Doug Duncan continues to press his message that time is running out for County Executive Isiah Leggett to answer questions on the Silver Spring Transit Center. In this new video, the Democratic primary challenger uses the familiar “Final Jeopardy” theme to make his point that time is slipping away. Accompanying the music are references to events, from the collapse of Lehman Brothers to the firing of Mike Shanahan, that have come and gone since ground was broken in 2008.

The questions Duncan poses — when will the long overdue bus and train hub open safely and how much will it cost — have not been answered by Leggett.

But someone coming to the spot without any background knowledge could conclude that the county is doing nothing to complete the long overdue and over budget train and bus hub on Colesville Rd. Repairs have been slowed by winter temperatures that are not Leggett’s doing. Officials say workers need an average of at least 40 degrees to effectively pour a new latex-modified concrete layer on road surfaces to treat cracks and leaks.