Larry Hogan, left, and Anthony Brown ((AP; A. Chung for The Washington Post))

Maryland Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Anthony G. Brown is out with a provocative new television ad that shows a military-style assault rifle resting against a swing set and later against a tree as young children run by on the sidewalk of a residential neighborhood.

The 30-second spot is intended to highlight Republican Larry Hogan’s opposition to sweeping gun control legislation passed last year which banned 45 types of assault rifles, as well as magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

The year-old law, which Hogan has said went too far, also includes new fingerprinting requirements for those seeking a license to buy a handgun and steps intended to make it harder for those who are mentally ill to obtain firearms.

“Assault weapons don’t belong in Maryland, and neither do Larry Hogan’s dangerous ideas,” says the ad from Brown, the state’s lieutenant governor, which is airing in both the Washington and Baltimore markets.

Hogan spokesman Adam Dubitsky called the new Brown ad an attempt “to distract overtaxed Maryland families.”

“Maryland needs a governor who’ll put public and personal safety ahead of politics,” Dubitsky said.

Meanwhile, the latest ad from Hogan, an Anne Arundel County businessman, takes Brown to task for what Hogan says are continuing attempts to mislead voters about his views.

“I think my opponent is unwilling and unable to defend his record over the past eight years, which is why he is defaming and slandering me with these outrageous false ads,” Hogan says in his new spot.

He cites his support for over-the-counter contraception and says nothing would change regarding women’s reproductive rights if he is elected governor. Previous ads from Brown and the Democratic Governors Association have highlighted Hogan’s past opposition to abortion and said he opposed some common forms of contraception.

In his ad, Hogan says that under Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) and Brown, “we’ve lost businesses, jobs and families at an alarming rate. . . . That’s what this race is really about. The people of Maryland deserve better.”