File: Evan Glass (Courtesy of Evan Glass)

Evan Glass, trailing Del. Tom Hucker by 217 votes in the District 5 Montgomery County Council Democratic primary race, said Wednesday he is not ready to concede.

“Every voice matters, that’s why I will wait until all the votes are counted,” Glass said in an e-mail.

Glass, a communications strategist, is pinning his hopes on the provisional and absentee ballots that will be counted starting Thursday morning--a process that could take up to three weeks.

County election officials said that as of Wednesday they have 2,091 provisional ballots--those cast by voters whose eligibility or proper precinct need to verified--and 3,990 absentee ballots on hand. But they could not say how many come from District Five, which includes Silver Spring and much of eastern Montgomery.

While 217 votes — out of 18,609 cast--looks like a closeable gap, history suggests that the odds are not in Glass’s favor. Absentee and provisional ballots in the county tend to mirror the existing spread between candidates, in this case about 1.2 percent. (Hucker with 38.60 percent of the vote and Glass with 37.44 percent).

Hucker said there was no reason to think that the uncounted ballots “are substantively different than the cohort of people in the rest of the district.”

Still, he declined to explicitly declare victory.

“We’ll see what happens,” he said.

The three other candidates in the race, Christopher Barclay, Terrill North and Jeffrey Thames, finished with single-digit percentages of the vote.