Maryland Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan's daughter Jaymi responds to claims from Hogan's Democratic opponent, Anthony Brown, that he is anti-women. (Larry Hogan via YouTube)

As Larry Hogan continues to be attacked in television ads that paint him as an extreme conservative with a “dangerous Republican agenda” that would take Maryland backward if he were elected governor, a new defender has stepped up: His daughter, Jaymi Sterling.

“These ads attacking him as anti-woman are just wrong,” Sterling says in the new ad, which the campaign says will air in all markets that have carried attack ads. “Dad encouraged my sisters and me every step of the way. He loves this state, almost as much as he loves us. He’ll make a great governor.”

For months, the campaign of Democratic nominee Anthony G. Brown has aggressively attacked Hogan, especially his personal stances on abortion and access to birth control, which have been lightning-rod issues in races across the country. The Democratic Governors Association is also airing ads, including one that says Hogan is “radical, dangerous and would take Maryland backward.”

This barrage of ads has angered Hogan, who said that his records and stances have been grossly misrepresented. First, he asked Maryland television stations to stop airing the “dishonest” ads. Then, last week, he called a news conference to denounce the ads — and criticize Brown.

“If he’s willing to blatantly lie throughout this campaign, how can he be trusted in public office?” Hogan said at one point.

Now, the family is getting involved. On Friday, the Hogan campaign released the ad featuring Sterling, whose mother married Hogan about 11 years ago. In the 30-second spot, Sterling says that her father supports making birth control available over-the-counter, but still covered by insurance, and “is committed to not changing current Maryland law on choice.”

In response to the ad, Brown’s campaign manager, Justin Schall, said, “It’s no surprise that Larry Hogan is trying to rewrite history in a desperate attempt to fool Marylanders. The record is clear, Larry Hogan has a lengthy history of opposing a woman’s right to choose, even in cases of rape or incest, and he supported a constitutional amendment that would limit women’s access to birth control — those are the inconvenient facts for Larry.”