Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled the name of Henry Sanders’s attorney as Joseph Adkins. This version has been updated.

A 51-year-old Maryland man accused of robbing a series of older victims went on trial Monday for one of the alleged attacks in Montgomery County as a prosecutor told jurors how Henry Sanders “terrorized” a man who was walking out of a shopping mall in Wheaton on a Sunday afternoon.

“This is a case about how this defendant stalked a 77-year-old man throughout a Target store,” Assistant States Attorney Marybeth Ayres said in court, “and then followed him to his car, approached him as the man was trying to get into his car, began to beat him.” Sanders also stabbed the man with a box-cutter type knife, forced him into the passenger seat of his car and drove the car to a bank, where he stole money from the victim using his ATM card during the 2011 attack, Ayres said.

Sanders’ attorney, Joseph Atkins, told jurors his client was innocent in the case, and that the surveillance footage that purports to show Sanders isn’t clear. He urged jurors to look at “the cold hard” facts of what could or couldn’t be proved.

Sanders recently pleaded guilty in connection with three robberies in Prince George’s County.