For Montgomery taxpayers interested in what county employees are making these days, there is updated 2013 salary information at openmontgomery, the data portal.

Chief Administrative Officer Timothy L. Firestine continues to be the top-paid senior official ($271,963), followed by five department heads who topped $200,000: Police Chief J. Thomas Manger ($220,049); Correction and Rehabilitation Director Arthur Wallenstein ($214,617); County Council Administrator Stephen Farber (210,918), Health and Human Services Director Uma Ahluwalia ($208,865), and Housing and Community Affairs Director Richard Nelson ($205,123).

What’s unusual about this year’s listing is that it breaks out overtime pay by name — something once available only through a Maryland Public Information Act request.

It shows that 136 county workers — mostly Fire and Rescue Service personnel who work a 24-hours-on/48-hours-off schedule — made more than $40,000 in overtime last year. That’s up from 94 workers in 2012.

Six Fire and Rescue officers collected more than $90,000 in overtime, boosting their total pay above $200,000.

County officials have long maintained that it's cheaper to pay the overtime than hire full-time workers to fill all shifts.