Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Beverly Rd., 4101-Wilbur H. and Cybell Mason Long to Philipp H. and Marie G. Burroughs, $865,000.

Evanston St., 13106-Estate of Dona V. McLemore to Manuel De Jesus Morales Martinez and Carlos Antonio Morales Martinez, $325,000.

Hornbeam Dr., 4808-James W.H. Sigel and Mary C. Sigel to Monte J. Terhaar and Andrea M. Valenti, $610,000.

Marlin Terr., 14804-Douglas and Sherrie Lynn White to Eric and Kathleen Greenberg, $555,000.

Parkvale Rd., 14429, No. 7-Wei Wen Julie Huang and Jack S. Chu to Hildeliza A. Rincon, $198,500.

Sweetbirch Dr., 4860-Thomas P. and Karen B. Duffy to Lisa F. and Daniel P. Umpa, $625,000.


Avon Dr., 6048-Di Wei and Zhen Zhong Wu to Zhixia and Richard Danielsen, $699,000.

Brandt Pl., 8604-Albert V. Brito and Britta C. Jaedicke Brito to Lorna Teresa and Alex Xavier Kerr, $720,000.

Danbury Rd., 5104-Laurie S. Zeitlin to American Signature Properties Corp., $576,000.

Edward Ave., 9926-Hertz Huang to Joshua S. Hunt, $585,000.

Fairmont Ave., 4801, No. 505-Sue Cantor and Benjamin W. King to Djalil Khodayari and Farnaz Damavandi, $300,000.

Glenbrook Pkwy., 4700-Robert McCarthy and Lois B. Nienaber to Sarya Arsalan and Cyrus Adel Hadadi, $790,000.

Halbert Rd. W., 6401-Gary and Eve Clements to Oliver Wai and Helena Ho, $759,000.

Jarvis Lane, 5813-Jeffrey D. and Sarah E. Gilbert to Michael J. and Regina L. Smith, $660,000.

Kenhowe Dr., 6508-Joel and David Leivick to 6805 Kenthowe Corp., $800,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 5235-J. Brian Potts and the 5235 Massachusetts Avenue Realty Trust to Kathleen M. King, $1.23 million.

Montauk Ave., 9904-Michael and Jennifer Connors to Jason and Diane Lee, $524,000.

Page Ave., 9605-Kambiz and Vanessa T. Roshan to Ji Wang and Jing Wei, $700,000.

Rannoch Rd., 6700-Raymond I. and Peggy A. Band to Elizabeth R. Heavey, $757,000.

Saratoga Ave., 5104-Helen E. Veit to Bernard Development Group Corp., $575,000.

Spring Lake Dr., 7539, No. B-2-7539-Andres and Nancy Pino to Jeffrey B. and Norma J. Young, $216,000.

Vendome Dr., 9201-Jon C. and Katharine Pan to Alexander Nyhan and Deborah Reiko Yamamoto, $1.45 million.

Wetherill Rd., 4504-Carl A. and Susan L. Valenstein to Edward and Natalia Rhyne, $1.28 million.

Windward Pl., 6201-Patricia M. and Gregory J. Steis to Peter F. and Laura Rundlet, $942,500.

Woodmont Ave., 7710, No. 302-Michael S. Kirby II to Matthew Giammetta, $226,530.


Kings Crossing Blvd., 14301, No. 104-Xueling Qin to Suk Cha Kim, $162,500.

Truffle Lane, 18162-Michael and Beth Fessler to Fernando Jose Cintron Gonzalez and Maria T. Ricamato, $435,000.


Tanterra Cir., 3324-Department of Housing and Urban Development to P&R Investments of America Corp., $260,000.


Amsterdam Terr., 3722, No. 8-84-Gaurav and Naresh Kumar Kaushal to Abhishek K. Kaushal, $247,000.

Turbridge Dr., 3624-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Grace Njankenji, $305,020.


Bruton Parish Way, 3551, No. 24-188-Joseph M. Devaney to Roberto I. Guevara, $253,500.

Conductor Way, 13125, No. 244-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Veronica A. Stevens, $230,000.

Greenhill Dr., 12401-U.S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Mauricio Navarrete, $405,000.

Marlow Pl., 12804-Thomas W. and Lynn S. Anderson to Shanta Nicole Peru, $355,000.

