The polls in Maryland have closed, and voters will soon learn the outcome of several historic ballot initiatives: legalizing same sex marriage, expanded gambling, and in-state tuition rates for undocumented immigrants. Keep this page up for live updates of Maryland election results throughout the evening.

1:10 am With all of the precints in Prince George’s County reporting, residents voted against the same-sex marriage ballot measure by a narrow margin. The unofficial tally is 131,619 votes for, and 137,626 votes against.

1:05 am The results of several local ballot questions in Montgomery County, courtesy of my colleague Victor Zapana.

QUESTION A - creates a county authority to recruit and hire people with severe disabilities into county jobs

80.3% to 19.7%

283,911 to 69,636

QUESTION B - upholds a police labor law that removes a method of bargaining for the local police union

58.3% to 41.7%

199,355 to 142,467

QUESTION C - allows beer and wine sales in Damascus, Md.

66.7% to 33.3%

6,678 to 3,337

1:01 am The latest — but not final -- results for Question 7 on gambling is 51.7 percent in favor, and 48.3 percent against.

12:58 am Maryland approves expansion of gambling

Maryland voters legalized full-fledged casino gambling Tuesday, embracing a plan to bring a Las Vegas-style casino to Prince George’s County and allow the state’s previously authorized slots casinos to offer table games, such as craps, black jack and roulette.

In reaching their decision, Maryland voters weathered an unprecedented blizzard of political ads. In the three months since state lawmakers approved the plan and sent it to voters, campaigns funded largely by out-of-state gaming interests shattered every record for spending on a Maryland election.

In that fight, MGM Resorts will go down as the victor over Penn National Gaming. MGM is aggressively seeking rights to develop an $800 million-dollar casino and resort at National Harbor. Penn National, which opposed the plan, stands to lose a significant share of its revenue from Washington-area gamblers who now travel to its Charles Town casino in West Virginia.

Passage of the measure is also a win for Maryland Gov. O’Malley (D) and Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III, (D) who had campaigned hard for the measure as a source of new jobs and revenue.

12:50 am AP projecting Maryland approves expansion of gambling.

12:47 am The Write-Ins

Among the 31 write-in candidates for President that Maryland voters suggested, two had the kind of name recognition that might have given them a chance: Santa Claus and Roseanne Barr. Each earned 0 percent of the vote.

12:39 am All of Baltimore city’s precincts have reported.

12:37 am Precincts still out in Prince George’s, Baltimore, and Howard counties. Will be interesting to see the final tally for same-sex marriage in Prince George’s and Baltimore counties, where voters have been evenly divided much of the night.

12:30 am A quick wrap up of a few other races that were called earlier tonight:


Voters return Rep. John Sarbanes to Congress

The incumbent Democrat beats two challengers and wins reelection in a seat Democrats have claimed since the 1920s.


Democrat Rep. Donna Edwards wins third term in Congress

The incumbent defeats Republican Faith Loudon and Libertarian candidate Scott Soffen.


Democrat Rep. Steny Hoyer trounces competition in the 5th Congressional District

Maryland’s longest-serving member of Congress, Hoyer overcame three challengers in a district that stretches from inside the Capital Beltway in Prince George’s County to the southern tip of Maryland’s waterfront along the Chesapeake Bay.


Democrat Rep. Chris Van Hollen sails to sixth term

The incumbent defeated three challengers, including Republican Ken Timmerman, a human rights activist and investigative reporter, to keep his 8th District seat.

12:23 am Belated, with apologies!

Delaney Wins

Democratic challenger John K. Delaney defeated Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett on Tuesday, taking advantage of his great personal wealth and a redrawn district to defeat the 10-term Republican congressman.

Delaney, a Potomac businessman, led Bartlett 58 percent to 39 percent in a district now stuffed with Montgomery County Democrats. But he also cast himself as a moderate Democrat whose ability to cut a deal in the world of finance would help him reach across the aisle in Congress.

His victory allowed the party to snatch a seat that used to be safe for Republicans and chip away at the GOP’s 25-seat gap in the House.

With the same intensity that helped him build two financial firms, Delaney first pulled off an upset victory over a primary candidate favored by Maryland’s Democratic Party powerbrokers. Then he dispatched Bartlett with a steady, well-organized campaign

that depicted Bartlett as out of touch and out of gas.

Delaney, 49, also spent a lot of his own money. On Oct. 31, Delaney kicked in another $250,000 -- just five days after he had added a cool $136,750. All together, Delaney loaned his campaign $2.1 million. His entire campaign raised nearly $3.6 million.

Bartlett, meanwhile, raised a little more than $1.1 million. Unlike Delaney, Bartlett did not contribute any money himself, and outside spending was puny.

Bartlett, 86, whose career was as varied as it was long, had held the western Maryland seat for 20 years with little fuss. His mantra was less government all the time, whether discussing health care, education, or defense.

12:12 am The not-quite final tally for Question 6, on same-sex marriage is 51.2 percent for, and 48.8 percent against. More than1.8 million votes were cast.

12:08 am Prince George’s County lead the state in support for the Dream Act. Voters cast their ballot in favor of the proposition by a three-to-one margin.

12:05 am Maryland Approves Same-Sex Marriage Law

Voters in deep-blue Maryland on Tuesday legalized same-sex marriage, an historic move that will allow gay couples to wed in the Free State starting in January. The result offered fresh evidence of the country’s rapid evolution on the issue.

Prior to Tuesday, gays and lesbians had been granted the right to marry by courts and state legislatures but never at the ballot box. Two other states — Maine and Washington — were weighing similar measures, and voters in Minnesota were considering a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.

