The water is safe to drink, but beware of rust-colored laundry, WSSC officials say.

Bodies are found during welfare check.

Buster, a poodle, is available.

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Cases received recently by the Prince George’s County Animal Management Division.

Police found the victim with a gunshot wound by the side of a road; he died a few days later.

He was found with gunshot wounds along a footpath on Friday in Pr. George’s County.

Music, monastery garden tours, church carnival and more.

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Police are investigating an accident in which Devan Martin was riding a motorcycle when it collided with another vehicle.

Detectives are working in the 7000 block of Palamar Turn, Prince George’s police said.

A list of properties in Maryland that you can visit Saturday and Sunday.

Authorities are investigating a collision with a police motorcycle and a car.

According to police, the youths attacked the man after he refused their demands during a robbery.

It is not clear why the driver crossed the center line, police said.

Anuj Sud, 39, is one of seven people charged in the long-running corruption probe.

L’il Margaret’s Bluegrass Festival, “The Nerd,” the CrossRhodes, Mary J. Blige and more.

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