A Silver Spring man pleaded guilty Thursday to a vicious assault and attempted rape in which, according to court documents, he threw the victim to the floor, punched her, tried to sexually assault her and bit her on her arms, legs, face and genitals.

Boris Lemus-Guzman, 22, of Silver Spring carried out the attack after luring the young woman into his apartment to show her rooms to rent, according to the documents and Assistant State’s Attorney Marybeth Ayres. Medical personnel have since diagnosed that he has paranoid schizophrenia.

“I want you. You don’t want your husband,” Lemus-Guzman said after the woman entered his apartment, according to court records. In his plea deal in Montgomery County Circuit Court, he admitted to attempted rape and first-degree assault, but he did not admit criminal responsibility.

Lemus-Guzman bit off the tissue connecting the woman’s nostrils and part of her genitals, Ayres said.

The woman fled the apartment naked and screaming for help, Ayres said, but Lemus-Guzman followed her. He was acting “very similar to a dog,” Ayres said, adding that he bit the woman “like a dog clamped onto her, not wanting to let go.”

Washington Surburban Sanitary Commission employees working nearby heard the victim’s screams and intervened, Ayres said; Lemus-Guzman chased one of the workers and stabbed him with a kitchen knife before being subdued.

Another WSSC worker told investigators that Lemus-Guzman “wasn’t in his right mind.”
After his arrest, he told police that his veins weren’t working, and he often sat and stood naked in his cell, Ayres said.

Alan Drew, Lemus-Guzman’s public defender, said Lemus-Guzman would be held at a maximum-security hospital until he is no longer considered a danger to society.

“He’s unlikely to ever be released,” he said.

— The Gazette