A metro train pulls into McPherson Square station in 2011. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Metro, in a step aimed at reassuring riders, will give its police officers a new way to stand out in its dimly lit underground stations and on its densely packed rush-hour platforms.

In an announcement made Friday, the transit system said that it expects officers to be wearing brighter, more visible uniforms starting this summer.

Currently, officers are garbed in dark navy blue. Metro said the new uniforms, featuring a neon-yellow color block and reflective trim, are to help make it easier for passengers to find officers on trains and platforms.

The uniforms are “being procured now,” Metro said.

At the least, the new uniforms seem likely to distinguish officers from the more sedately attired daily commuters. Metro said the move is “one of several steps” it has taken in response to safety concerns expressed by riders.