-Daniel and Kara B. Iacovella to Matthew B., Vanessa and John Venskus, $383,000.

211th St., 752-Erik J. Fehr and Tracey L. Potter to Ryan Caines, $315,000.


Cove Rd., 307-Daniel Patrick Goodwin to Katherine E. Falk and Donovan S. Young, $527,000.


Ava Rd., 1295-Agnes C. and Gary B. Metzler to Rosemarie Jean Geer and Rebecca Ann McHugh, $250,000.

Beckman Terr., 1924-Jared Novack to Vincent Hodges, $350,000.

Carinoso Cir., 1149-Christian B. Almeda and Jobelle Therese Mopera Almeda to Ilisel Espinal, $360,000.

Golden Eagle Lane, 8505-James T. and Russell F. Stech to Kyle and Corrina Rose Campbell, $370,000.

Jasons Landing Way, 7895-Kwang Shik and Sun Baek to Sherrie Meca, $510,000.

Myrtle Ave., 149-Angela Webb and Robert Stanley to Kevin Laurencio and Ma Concepcion P. Segismundo, $367,000.

Pine Springs Dr., 8536-Lafondra Lynch and Ian Barlow to Jacqueline James, $550,000.

Reece Rd., 921-Omid Land Group Corp. to Matthew Koppenhaver, $370,000.

Sea Pine Cir., 1716, No. 127-Frank and Charity Turner to Jeremy Michael Cantrell and Felicia Marie Keller, $335,000.

Sunhaven Way, 7864-George and Jill Dara Cheretis to Victor and Adeola Oluwatimilehin, $580,000.

Venice Lane, 7753-D.R. Horton Inc. to Simon Seung and Ahreum Son, $364,000.

Venice Lane, 7765-D.R. Horton Inc. to Franchesca Dayshawn Young, $362,615.

Washington Ave., 1435-Joseph M. and Andrea Stempien to Caspar Adrian, $365,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 213-Department of Veterans Affairs to Kevin Jesus Polanco Alvarado and Silvia Janeth Lopez Cruz, $315,000.

Boone Trail, 154-William T. and Helen G. Graves to Brian F. and Samantha S. Donovan, $750,000.

Clarence Ave., 126-John E. Maher III and Lauren H. Thompson to William M. and Stephanie K. Johnson, $548,000.

Heavitree Lane, 515-Sara K. and Justin Allman to James and Desirae Williams, $690,000.

Lakeland Rd. S., 649-John Robert and Angela Luzier Schedel to John Jay and Barbara Barry Jaffe, $2 million.

Pineview Ave., 135-Payam and Lidia Askary to Shane Allen and Katie Camille Sartalamacchia, $560,000.

Severn Pl., 88-Hammond Scott and Kathi Lynne Carr to Jenna Marie and Joshua Robert Sieben, $620,000.

Trenton Ave., 746-Anne D. Forsythe to Kristen Yvonne Mullins, $369,000.


Aspen St., 4925-Martin L. Gately III to Thomas Lee and Louella Mildren Smith, $252,000.

Olive St., 4909-Bortle Custom Homes Inc. to Taylor Nicole and Joshua Hare, $345,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Carrie Way, 9386-Kent R. and Janette L. Barnes to Joshua H. and Kathryn A. Marvel, $660,000.

Gudel Dr., 9705-Peter J. and Sarah R. Bates to Raymond E. and April D. Wall, $730,000.

Lakeway Dr., 3513-Theresa M. Coufal to Lori A. and Craig W. Clayton, $555,000.

Old Oak Dr., 3109-Jason and Allison Dandridge to Robert V. and Christine E. Garrish, $1.35 million.

Quail Creek Ct., 2810-Phillip M. and Amy E. Polefrone to Michael and Catherine Scollick, $685,000.

Thornton Lane, 3534-NVR Inc. to Kinjal Navin and Sneha Mahendra Sheth, $1.11 million.

Vivaldi Lane, 2511-NVR Inc. to Phong Quang Nguyen, $726,383.


Flutie Lane, 6198-Beazer Homes Corp. to Varun Palle and Sahithi Bonthu, $987,623.

Harris Farm Lane, 5413-Jinsuk and Kyung J. Suh to Justin Andrew and Jennifer Crystal Germuth, $584,900.

Silent Moon Run, 6408-James and Faith Best Kneale to Robert D. and Cathy B. Teleky, $760,000.

Vincents Way, 12651-Beazer Homes Corp. to Sung Mi, Kye and Kye Park, $861,067.


Blade Green Lane, 8876-William T. Bush III to Kennedy and Dorcas Konadu, $300,000.

