In January, Montgomery County Council asked General Services Director David Dise when repairs to the much-delayed Silver Spring Transit Center would be completed. Dise replied: “By late May, certainly in the spring.”

It now appears that Dise will probably need an expanded definition of spring to stay on target.

In a memo to County Executive Isiah Leggett and County Council President George Leventhal (D-At-Large) late last week, he laid out a timetable that shows work finished by late June. Then the $140 million facility — four years and $50 million over budget — would be turned over to Metro.

The transit agency has up to 60 days to “accept” the building, which means it could be late summer to early fall before it opens to passengers.

Work continues on new concrete beams and supports. Dise reported that 108 of 173 planned “strut beams” are finished. Crews are completing an average of 15 to 18 beams every 10 days, he said.

Application of a new layer of latex-modified concrete to strengthen roadways on the middle level of the three-level building was scheduled to begin Monday and will take two months to complete, Dise said.

June is also the deadline for a series of final repairs, including new handicapped accessibility features requested by Metro and reinstallation of expansion joints, fans, lights, pipes, signs and other items displaced by the strut beam work.

At the same time, Metro will be working on its communications and messaging systems for the bus-and-train hub at Georgia Avenue and Colesville Road, according to Dise.