Alex Espinosa is leaving just months after Montgomery’s new county executive had announced he was keeping him on as finance director

The measure heads to the full Senate, but its fate is uncertain.

Christie came to Annapolis to see the governor and promote his new book.

The board also voted to engage an independent firm to conduct an audit of its contracts.

They discuss financial deals awarded to board members worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

William Pinkney Magruder gave land for the park to the city in 1927 on the condition it be used for “Caucasian inhabitants only.”

A committee has hammered out an agreement that gives the state’s smallest businesses more time to phase in the higher wage.

Maryland governor said he met recently with leaders at the company and wants to lure the retail giant to the state.

The Republican governor used harsh words to describe Democrats’ plans to boost education spending and raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Mayor Catherine E. Pugh’s departure follows a controversy over a contract to sell children’s books that she wrote to the medical system.

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A Maryland legislator is now using his story to crusade against “soft laws” that make it easier for predators to hide from civil suits.

Sen. William C. Smith (D-Montgomery) joined the Naval Reserve in response to the Sept. 11 attacks.

The Maryland governor tells The Washington Post that he is waiting to see how the investigations of the president unfold and may put off a decision on running until the fall.

The legislation that won preliminary approval involves seeking damages in civil court.

Some members of the University of Maryland Medical System’s oversight board also have contracts with the hospital chain.

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