It’s often said that Washington’s best weather begins about the middle of September, when it is neither too hot nor too cold, and the days are not too dark or too dank. Saturday seemed to be just such a day.

The high temperature at Reagan National Airport was 78 degrees, comfortably warm, but offering no suggestion of the readings of at least 90 degrees that were made on 52 days not so long ago.

Factoring in the morning’s low temperature — which was 64 degrees — the average for the day was 71, which turns out to be exactly the norm, as calculated by t he National Weather Service, for the 15th of September.

High praise was lavished on the day in comments made to the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang site.

From a meteorological standpoint, employing the standard one to 10 scale, “This day is an 11!” read one comment.

Another was even more laudatory: “Went to Hains Point to walk the dog this morning, and it was PERFECT, breeze and all. I give today a 12!”

Still a third comment also took note of the breezy conditions that prevailed for part of the day. “Beautiful! It is absolutely perfect outside. I love the wind.”

On the 15th of September, the autumn equinox is not far off, with the winter solstice to follow. Each day at this point has about two and one half minutes less daylight than the day before.

But there is still ample time between sunrise and sunset — about 12 hours and 25 minutes.

And on Saturday the bright September sunshine sparkled in a sky that seemed free of the vaporous, humid haze that so often hangs over the city during the warm weather period.

By all the measures employeed by meteorologists, it was a particularly dry day, which showed off the area to best visual advantage, and kept perspiration within bounds.

Washington was only a couple of days on Saturday from another seasonal milestone. It was one of the last two days this year on which Washington’s normal high temperature is 80 degrees.

On Monday, the normal high drops to 79; the last previous day with a normal high in the 70s was May 30.