Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler takes a selfie with supporters in Bethesda after voting for himself in the Democratic gubernatorial primary on June 24. (Yue Wu/The Washington Post)

Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler and Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown are scheduled to officially renounce the bitterness of their gubernatorial primary race Wednesday morning at a “unity reception” organized by the state Democratic Party.

If they both show, it will be their first joint public appearance since the June 24 primary when Brown won the gubernatorial nomination by trouncing both Gansler and state Del. Heather Mizeur. Gansler skipped a unity event two days later, citing family obligations, but subsequently promised to be a “good Democrat” — not a sore loser — and throw his support behind the winner.

On the eve of the Brown-Gansler rendition of Kumbaya, it seems worth looking back at highlights from the past year or so, when Gansler — who is known for his verbal outbursts — couldn’t seem to say anything nice about his opponent:

1) A bystander to governing (January 2014): Gansler said that electing Brown to the top job after eight years as Gov. Martin O'Malley's deputy “would literally be like taking a season-ticket holder out of the stands at the Orioles or the Nationals, who’s been watching for seven years, and asking them to go out and pitch against the Yankees.”

2) All about race (July 2013): “I mean, right now his campaign slogan is ‘Vote for me, I want to be the first African-American governor of Maryland.’ ”

3) “Robotic” performance (June 2014): On Brown greeting voters at a metro stop: “He’s a little uncomfortable around people, huh?”

4) Questioning Brown’s credentials (January 2014): “The emperor-has-no-clothes analogy is quite fitting.”

5) More on lack of credentials (April 2014): “I’m running against somebody who has never managed anything, never run anything. There are ads about how he was a lawyer in Iraq — and that’s all fine and good — but this is a real job.”

6) Ducking responsibility for state’s health-care fiasco (June 2014) : “He was nowhere to be seen. He put on his running shoes and ran away.”

7) Skipping out on a debate (May 2014): “If Anthony Brown won’t even show up in Baltimore to debate, how can we trust him to stand up for us as governor?”

Other memorable Gansler quotes, just for old time’s sake:

1) At a press conference to explain his brief attendance at a teenage beach-house party: “There could be Kool-Aid in the red cups, but there’s probably beer in the red cups.” (October 2013)

2) When asked about that party at a debate: “We parent on the fly.” (May 2014)

3) On Maryland’s political geography: “Well, the political power has shifted south. It’s sort of like my body. It’s kind of just all sinking, you know.” (June 2014)

4) While passing out groceries to poor families: “Kidney beans for the people!” (June 2014)

5) After a young staffer locked his keys in the car: “You get what you pay for.” (June 2014)

6) On legalization of marijuana: “Let Colorado and Washington deal with it first and see how it works, then ultimately we revisit that issue and see if we want to have kids going into 7-Eleven and getting a Diet Coke and a bag of Fritos and a bag of pot.” (June 2014)