In a case of “beautifying gone wrong,” Montgomery County workers trashed several political campaign signs in downtown Silver Spring this week, a county spokesman said.

Bruce Lee, president and chief executive of Lee Development Group, said he discovered his array of signs for county executive candidate Nancy Floreen missing when he arrived at his office on the corner of Georgia Avenue and Colesville Road Friday morning.

While reviewing the building’s security video footage, he saw workers from Montgomery County methodically pull up the independent candidate’s signs from the planter in front of his building, folding and crushing some with their feet before putting them in the back of their pickup truck and driving away.

Lee said he called the county and got an apology — but the signs had already been dispatched to the dump.

“We’ve never in all the years we’ve had signs out front [had] anything like this,” Lee said, “particularly from Montgomery County government.”

County spokesman Patrick Lacefield said workers responsible for cleaning up the Silver Spring Urban District on Thursday uprooted the Floreen signs, along with signs for Democratic candidate Marc Elrich and Republican candidate Robin Ficker that had been posted at the gas station across the street.

Lacefield said the employees weren’t directed to take down any political signs, especially on private property.

“They took a bunch of signs and they shouldn’t have, and we’ve sort of reached out and made it clear: Leave political signs alone,” he said. “And if in doubt, talk to higher-ups.”