Modrad Way, 13708, No. 7-Roxanne Gillespie and estate of Dolores Ford to Metodi Hadji and Liljana Hadji Janev, $145,000.

Sandy Point Ct., 12359-Myung S. and E.Y. Kim to Joseph A. and Angela A. Quaye, $309,000.


Connecticut Ave., 8101, No. N-Robert C. Marilley and estate of Anne M. Mariley to Stephanie Fouch, $345,000.

Ellingson Dr., 8004-David C. Karlson and Lucinda J. Davey to Laura R. Ardito and Daniel J. Mollura, $1.18 million.

Kirke St. W., 16-Amanda Bolling Jacobs and Ephraim Jacobs to Richard C. and Amy Swartz Zantzinger, $2.05 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5630, No. 407-Israel and Zelda Heller to Chester E. and Renu V. Finn, $2.85 million.


Fountain Dr., 12304-Paulette L. Troutner to Jorge A. Galvan, Maria E. Galvan, Jorge L. Galvan and Roxana L. Galdamez, $370,000.

Magnolia Park Pl., 12108-David and Jennifer Gorrie to Pamela J. Easson, $570,000.

Sugar View Dr., 23510-William A. and Lisa Ringler Karlson to Faramarz Chehreghani and Farzaneh Vafamand, $655,000.


Briggs Chaney Rd., 2600-Thomas B. Ballard to Coley E. Hampton and Jeanette L. Proudfoot, $350,000.

Firestone Dr., 714-Amy S. Higgins and estate of William C. Davis to Matthew V. Monjan, $660,000.

Twig Terr., 1328-Citimortgage Inc. to Jose A. Zavala and Ana C. Aguilar, $193,000.


Nickelby Dr., 24705-Stephen Lyle Colbert to Malia L. Coche, $345,000.

Ridge Rd., 27110-Maria Luz Portillo to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $194,734.


Berclair Terr., 17224-Ronald G. and Laurie L. Cymbor to Mak Venegas, $530,000.

Founders Mill Dr., 17116-Eric and Niki Dodek Gorman to Min Zhao, $505,000.


Comus Rd., 17713-Stephan and Stephen Hanses to Jeffrey M. Leco and Moira K. Mattingly, $535,000.


Curran Rd., 9503-Katie F. and Arthur Loewy to Henoke D. Shibeshi and Adishiwot Ayano, $400,000.

Franklin Ave. E., 300-Alice R. Hagan and estate of Daniel C. Borden to Heidi M. Smith, $334,900.

Indian Spring Dr., 105-Supajee Lapcharoen to Melanie Becker and Bradley Starring, $355,000.

Leighton Pl., 9-Susan Sheehy to Peter A. Sheppard and Meghana S. Narayan, $417,000.

Manchester Rd., 8704, No. 5-Trenton S. Osborne and Melissa E. Ferguson to Elizabeth F. Wieand, $190,000.

Oakwood St., 10908-Arnold D. Quiroz to Steven D. Hadeed and Anita Fernandes Rodrigues, $340,000.

Royalton Rd., 502-Andrew Michael and Sheldon Davis to Katie A. and Brien W. Courchene, $356,500.

Sudbury Rd., 9202-Christina Anderson to Ellen B. Donelson, John G. Donelson Jr., J&E Trust and John Garfield Donelson, $485,000.

Wire Ave., 9306-Densmore F. and Shirley J. Henschel to Kevin Phillip and Jana Milenky Weissman, $460,000.


Broadwater Dr., 9213-Christina T. and Rico T. Thompson to Amber M. and Marcus A. Scott, $230,000.

Cloverwood Ct., 8004-Vipul and Parul Mehta to Fatya B. Khadka, $309,000.

Dogwood Dr., 306-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Jian Yun Li, $300,000.

Emory Woods Ct., 117-National Residential Nominee Services in to Xuan Zhang and Michael Alexis Yuskiw, $350,000.

Girard St., 420, No. 123-Louis Torres to Wilmington Trust National Association, $194,000.

Glendower Rd., 18941-Carolyn J. and James R. Williams to Isaac and Wisline Francois, $385,000.

Guildberry Dr., 18422, No. 102-Ody Dickey III to Marlene Aybar, $110,000.

