Maryland Politics

Good Food Markets opened a pilot location in Northeast Washington but has struggled to open other stores.

The Maryland governor said he has lost a total of 50 pounds. He dropped 30 on a formalized weight-loss plan in recent months.

Maryland governor quietly bought replacement tests; aides kept problems from lawmakers.

About 1,200 prisoners are eligible to be released

The money should instead go toward mental health resources and after-school activities, council members Will Jawando and Hans Riemer say.

Pandemic triggered huge rush of applications. Aging bureaucracies still haven’t caught up.

After an unprecedented surge in mail ballots, elections officials weigh what should be retained in 2022.

Many Republicans are challenging election results. Riggleman, Gade and Hogan are among the exceptions.

A coalition wants the General Assembly to support the governor’s veto of the new tax.

The 2020 legislative session was halted abruptly in March.

Top government official says it was a “mistake,” but lawmakers want a full audit.

Region’s results will affect Larry Hogan’s presidential hopes, gambling, 2013 elections and D.C. statehood.

For first-time voters, the divisive 2020 election motivated them to cast ballots like no other before it.

In Baltimore, Brandon M. Scott, 36, was poised to become the city’s youngest mayor.

Unprecedented early voting and other changes in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. also delayed the counting of some ballots.

Threats of violence, mistrust in the integrity of the election and a deadly pandemic that makes voting physically risky have conjured a bleak mood among those casting ballots in the District, Maryland and Virginia.

Judge denied request to prohibit Harford County board of election from requiring voters to wear masks.

Frosh said callers are asking for Social Security numbers to process ballots, which is not necessary and can lead to hacks,

Officials in the District, Maryland and Fairfax County, Va., say it may be too late to safely mail ballots.

Answering questions about voting in Maryland on Election Day.

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