Rainfall amounts of 3 to 6 inches likely region-wide, with strong winds in our eastern areas.

The novel coronavirus made its first appearance in the region on March 5. How it has spread since then.

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The decision appears to have caught some schools by surprise, and it has angered some parents.

The Aug. 28 event aims to bring 100,000 people to the nation’s capital.

The fountain, in Chevy Chase, honors a U.S. senator who wanted to take voting rights from Black Americans.

Investigators in Montgomery County charged Michael Cooper with “threatening to inflict emotional distress” to obtain sex. Cooper threatened to release compromising photos of victims unless they complied with demands to meet, police said.

A roundup of news from the Washington region.

County leaders are also discussing whether additional restrictions are necessary.

He will pay a $5,000 fine for promoting his book and for ties to companies hired by the county.

The victim, Edigio Ienzi, was attacked inside his Germantown home July 23, officials said.

These are among the offenses reported by Montgomery County police.

She was in the back seat of a car involved in the collision at the Interstate 270 ramp, police said.

Facilities say they cannot afford the cost of weekly testing on their own.

The fire was caused by an “electrical issue,” resulting in about $750,000 in damage.

A roundup of news from the Washington region.

In a statement, Frosh said that “many Maryland families will be forced out of their homes, with no place to go” if the proceedings are allowed to move forward.

A woman,19, was critically wounded in Saturday night shooting in Germantown, police say.

“There’s been a marked uptick in interest — it’s noticeable,” one administrator said.

A roundup of news from the Washington region.

Egidio Ienzi, 63, was reportedly stabbed inside his home on Thursday, police said.

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