Carved Stone, 7221-Gloria Moon to Katherine Kelly, $310,000.

Eaglebeak Row, 5584-Melissa Cahill to Simon David Lahn, $469,000.

Harbor Lane, 7231, No. 2-5-Laurie Cheamitru to Paula Rene Amaker, $357,500.

Lambskin Lane, 9139-Solfridur Gudmundsdottir to Mary Michele Hardy, $281,000.

Morning Calm Way, 6127-James Michael Cromer and Ariel Pearson to Marc and Lorna Langone, $535,000.

Owen Brown Rd., 9781-Anthony and Laura Ann Calfo to Joshua Alan Anderson and Andrea Renee Brazell, $557,000.

Racegate Run, 5345-JJHomes Corp. to Tiffany Leshawn Harvey, $499,000.

Shining Oceans Way, 8820, No. 210-Andrea A. and Peter R. Darvas to William L. and Alberta S. Coleman, $355,000.

The Bowl, 5985-Cynthia Gency Foster to Jeffrey Bryce Carlson and Leyla Mariam Mansur, $525,000.

Westering Sun, 9355-Robert D. and Lisa Marie Cline to Peter R. and Jovita R. Vas, $420,000.

Whiteacre Rd., 9647, No. C2-Barry Mehta to Eram Sakandar, $147,000.

Wolf River Lane, 5426-Scott P. and Terri L. Peters to Dmitry Volodin and Olga Gabrichidze, $375,000.


Butler Ct., 5314-Elanor Grey to Elizabeth Hilton, $385,000.

Cloudland Ct., 6017-John C. and Anne L. Schmidt to Brenda J. McChriston, $469,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10840-Theresa C. and Sabrina Theresa Chaklos to Calvin B. and Jennifer N. Richardson, $244,500.

Green Dory Lane, 5480-Tony Villeral and Alexius Parraway to Heberto J. Monge Espinosa, $277,351.

Hunting Lane, 10809-Edward and Mary E. Williams to Paul Song, Amy Song and Wing Leung, $584,850.

Maywind Ct., 10365-Paws and Claws Realty Corp. to Joseph Samuel Davis, $425,000.

Nodding Night Ct., 6319-Thomas G. and Karen B. Favinger to Julie M. and Jose E. Galindo, $700,000.

Rushlight Path, 5060-Romina and Dharmesh Shah to Richard James and Vivian Ann Arthur, $675,000.

Timber View Way, 10827-Development Partners Corp. and Cornerstone Homes Corp. to William R. Gray Roncal and Karla M. Gray Roncal, $699,999.

Wilde Lake Terr., 10279-Brian Edward and Leslie Anne Crockett to Erin E. Sutton and Alican Demir, $380,000.


Beechfield Ave., 6422-Cory and Vanessa Thornton to Linda Canada Petty, $338,000.

Deep Falls Way, 7146, No. 149-Amy L. Long to Alexandra T. Fiackos, $322,500.

Ducketts Lane, 6412, No. 8-8-Michele Chisholm and Michele T. Kollar to Shanell L. Henry, $260,000.

Marshalee Dr., 6308-Young J. Song to Nisha Nicholson Kebe, $399,900.

Norwood Ferry, 6922, No. 66-Brian and Sarah Moreland Kleist to Jeffrey Rodrigues, $367,000.

Old Washington Rd., 5954-Justin W. Oursler and estate of William W. Oursler to Zachary R. Grant, $255,000.

Sedgwick St., 6492-James V. Parks to Guy W. Cyford Jr., $360,000.


Aspen Dale Ct., 5514-Anthony K. Silvestri and Patricia E. Femia to Nithin Susan and Shine Santosh Abraham, $530,000.

Bramhope Lane, 4954-Patricia A. Fitting and estate of Gary D. Trout to Julie Anne and Sean Michael May, $565,000.

Brittany Cir., 4226-Patrick E. and Heather C. Vandenberg to Brian T. Davis and Elyse M. Bucher, $508,500.

Duncan Dr., 5814-Sim Jaeku and Jada J. Lee to Megan Monne Davis, $299,957.

Fall Chill Ct., 8316-Thomas H. and Ellen A. Rice to Nicholas Amen and Baozhu Zhang, $680,000.

Gawain Dr., 4734-Jeanne P. Shawhan to James Gerard O’Keefe III and Kathleen Mae Bender O’Keefe, $445,000.

Jenn Nicole Ct., 8416-Robert P. and Stephanie H. Zeitler to Brandon Beall and Danielle Stroessner, $599,000.

