The Trump administration has approved a request from Gov. Larry Hogan (R) to declare the recent flooding in Baltimore and Howard counties a federal disaster, making assistance available for rebuilding Ellicott City and other parts of the region that were deluged by water in May.

A similar request for financial assistance is pending for Baltimore City, which also was damaged in the severe May 27 storm.

It was the second deadly flood in two years for Ellicott City, with this year’s storm more intense than the one that swept through in 2016. Many business owners in the historical area of the city had not fully recovered from the previous storm.

The federal funding will be used to recoup the costs of debris removal and damage to infrastructure.

“The people who live and work in Ellicott City, along with those in affected areas in Baltimore County, have been working hard each day as they recover from the destructive storms in late May,” Hogan said in a statement. “We are grateful that the federal government granted this portion of our request for assistance.”

Last month, Frederick and Washington counties were declared major disasters by the federal government after experiencing storm damage in mid-May.