David Trone, the new Democratic congressional candidate in Maryland District 8, releases his first television ad. (David Trone)

New Maryland District 8 congressional candidate David Trone will release his first television ad Friday, his campaign said Thursday. It’s a soft, 60-second biographical spot introducing him as a family guy and successful businessman, showing him strolling pensively across the farm his father lost years ago.

In the spot, called “Bet the Farm,” Trone, a Democrat, says: “The hog building, the barn, the egg processing plant, we got some hard lessons, we lost the farm, but I gained something too. A compassion and respect for people who work hard for their families. Even when it doesn’t work, especially when it doesn’t work out.”

Trone, 60, who went on with his brother Robert to found Total Wine & More, said prosperity “only means anything when it’s shared.”

After announcing his candidacy Wednesday, Trone said he would spend “whatever it takes” of his own money to play catch-up after his late entry into the April 26 primary, which includes seven other hopefuls in the Democratic field.

He said he wasn’t sure how much the ad buy cost, but that it was the first of a series of biographical spots that will air in the coming weeks.

David Trone of Potomac is the co-founder of Total Wine & More. (Trone family photo)

This first one will run on most D.C. area television stations through the weekend.