Valerie Ervin left the Montgomery County Council a year ago to head a New York-based non-profit that supports low-income families. But she’s kept more than a hand in local politics. On Monday, she sent an 11th-hour e-mail blast to rally Democrats for Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, the party’s gubernatorial candidate. She makes no secret of her displeasure with what she regards as the overly cautious campaign Brown has run:

“I’m going off-script. I’m not sending you talking points, and I haven’t lent my signature to someone else’s words...I hope you’ll pardon this brief inbox intrusion as I tell you why I am excited to cast my vote for Anthony Brown,” Ervin wrote, citing his support for women’s economic security, universal school breakfast and the environment.

“He served his country with distinction, which, as the daughter of a lifelong military man, means a lot to me. And he’s been a reliable friend in a political climate where relationships can be dispiritingly transactional.”

Ervin’s last dip back into the local political scene was her endorsement of Montgomery Board of Education member Chris Barclay in the Democratic primary for her District 5 council seat. Barclay’s candidacy later collapsed under the weight of fundraising woes and disclosures of questionable expenditures using a school system credit card.

In an interview Tuesday, Ervin said she received clearance from her employer, the non-partisan Center for Working Families, to send out the e-mail. She’s still listed on the Brown-Ulman web site as a Montgomery County co-chair.

Ervin, who said she “offered plenty of advice that wasn’t listened to,” still thinks Brown will win, but that he has missed opportunities to appeal to women and minorities because of a play-it-safe approach.

“Too much caution,” she said.