Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and former governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. never agreed on much, but the two adversaries have come to the same conclusion about one thing: Someone other than James Brochin should be elected to the state Senate from District 42.

Both O’Malley (D) and Ehrlich (R) have penned fundraising solicitations in recent weeks for candidates challenging Brochin, the independent-minded, three-term Democratic incumbent representing the Baltimore County district.

O’Malley is supporting Connie DeJuliis, a former member of the House of Delegates who helped him in his gubernatorial campaigns.

Ehrlich is supporting Chris Cavey, a small business owner and longtime GOP activist who helped him in his gubernatorial campaigns.

In an interview, Brochin acknowledged that he is in a unique spot, but said he is confident of his reelection prospects.

“It matters much more to me that my constituents back home support me than what the Annapolis establishment wants,” he said.

Brochin fell out of favor with O’Malley in 2006 when he opposed legislation that blocked an attempted state takeover of 11 low-performing Baltimore schools. O’Malley was mayor of Baltimore at the time, and he said the takeover was an attempt by Ehrlich and his allies to embarrass him.

Since then, Brochin has had a mixed record when it comes to supporting O’Malley initiatives. Brochin vocally opposed some tax increases proposed by O’Malley but supported same-sex marriage and gun-control legislation pushed by the governor.

“Connie is running to be a strong, Democratic voice for the communities, families, and citizens of the 42nd District in Baltimore County,” O’Malley said in his Jan. 7 fundraising solicitation for DeJuliis. “Her campaign is an important one, and she needs our help.”

O’Malley also noted that DeJuliis is a trustee of his political action committee.

In his letter, Ehrlich called Cavey “a close friend, ally, and confidant for over 20 years.”

“He has demonstrated a willingness to fight the progressive monopoly in Annapolis,” Ehrlich said. “And, most importantly, he knows what it takes to win.”