Defeat may have carried an extra sting for a couple of Montgomery County Council candidates who sank thousands of their own dollars into Democratic primary campaigns, new finance reports filed with the Maryland Board of Elections show.

Duchy Trachtenberg, who was trounced by incumbent Roger Berliner in the District 1 race, received $80,000 in loans under the name of her husband, Alan Trachtenberg. Loans to campaigns from candidates or their family members are generally not required to be paid back. In this case, however, Trachtenberg’s husband has already been reimbursed $30,000 by the campaign.

Including the borrowed money, Trachtenberg spent $317,000 on her candidacy, receiving 4,922 votes (21.5 percent) to Berliner’s 18,000. (78.5 percent) That comes to a little over $64 per vote for Trachtenberg.

Upcounty activist Beth Daly loaned her at-large campaign a total of $87,000 out of the $212,000 she spent to come in fifth in the race for four seats. She kicked in$10,000 in October 2013, $45,000 last January and $32,000 in June.

For self-investment, however, no one topped two state legislative candidates, Dana Beyer and Jonathan Shurberg. Beyer, who lost to incumbent Sen. Richard Madaleno in (D-Montgomery) in the District 18 primary, loaned her campaign $315,000 of the $334,000 she spent in 2013 and 2014. Shurberg, who ran for one of the three state house seats in District 20, shelled out $366,000 of the $421,000 he spent.