Maryland gubernatorial candidates Larry Hogan, left, and Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown debate on Monday. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Maryland Republican gubernatorial nominee Larry Hogan took aim at the “liberal media” in a late-night fundraising solicitation on Monday, claiming journalists were aiding Democrat Anthony Brown “in an attempt to derail our efforts.”

Hogan, an Anne Arundel County businessman, complained both about the moderators of a debate on Monday and the process by which The Washington Post endorsed Brown, the state’s lieutenant governor, in an editorial that appeared in Monday’s print editions.

In the solicitation, sent by email, Hogan told supporters that the debate — co-hosted by NewsChannel 8, The Post and WTOP radio — “felt like more of an ‘interrogation’ from the panelists than a debate.” A representative from each news organization appeared on the panel.

“Moderators are supposed to provide a fair opportunity for both candidates to debate the issues, not to interject their philosophies,” Hogan said in the email. “They did their best to shake me, but I held my own.”

Hogan also took issue with the moderators of a debate last week in Baltimore, complaining that they did not ask Brown about his handling of the state’s botched rollout of its online health insurance exchange. That topic was among those aired during Monday’s debate at the studios of NewsChannel 8.

In the email, Hogan also accused The Washington Post editorial board of a “lack of journalistic integrity” for issuing its endorsement of Brown without interviewing either candidate after their June primary victories. Both Brown and Hogan were interviewed prior to that.