Marilynn Bland, clerk of the Circuit Court in Prince George’s County, likes to jot down her own aphorisms. She keeps them in a book on her courthouse desk.

Blandisms, one might call them.

One day, she says, she plans to type them up. Perhaps even get them copyrighted.

A sampling:

● “Woe to a man who does not recognize the strength of a woman.”

●“A genuine leader cares more about the progress of the people than personal power.”

● “Man himself causes life to be difficult.”

● “Whenever you move to the front of the line, make sure you’re ready to lead because others will follow.”

● “Sometimes I see better when my eyes are closed and my ears and heart are open.”

●“A clear conscience is the direct result of a clear heart.”

● “ We don’t need elected officials who like good people. We need good people to act as our elected officials.”

● “A politician works hard to make sure other people can’t figure out who they really are. A public servant works hard so people can see or know who they are.”

Paul Schwartzman