Maryland’s vote on Question 6 was also a victory for Gov. Martin O’Malley (D), who championed the issue this year for the first time. With Tuesday’s action, Marylanders affirmed a law signed by the governor in March that was put on hold after opponents gathered enough signatures to force a public vote.

11:56 pm All Montgomery County precincts are in. Voters there supported same-sex marriage by a two-to-one margin.

11:44 pm Maryland Approves Dream Act

Voters in Maryland on Tuesday approved the ballot measure known as the Dream Act, which would allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at the state’s colleges and universities if certain conditions are met.

Maryland becomes the first state to approve Dream Act legislation by a popular vote. Thirteen states have similar policies, although none faced a statewide test at the ballot box. Federal Dream Act legislation has for years remained stalled in Congress.

Under Maryland’s Dream Act, students who can prove that they have attended Maryland high schools for at least three years and that either they or their guardians have filed state taxes would be allowed to enroll at community colleges at in-state rates.

Those who attain an associate’s degree or 60 credit hours could transfer to a four-year institution. State analysts have estimated that the program could cost taxpayers $3.5 million annually and require universities to cover the cost of lost tuition. Others have estimated that the measure would lead to lower rates of incarceration and other economic benefits to the state

11:42 pm Gambling expansion has a clear lead in Prince George’s, Montgomery, and Baltimore city. But the electorate is split in Howard and Baltimore counties, with opponents slightly ahead in both places.

11:38 pm Same-sex marriage leads by wide margins in Baltimore city, Howard, and Montgomery. But the margin is far more narrow in Baltimore county and Prince George’s. Supporters have the edge in Baltimore county, and opponents are slightly ahead in Prince George’s.

11:34 pm Five counties account for the largest number of precincts outstanding. Here is a breakdown of the percentage of precincts still out in each one:

Baltimore City 41 percent

Prince George’s 34 percent

Baltimore County 42 percent

Howard County 52 percent

Montgomery County 33 percent

11:24 pm Supporters of expanded gambling are starting to break away as the vote counting enters the final stretch: 52 percent have voted for it, and 48 percent against.

11:16 pm Maryland voters poised to approve congressional redistricting plan

11:07 pm A few counties in the Washington suburbs have ballots from all precincts in.

Calvert County voters favored Gov. Romney over President Obama, 53 percent to 45 percent. Republican Daniel John Bongino prevailed over winner Ben Cardin by a few hundred votes. And Steny Hoyer barely squeezed out a majority.

St. Mary’s County voters followed suit, voting for Romney 57 percent to 40 percent for Obama. Bongino prevailed over Cardin. Hoyer, however, trounced his opponents.

Charles County voters chose President Obama over Romney, 65 percent to 34 percent. Cardin and Hoyer also had blow out victories.

Ballots are still out for roughly a third of the precincts in Baltimore City, Baltimore county, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s.

10:48 pm With 61 percent of the precincts reporting, gambling and same sex marriage are both holding at 51 percent for and 49 percent against.

10:31 pm Most of the major contests in Maryland have been settled, with the exception of same-sex marriage and gambling expansion. Both are still too close to call, with 47 percent of precincts reporting.

10:17 pm Most of the counties close to Washington are leaning against legalizing same-sex marriage. Counties leaning against: Prince George’s, Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary’s. Counties leaning for: Montgomery and Howard. Too close to call: Frederick.

10:12 pm Supporters of gambling expansion are ahead in Montgomery, Prince George’s, Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary’s counties. Feelings are more tepid in Howard and Frederick counties, where the vote is evenly split.

10:04 pm AP projecting John Delaney as winner, defeating incumbent Roscoe Bartlett.

10:00 pm John Delaney still leading Roscoe Bartlett by healthy margin: 62 percent to 35 percent.

Same-sex marriage and gambling expansion are too close to call with 51 percent voting for, and 49 percent against on both measures, with a third of all precincts reporting.

9:38 p.m. The Washington Post says Democrat Sen. Ben Cardin wins re-election. The incumbent overcomes three challengers, including Montgomery County businessman Rob Sobhani, who poured more than $6 million of his own fortune into the race.

9:32 p.m.With 237 precincts reporting, the votes keep coming in for the Dream Act. 62 percent have voted for; 37.91 percent have voted against.

9:28 p.m. With 162 of 1848 precincts reporting, the electorate is evenly split on the question of gambling expansion. Strong support in Prince George’s, where MGM Resorts wants to open a casino. with 58 percent voting for, and 41 percent against. Howard County voters are less keen on the idea with 54 percent against and 45 percent for.

9:22 p.m. With 162 of 1848 precincts across Maryland reporting, Prince George’s county voters are leaning against the same-sex marriage referendum 51.26 percent to 48.74 percent.

9:01 p.m. AP projecting incumbents Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D), Rep. Steny Hoyer (D), and Rep. Donna Edwards (D) are headed back to Congress.

8:54 p.m. AP projects incumbents Rep. Elijah Cummings (D) and Rep. Chris Van Hollen re-elected.

8:51 p.m. Early voters choose John Delaney 67.65 percent to 30.2 percent for Roscoe Bartlett

8:41 p.m. Results from Maryland residents who voted early, before Election Day, are up. On Question 4, the Dream Act , the totals are: 65.28 percent for and 34.72 percent against. On Question 6, same-sex marriage, the totals ar e 53.5 percent for and 46.5 percent against. On Question 7, gambling expansion, the totals are 49.12 percent for and 50.88 percent against.

8:30 p.m.: Maryland Board of Elections is beginning to post results.

8:26 p.m.:AP says Sen. Ben Cardin (D) is re-elected.

8:07 p.m.: AP says Obama has won Maryland and the District.