Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller addresses the Senate on the last day of the 2012 legislative session. (AP Photo/Steve Ruark)

Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. raised almost $200,000 at an event Monday night in Bethesda, organizers said, underscoring his continuing potency as a fundraiser heading into the 2014 elections.

Miller (D-Calvert), who has presided over the Senate for a quarter-century, has said he plans to run for another term. But associates said much of the money raised Monday night at Congressional Country Club will be used to help fellow Democrats win Senate seats.

The opulent event, with tickets costing $1,000, was Miller’s largest fundraiser of the year, though associates said he has held smaller events as he continues to stockpile cash.

Attendees Monday night included John Delaney (D), the newly elected congressman from the 6th Congressional District, as well as most of the eight state senators from Montgomery County.

Former Montgomery County executive Douglas M. Duncan (D), who is angling to get his job back, and the current county executive, Isiah Leggett (D), were also on hand.

Miller, 70, announced in 2006 that he would retire in 2010 after serving one more four-year term. He later reversed course, winning handily in 2010 in a district that includes portions of Calvert and Prince George’s counties.