Lotus Cir., 4155, No. 67-Tracy Graham Bannantine to Daniel Seth and Cheryl Porter Dessel, $477,500.

Montgomery Rd., 5329-Nicholas Albano to Gustavo J. Morantes Taccetti and Alba Romina Yanes Fernandez, $399,000.

Prairie Landing Way, 6007-Benjamin A. and Rachel L. Johnson to Shankara Chaithanya Pala and Reethi Adapa, $540,000.

Talbot Dr., 5924-Carisa A. Cassani to Hye Geum and Hye Kyung Shin, $430,000.

Worthington Way, 4930-Matthew and Karla Whittaker to Denis Da Cruz Pinha and Carolina Vieira Innecco, $445,000.


Eugene Ave., 11127-NVR Inc. to Ian and Laurie McCulloh, $1.01 million.

Morris St., 7538-1, No. 17-Stephen A.p. Lombardozzi to David and Judy Wang, $407,500.

Tuckahoe Ct., 7821-Jonathan A. and Margaret A. Malm to Grayce and Nam Kim, $650,000.


Warfield Pond Overlook, 3410-George S. and Dana H. Roscoe to Howard J. Mapp, $570,000.


Florey Rd., 5890-NVR Inc. to Dimple and Rupal Dimple Doshi, $679,205.

Saint Margarets Blvd., 7429-James M. Miller to Folasade F. Akingbade, $420,000.

Tyndale Way, 7109-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to John Min Kim, $421,440.


Deer Valley Rd., 7161-John R. and Angela G. Secrest to Martin and Dionne M. Mendoza, $717,500.


Aspenwood Way, 8171-Mark Mooney to Joshua P. and Aubrey J. Ramey, $275,000.


Amherst Ave., 6293-John Simkins and Catherine R. Kain to Amelia Peterson and Stanislaw Kosecki, $500,000.

Dellwood Ave., 9921-Walter D. and Pamela S. Layton to James A. and Meredith S. Highland, $390,000.

Hastings Dr., 9653-David Tubbs and Ruth Racine to Missi Sogbohossou, $285,000.

Kindler Rd., 7395-Heidi J. Cocca to Amos T. and Mabel D. Tang, $482,900.

Weather Worn Way, 7503, No. E-Michael S. Sober to Audrey Schreiner and Alexander Hickox, $205,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7553, No. E-Jane T. Gentile to Andrew Miles and Rachael Talbert, $205,000.


Douglas Ave., 11106, No. 142-Charles and Christina Jennings to Roger C. and Lenore J. Slater, $595,000.


Frederick Rd., 17885-John R. and Susan C. Harrison to Eunice H. and Fredis G. Pineda, $600,000.


Baroness Ct., 9508-Kianoush Safaeeyeh and Amir A. Omidi Shal to Michael and Nicole Dufour, $323,000.

Cardinal Ct., 8805-Scott and Susannah Schiller to Alisha Rachel and Sheebu Simon Thomas, $545,000.

Felsview Dr., 8676-David R. and Nora M. Walker to Charles Holt, Julia Holt and Amy Holt Ulrich, $524,900.

Kings Grant Rd., 9328-Eric K. and Beverly A. Isaac to Karen E. Hartt, $462,500.

Peony Lane, 9906-Mariem Cardenas to Cristan Alise and Montrell Filmore Smith, $740,000.

Veiled Dawn, 9935-Shaun T. Hutton to Marvin E. Dorsey, $455,000.

Woodstream Way, 7648-Song Viener and estate of Robert Stephen Viener to Ernest Lemmert and Jennifer Suppa, $540,000.


High Stepper Trail, 1005-NVR Inc. to Sung B. Yhim and Leesa Dong Yeun Yhim, $1.33 million.

Stepping Pl., 1037-NVR Inc. to Carma and Antonio Torres, $963,802.


Pauper Folly Lane, 3655-NVR Inc. to Jason and Nicole Weszka, $1.11 million.


Carriage Mill Rd., 14801-Donald J. and Yvette M. McGee to Bradley H. and Alexandra K. Scammell, $625,000.

McNeal Rd., 3100-Carol Ann Kaye to Mark David Beaumont and Chiantel Christine Davis Beaumont, $1.23 million.

Woodbine Rd., 1802-Maureen B. Mannix and estate of John C. Mannix to Michael A. Moroney, Monica L. Vettorino, Adrienne Vezza, Edward C. Moroney III and Susan A. Moroeny, $445,000.


Hardwood Ct., 10417-Stephen E. and Amy F. McAdams to Christopher Roy and Mihaela Jason, $740,000.