Laurel voters on Tuesday re-elected incumbent Craig Moe in a three-way race for the city’s mayor.

For the first time since he was elected in 2002, Moe faced two opponents, Michael Sarich, a former council member, and Valerie Cunningham, a member of the Laurel Ethics Commission.

Moe garnered 953 votes, followed by Sarich with 496 votes and Cunningham with 454. These counts do not include absentee ballots.

In the city council election, at-large member Michael Lesczc defeated challenger Adrian Rousseau. Not including absentee ballots, Lesczc received 1,058 votes and Rousseau received 727.

Four other council members ran unopposed in the Ward 1 and Ward 2 non-partisan contests.

The mayor is paid $20,000 annually for the part-time job; council members are paid $13,500.

In early voting last week, 233 ballots were cast, said City Clerk Kim Rau. There are about 14,300 registered voters in the city.