From Washington to Portland, and everywhere in between, thousands of Occupy protesters participated in a nationwide general strike Tuesday.

The U.S. protests coincided with May Day events worldwide, as people in Asia and Europe flooded the streets in moods ranging from hope to frustration. In D.C., the gloom of rain and a palpable unease contrasted with protesters’ hopeful assurances that the events of the day would revive the flagging Occupy movement.

Here are stories and opinions about what happened around the world:

— The Washington Post’s Annie Gowen reported that D.C. Occupiers “believe they have made a lasting contribution to the national debate about income inequality,” but not everyone agrees. Amitai Etzioni, a professor at George Washington University, argues that the May Day protests were small and had “little effect.”

Tuesday’s Occupy protests were held on May Day, a holiday that traditionally honors the international labor movement.

— While most of the U.S. protests were peaceful, there were reports of violence on the West Coast. In Oakland, Calif., a crowd of about 2,000 protesters faced off against police. The confrontation culminated with police pepper-spraying protesters. Watch video of the clash.

— In Seattle, Mayor Mike McGinn issued an emergency order Wednesday, allowing police to confiscate items that can be used as weapons. The order followed violent protests in downtown Seattle that left storefronts and car windows smashed. At least three people have been arrested, according to Seattle police.

— Tom Morello and other musicians led a “guitarmy” through New York City, where more than 30 people were arrested.

Protesters in Detroit had a brief confrontation with police over pitching a tent in a downtown park.

— A rally against allegedly unfair labor practices at Los Angeles International Airport was reportedly held without affecting airport operations.

— Before rallying for a march to the White House, some Occupy D.C. protesters engaged in street theater.

In Spain, there was rising fear as the country faced worsening financial crisis.

—Workers celebrated winning the first minimum wage for the private sector in Malaysia

—Still reveling in the success of last year’s Arab Spring, people celebrated in Tunisia.