Maryland Politics

Critics of the district express concerns that it would shut smaller businesses out of decisions such as how much in taxes to levy on district members.

The former RNC chair and former lieutenant governor says he plans to decide this fall whether to run for governor

Shalleck, who previously served as the president of the Montgomery County Board of Elections, resigned from the Board of Elections Wednesday to start his campaign for the 2022 elections.

If passed, Maryland’s most populous county would be the first county in the nation to have implemented a Building Energy Performance Standards.

Adrienne A. Jones (D-Baltimore) created a work group to look at the regulatory and equity aspects of implementing the program.

A circuit court judge granted a preliminary injunction that requires the continued payment of jobless benefits.

Maryland labor officials must give the federal government 30-day notice to withdraw from the program.

The House of Delegates members cited continued problems with the state’s unemployment system.

The practices being examined include the use of pre-checked boxes that lock in recurring donations, according to a court filing this week.

The newly named seven-member Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission will begin holding town halls next month.

Nine Democrats — all men — are jockeying to gain a foothold, 11 months before the vote.

Del. Daniel L. Cox called vice president Mike Pence “a traitor” on Jan. 6.

Political climates in the two states differ on widening highways because of concerns over environment, financing.

Maryland’s Republican governor says it is time for people to get off unemployment and back to work.

Elaine Luria will draw on her military background; Jamie B. Raskin led the second impeachment of Donald Trump.

Residents will likely need legal assistance navigating civil cases related to housing, consumer debt and domestic violence.

Mental health, de-escalation and anti-bias training should be bolstered, audit says.

A raft of new laws will be enacted across the region on Thursday, July 1.

A study says the county has lost 14,000 jobs to neighbors and calls for the launch of a $275 million job creation fund.

Unemployed workers in Maryland file a class-action lawsuit to challenge Gov. Hogan’s decision to end federal unemployment benefits.

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