Kilcreggan Terr., 7405-Bogumil Bazyluk to Ugel Sherpa and Hazel Grace P. Sherpa, $317,000.

Lower Country Dr., 210-Linh Phong Dipe and Lam Binh Diep to Laxmi Russo, $487,000.

Rolling Rd., 121-Fakhreddin S. Ghiasi to Yves and Elizabeth Lessey Morillon, $328,000.

Stewartown Rd., 9315-Terry B. Frazier and Frieda May Ferrell to JWCS Corp., $175,000.


Big Acre Sq., 14, No. 22-7-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jeffrey and Amy Lolley, $235,000.

Chagall Dr., 12320-Pamela L. Curtis to Clifford W. and Elizabeth F. Sachs, $685,000.

Coral Reef Dr., 518-Javier O. Peralta and Cherie S. Ward Peralta to Catalina C. Claveria, $199,999.

Falling Leaf Ct., 14503-Profunddc 1 Corp. and 495 Properties Corp. to Ali Mehrabi and Lila Atefat Ezadi, $965,000.

Gatestone St., 611-Nauman S. and Sarah I. Malik to Daniel J. Hoffman, $564,900.

Haddonfield Way, 15609-Gerard E. and Mila C. Haberman to Stephen I. and Kim M. Kelly, $905,000.

Kendrick Pl., 102, No. 34-Priya Wasnikar and Amol Gole to James H. Von Dundas, Pia A. Von Dundas and Michael Von Dundas, $338,000.

Letterman Way, 11611-Jerry and Raya Sella to Noel Chisaka and Nsama Charity Nkaka Chisaka, $645,000.

Main St., 1030-James I. Menapace and Therese Woods to Freemon and Tanya Johnson, $585,000.

Orchard Ridge Dr., 940, No. 200-Deborah S. Hartten to David Teh Huei Liang and Judy C. Liang, $363,000.

Quail Run Dr., 15311-Ali Mehrabi and Lila Atefat Ezadi to Craig Enger, $780,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 816, No. 202-Valerian Nikitenko and Esther Kramnik to Kevin and Anongnat Johnson, $129,900.

Sioux Lane, 16725-Luz M. Rodriguez to Thein Aung, $445,000.

Teaneck Ct., 6-Cartus Financial Corp. to Ren Hwa Yeh and Su Ling Chen, $315,000.


Clermont Pl., 4502-William Houston and Elizabeth A. Dirgins to Amy A. Williams, $802,000.


Ambassador Dr., 13547-Dallin and Indira Williams to Balbir Singh, $175,000.

Country Ridge Dr., 13259-Charles Abban Sr. and Charles A. Nyanfaku to Hamlet N. Pena Martinez and Lucia Pena, $278,000.

Dover Cliffs Cir., 19413-Patricia A. Stinneford to Sabrina K. Seldal, $270,000.

Fountain Club Dr., 13431, No. 15/T-3-Elizabeth H. and Elizabeth McSweeney to Conrad K. Viado and Cecilia Z. Wibisono, $203,500.

Hickory Tree Way, 12407, No. 521-Steven Pike to Daniel S. Read, $137,500.

Larentia Dr., 19822-Per Fredrik Lentz Thomsen to Jose F. Amaya Lopez, $227,000.

Lowfield Dr., 20573-Lori J. Klein to Rosser Mitchell and Stephanie Boyd, $278,900.

Millhaven Pl., 13115-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Adarsh Ramakumar, $127,050.

Open Hearth Way, 13035-Rebecca Baldwin and Rebecca Anne Schaefer to Brian and Jsutine Elliott, $224,000.

Shadyside Lane, 13048-Walter A. Doty Jr. to Fereshteh Mirbagheri and Dana Frank Beane, $215,000.

Siever Ct., 17416-Dennis J. and Susan J. Edgley to Julie K. and Richard T. Fritz, $699,000.

Split Rock Lane, 18504-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Voke Ekah, $275,000.

Steeple Pl., 19018-Valentina V. Rucker to Nimesh P. Ambeskar and Darshana S. Swant, $395,000.

Tarragon Way, 18517-Federal National Mortgage Association to Eloshini Govender, $195,000.

Warrior Brook Dr., 19144-Charlene Hubbard to Susan L. Pajak, $330,000.


