There was another primary in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District last week — for the Green Party.

Because state law restricts minor parties from the primary ballot, they’re on their own if they have contested races. So the Maryland Green Party ran its own mail-in primary during the month of April, counting the votes at a private residence in Bethesda on Sunday.

Nancy Wallace, a former environmental lobbyist and Washington director for the Sierra Club’s International Population Program, won the 8th District nomination over peace activist and filmmaker Elizabeth Croydon and former Marine and defense expert Charles “Teddy” Galloway III.

Wallace won with 45 votes. She’ll face the Democratic candidate, state Sen. Jamie Raskin, and the Republican, Frederick attorney Dan Cox, in the November general election.

Community organizer Joshua Harris won a contested Green primary for Baltimore mayor. Baltimore pediatrician Margaret Flowers won the U.S. Senate nomination.

Wallace, 59, works for ERT, a government science and technology contractor. She wants Congress to ask the president for a state of national emergency to address climate change, with a goal of 100 percent renewable energy by 2020.

She proposes creation of a Reverse Climate Change Corps, modeled after the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps, to put people to work manufacturing renewable energy products and to plant trees nationwide to absorb carbon. She would also end farm bill subsidies for grains that contribute to the obesity epidemic.