Del. Doyle Niemann (D) is seeking a partial recount in the Prince George’s County Council primary race that he lost by six votes to political newcomer Deni Taveras.

Niemann’s attorney, Jonathan Shurberg, filed the petition late Thursday, alleging the Board of Elections committed a legal error when they rejected about two dozen provisional ballots.

Election director Alisha Alexander said the board has to schedule the recount within two days. It could take place over the weekend.

The winner of the primary contest for the District 2 council seat will run unopposed in the general election in November.

Taveras, who was making her first run for public office, was certified as the winner on Monday night. She based her campaign on relentless outreach to potential constituents, especially newly registered Latino voters.

Officials accepted 79 provisional ballots. Of those, 51 were for Taveras; Niemann won 28. Niemann said he believes some provisional ballots that were rejected should not have been, which is the basis of his petition. “Both Deni and I lost votes from people who legitimately came to vote,” he said.

Taveras’ attorney, Dara Lindenbaum, said the Board of Elections “did an incredible job in a tight election.”

“We are confident about everything they did,” Lindenbaum said. “Deni Taveras was certified the winner, and we are sure that will stay intact.”