(Kate Havard/The Washington Post)

Name: Nancy Jacobs

Occupation: Senator, District 34, Cecil & Harford Counties

Hometown: Abingdon, Md.

Party: Republican

We started to “Unspin” Nancy Jacobs earlier this month, but decided to go back to her after she distinguished herself among gun-rights activists as a vocal opponent of Gov. Martin O’Malley’s gun-control bill.

It was pretty clear in those hearings that you’re the most outspoken senator against the bill.

Being the only Republican woman, and I’m on judicial proceedings, it does attract some attention…because of my gender coupled with the fact that I’m very pro-Second Amendment rights...I’ve never hesitated to speak my mind on issues that I feel strongly about.

What’s the most troublesome part of the governor’s gun-control bill, to you?

The registration and the eight-hours training that people are going to have to go through, if someone currently owns guns, they’ve been shooting all their life. If they buy another gun, after November 1st, they’ll have to go through eight hours of training, and fingerprinting, when there’s already been FBI background check on them.


Are guns a big part of your life?

No. My grandchildren are a big part of my life.

Do you own any guns that would be banned under the governor’s bill?

I own a gun that would be considered an assault pistol under his new restrictions on the number of rounds in magazines. They are all for home protection. And I’ve had death threats before, so I do have a permit to carry.

What has the feedback been like since the hearings?

I got hundreds of e-mails and calls, now we’re up for over 6,000 e-mails from 2nd Amendment supporters.


Have you received death threats since the hearings?

Not me...I am pretty outspoken, and I can take care of myself, so they don’t threaten me.

Tell me about that target behind you...

I like target shooting. I think it’s fun. Having been an athlete growing up, you’re always competing against yourself, whether it’s shooting or with golf.

What was it like where you grew up?

West Virginia is a great place to be raised. I loved the mountains, I loved the sports. My one brother was a basketball star at WVU, captain his senior year...My brother is 6’ 8”, my other brother is 6’ 5”. They’re 11 and nine years older than me. I was the long awaited baby girl. I’m 6” 0”. We were all extremely competitive. When it wasn’t sports, when my brothers were home, we played board games at night, and it was brutal.

What kind of sports did you play?

I was a swimmer, I was a tennis player, and I was a basketball player. I was a good swimmer. I stopped swimming just before my senior year in high school when I discovered boys. And when I got to WVU I saw these girls on the WVU swim team, and I knew I just cleaned their clocks in high school, so I said, well shoot, I’m going to try out for the team...but it did get in the way of studying... Then my husband and I moved to Edgewood, and I taught tennis for a living, and we ran a tennis club...All my daughters learned tennis at an extremely young age. Everyone wanted to beat my kids... Now, I play golf, and I shoot.

Which do you do more now? Golf or shooting?

Oh, mostly golf. As you can see by the trophies behind you…

What’s the last movie you saw?

“Parental Guidance.” On Friday I took one granddaughter, on Monday I took another one. I thought it was hilarious. But I also like action stuff. Bruce Willis — I like the “Die Hard” stuff.

What’s it like being the only female Republican senator?

You know it never occurred to me to question that I couldn’t do something. Even though I grew up in what was then a man’s world. The boys were pretty intimidated by me.