Latex or Epoxy?

That’s the question Montgomery County officials and builders of the Silver Spring Transit Center are trying to answer: what kind of remedial covering is best to treat cracks in the $120 million concrete bus and train hub?

Latex-modified concrete (LMC) and epoxy bonding are both used on bridge decks to block the infiltration of water. LMC would entail covering the entire surface of the second and third decks, while epoxy bonding would be more of a patch job.

The county and its consultant, KCE, along with general contractor Foulger Pratt and design firm Parsons Brinckerhoff, will have to agree on one of them and then get approval from Metro. General Services director David Dise said the matter is still under study.

“Decision next week,” Dise said in an e-mail.

Concrete issues at the Silver Spring Transit Center

Officials still hope to complete most of the repairs before the weather turns cold.