Calgary Ave., 2703-Stanley A. Cohen and Selma Cohen to Rochelle and Carl Meehan, $300,000.

Edgewood Rd., 3310-James S. and Angela Claire Porterfield to Harry G. Dixon, Vivian C. Cooper and Adrian G. Dixon, $505,000.

Glenridge St., 4301-Mark C. Andersen and Helen K. Andersen to Jerry J. and Nicole W. Walters, $705,000.

Mitscher Ct., 4109-William S. and Whitney L. Stoebner to Daniel Moebius and Bianca Moebus Clune, $390,000.


English Meadow Way, 9201-Dermot J. Murray and Adrienne Cunninghame Blank to Stacey R. Nelson, $625,000.

Log House Ct., 9804-Lisa M. Horan and Georgeanne Mastro to David and Jennifer Gorrie, $640,000.

Warfield Rd., 9214-Robert and Linda E. Seeley to Shanna L. and Joseph B. Whitney, $339,900.


Bethany Ct., 10-Dean and Olga Moissakis to Stephanie and Jonathan Fox, $415,000.

Docena Ct., 21-R. Brian Coffman to C.M. Wright Construction Inc., $130,000.

Frostburg Way, 9320-Prescott Corp. to Josue Valcarcel and Maria Carvajal, $295,000.

Pier Point Pl., 18763-Sam Sharooz to Candida Nfumu Angue Nchama, $275,000.

Threshing Pl., 19029-Louis A. and Rose S. Marzetta to Sameera Gunatileka, $365,000.

Wayridge Dr., 10708-Eve Eleanor Ploskonka and Eve E. Hermes to Kathy J. Mincin, $377,900.


Neely Rd., 1620-Mary Kathryn Coppinger to Elizabeth M. Wendt, $315,000.


Beacon Hollow Lane, 13824-John J. and Barbara G. Fogarty to Mark and Rosemary Hickman, $430,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 2816-Edward S. Marin and Frank Weiss to Jenny A. and Anner A. Urquilla, $384,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3850, No. 2-166-Charlotte T. Nettleton to Palacios Painting Corp., $100,000.

Camellia Dr., 12804-Antonio J. and Teresita B. Morales to Nagavalli Annamalai, $421,500.

Clear Shot Dr., 2802, No. 5-36-Jacqueline M. Thomas and estate of Frances Isreal to Amanda J. Williams, $185,000.

Flack St., 12712-Joseph Peter and Stacy Timko to Abirham Tiroro Shole and Negatua Lapiso, $340,000.

Greenery Lane, 2109, No. 301-24-Diana Gary and Samia Abboud to Jorna Begum, $116,250.

Hewitt Ave., 3342, No. 3-2-A-Kenneth Kay to Tadessa Armide Yimer and Amsale Workneh, $124,900.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-820-Ellen Friedman Sefton and estate of Diane Helen Frieman to Sudha Baxter, $122,000.

Isbell St., 3912-Elisa K. Hull to Olexandr and Larysa Rybak, $386,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210-Judith Jolles to Wendy Kimmel, $253,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 120-William H. Brown to Womdimu T. Tilahun and Manyahiliahal T. Mekonen, $127,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 126-Joan F. and Lawrence B. Gould to Dorothy L. Rosenberg, Laura R. Perlman, Sandra J. Rosenberg and Sherri R. Mcvearry, $250,000.

London Bridge Dr., 2333-Robert S. and Emma J. Damsky to Tigist Tilahun, $285,000.

Merrifields Lane, 15421-Peter H. and Cecilia M. Biava to Scott J. and Kelly L. Yager, $525,000.

Parker Creek Lane, 3407, No. 125-B-Virginia G. Tracy to Michael D. Gunther, $355,000.

Rosetree Ct., 14333-Bank of America to Dagobert and Leoni Tchatat, $277,000.

Sheraton St., 2805-Rebecca Urban and Rebecca Grayson to Nelly Del Carmen Paniagua, $260,000.

Valleywood Dr., 12707-Federal National Mortgage Association to Alemans Landscaping Corp., $268,000.


Bantry Way, 3437-Federal National Mortgage Association and the Fisher Law Group to Shamima Nargis, $248,000.

Cashell Rd., 16925-U.S. Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Pablo R. Ovando, $405,074.

