Montgomery County Council member George L. Leventhal (D) has hit the ground running for the county elections in 2014.

Leventhal, who will host a 50th birthday party and fundraiser at the Silver Spring Civic Building on Monday, said he plans to run for county executive, though he will not be making his campaign official until next year.

“I’m making plans to run for county executive,” Leventhal said, adding that he has convened an exploratory committee since the spring.

Leventhal could be entering a crowded race. A majority of County Council members have considered running, according to interviews with their friends and other county officials. Moreover, it remains unclear whether County Executive Isiah Leggett (D), who has repeatedly said he would not run for another term, will keep to his word.

Leventhal said he expects that others will run, but not Leggett. Leventhal added that if elected, he would focus on bolstering health care for county residents and reducing the county’s homeless population. He added that in order to do that, he would ensure a “healthy economy and growing tax base” for the county.

“I have a clear sense of how to move this government forward into this century,” he said. “And I think that people are ready for new leadership people are ready to turn the page.”