Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) had some choice words Thursday night for Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), who’s planning to come to the Free State next week with the goal of getting some Maryland businesses to relocate.

“I know from past experience that the gentleman is all hat and no cattle,” O’Malley said of Perry during a pre-dinner reception at a Maryland Democratic Party gala in Greenbelt.

In advance of Perry’s visit, a Texas group has started airing radio and television ads in Maryland knocking O’Malley for raising taxes and inviting Maryland companies to consider coming to a more business-friendly state. Perry narrates the ads.

“We’re going to treat him with great Maryland hospitality, and then we’re going to give his high hat the high hand and send him packing,” O’Malley told the reception crowd.

About three hours later, when O’Malley’s turn came to address the Democratic dinner, Perry was still on his mind.

The Maryland governor rattled off a series of statistical measures on which Maryland fares better than Texas, including median income, poverty rates and upward mobility.

O’Malley also shared with the crowd of more than 600 that he had once debated Perry, a reference to a 2011 forum hosted by Politico. At the time, O’Malley was chairman of the Democratic Governors Association and Perry was leading the Republican Governors Association.

“I kicked his a--, and he never came back again,” O’Malley said.