Here’s a look at some of the more memorable lines from when the three leading Democratic gubernatorial candidates in Maryland — Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown, Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler and Del. Heather R. Mizeur (Montgomery) — faced off in an hour-long debate Wednesday night at the University of Maryland.

‘An unmitigated disaster’

“This is, literally, the one thing he’s been in charge of, that’s he’s managed or he’s led since he was lieutenant governor, and it’s been an unmitigated disaster.”

Gansler, assessing Brown’s oversight of the Maryland online health insurance exchange

On raising kids

“We parent on the fly.”

Democrats vying to become Maryland’s next governor give their closing statements after their debate at U-Md. Wednesday night. (NBC4)

Gansler, in response to a question about his decision not to intervene at a beach party in Delaware where there was apparent underage drinking

“I would have stopped the party and made sure that every child got home safely.”


Pot laws ‘a failure’

“Our marijuana prohibition laws have been a failure. They have been enforced with racial bias. African-Americans and whites in our state use marijuana with the exact same frequency, but African-Americans go to jail three times more often.”

Mizeur, explaining her support for legalizing marijuana

On the death penalty

“I oppose the death penalty, and I fought long and hard to repeal it in Maryland. The attorney general supports it, says it’s a wonderful tool. He says it’s reliable for conviction, but studies have shown it’s not reliable.”

Brown, on Gansler’s past support for capital punishment

“It’s curious that he says he’s fought for years because every time that a repeal the death penalty bill came up while he was a delegate in Annapolis, other delegates signed up to sponsor the bill and the lieutenant governor was nowhere to be found.”

Gansler, responding to Brown

Can’t take the tax hikes

“We have had 40 consecutive tax increases here in Maryland. The people of Maryland just can’t take it anymore.”


“If we’re gonna invest in education, if we’re gonna invest in transportation, we can’t afford to give a small number of the largest corporations in Maryland a $1.6 billion tax giveaway.”

Brown, speaking out against Gansler’s plan to gradually reduce the state’s corporate income tax

“I’m the only one on this stage that has owned a small business, and I’m the only one with a plan to help them grow.”


On leadership

“David, you asked about leadership and character. I don’t think it’s about this kind of personal bickering and attacks. Voters are wanting candidates to remain positive and stay focused on the issues.”

Mizeur, addressing moderator David Gregory

On the Redskins

“I no longer refer to Washington’s football team by their nickname.”

Brown, in response to a question about whether the owner of the Redskins should change the team’s name

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