Larry Hogan gives the thumbs up to his supporters after addressing them during the election night party at the Westin Hotel in Annapolis on Tuesday. (Photo by Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

On Tuesday, Maryland voters unexpectedly made Republican Larry Hogan the state’s governor-elect. While Hogan, an Anne Arundel County businessman, has been around politics much of his life, he has never held elected office and has spent limited time in the public eye.

Here are seven things you might not know about him:

1) His roots are in Prince George’s County.

Hogan lives and works in Anne Arundel County now, but he grew up in Landover and has lived in several other places in Prince George’s, including Upper Marlboro. His father, Lawrence J. Hogan Sr., served as county executive from 1978 to 1982 — the last Republican to hold the post.

2) He was a policy nerd from an early age.

Hogan Sr. was a congressman from Maryland before he was county exec. As a teenager, Hogan would often hang out on weekends at his dad’s office on Capitol Hill.

“While many of my friends were flipping through comic books, I was reading the Congressional Record,” Hogan told The Post last month.

He later majored in government at Florida State University.

3) Hogan once declared bankruptcy.

Hogan’s small real-estate business struggled in the early 1990s. Amid a wave of bank failures nationally, lenders called Hogan’s loans due, he said. He filed for bankruptcy in April 1994 and liquidated his business and personal assets, including his $750,000 home in Upper Marlboro.

“It was a painful thing to have to go through,” Hogan told The Post. “I learned a lot about overcoming adversity and how to turn difficult financial situations around.”

In the two decades since, Hogan has rebuilt his business, The Hogan Companies, which focuses on land sales and commercial brokerage but also dabbles in residential real estate.

4) He has a brother in the Maryland state legislature.

Patrick N. Hogan represents a Frederick County district in the House of Delegates. The Republican lawmaker, who is also an officer at The Hogan Companies, is often mistaken as Hogan’s son because of their age difference. Larry is 58. Patrick is 35.

5) He has a blended, multi-racial family.

In 2004, Hogan married the former Yumi Kim, a South Korean-born artist he had met three years earlier at an exhibit. It was the first marriage for Hogan and the second for his wife, who has three grown daughters. One daughter recently appeared in a campaign ad, rebutting Democrats’ contention that Hogan has a social agenda that is hostile to women.

6) He loves dogs.

Whenever Hogan encountered a dog on the campaign trail, it was a good bet he would make a new acquaintance.

“I’ve shaken tens of thousands of hands, but I’ve petted more dogs,” he during a stop at the farmer’s market in Rockville on Saturday. “If dogs could vote, it would be a landslide victory.”

7) He knows how to throw a party.

As recounted by The Post’s Ian Shapira, Hogan’s election-night celebration at the Westin hotel in Annapolis was definitely a good time:

Three cash bars stocked with vodka and Kentucky bourbon flanked the back of the room. Dozens of black, red, yellow and white balloons — Maryland colors — were strung from cocktail tables. There was a buffet table fit for a wedding, featuring one dish called Rosemary Pepper Cured Roasted Baron of Beef with Glace de Viande. And then there was the soul band, a nine-piece group, fittingly called Bobby and the Believers.

It wasn’t the first time Hogan had entertained his political supporters. A year ago, when Hogan announced he was likely to run for governor, he did so at a gathering with a band and open bar.