Hayes Manor Lane, 3705-Virginia F. Chichester and Omer Louis Johnson to Robert R. and Stephanie A. Pacheco, $509,900.

Random Ridge Cir., 4502-Christopher P. and Maria M. Bowers to Christopher R. and Gail N. Valle, $795,000.

Saint Augustine Ct., 3247-Daniel A. and Julia Nicholas to Brian M. and Rachel Anne Carter, $365,000.

Vintage River Terr., 18022-James R. and Kimberly A. Timon to Samson Getachew and Jember Abebe, $330,000.


Mckernon Way, 18316-Ronald J. and Pamela A. Spadin to Michael Visee and Helen Hien Dinh, $630,000.


Broad Green Dr., 11506-Sajeev and Neerja Kathuria to Jose S. Lizondo and Lucrecia Juana Cassera, $1.25 million.

Cripplegate Rd., 11100-Michael K. and Kellie M. Ballard to Cripplegate Assoc Corp., $6.15 million.

Fallsmead Way, 1214-Andrew E. and Lori H. Zimbler to Shahrokh Sari and Heather A. Johnson Sari, $760,000.

Huntsman Way, 12808-Samuel M. and Bernadine W. Dodek to Eric and Niki Dodek Gorman, $800,000.

Maplecrest Dr., 13228-Pramod S. Malhotra to Zengzhen Hu and Liz Zhuang, $1 million.

Rock Run Dr., 10633-J. William and Joan E. Armstrong to Nazakhtar Mikakhtar and Eugene Deganan, $1.15 million.

Sprinklewood Lane, 9312-Daniel Orlando Casco and estate of Nora Ledy Traverso De Casco to Mehdi Pakfetrat and Ghazaleh Rahbari, $855,000.


Aster Blvd., 623-Mary A. and Donald L. Bucy to Bradley T. Stelzer and Emily K.M. Stelzer, $710,000.

Cabin John Pkwy., 812-Matthew F. Swayze to Jessica Lynn and Jeffrey Perkins, $510,000.

Coachway Dr., 4603-Thomas Ray and Patricia Jean Hunsicker to Marcus and Zahava Colicelli, $370,000.

Crossfield Ct., 5105, No. 317-Antonella Da Camara and Andrew Vanjani to Mary P. Delarosa, $214,000.

Elmcroft Blvd., 1002, No. X-305-R-Edward Nieh to Jane Pyon, $367,000.

Farm Haven Dr., 930-Kristi N. Weaver and David H. Eynon to Swe Jin Huang and Lin Chiang, $840,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 604-Kenneth Horn and estate of Judith C. Horn to VPC One Corp., $250,000.

Grove Ridge Way, 5475, No. 129-Kieran J. and Barbara V. Schrader to Caroline E. Yeager, $630,900.

Julian Pl., 1004-Ping Ko to Ai Juan Yang and De Feng Wang, $450,000.

Long Trail Terr., 204-Weiqing Zhang and Annie Chen to Joseph Michael Petitto, $920,000.

Monroe St., 4, No. 4-107-Sema M. Dinkjian and Charles G. Yessaian to Brenda Patterson, $285,000.

Monterra Ct., 11-Eugene and Natalie Sandler to Seena Gudelsky, $1.25 million.

Oak Knoll Dr., 335-Martin D. Liebman and Lois G. Chester to Rori S. and Michael A. Brown, $720,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 725-Charlene Anne Larkin and Michael Bennett Larkin Family Law 126652 to William C. Cheng, $299,000.

Park Rd., 305-Chen Wen and Sutai Jiang to Richard M. and Nancy T. Essex, $555,000.

Potomac Corner Lane, 14844-Kahldoun M. La Trash to Bindu P. Koshy, $676,000.

Smallwood Rd., 712-William E. and Jennie M. Forehand to Robert Singer and Anne Rayman, $625,000.

Treasure Oak Ct., 1222-Jennife RH Greenwald to Soo Hyong Park and Ellen Yunha Choi, $607,500.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10110-Adam S. Hoffman to Eve E. Ploskonka, $525,000.


Cross Laurel Dr., 11014-Werner Rueckemann and Jill L. Rueckemann to Nusrat Abdullah and Syed Ali Ahmed, $497,000.

Hoffman Dr., 11110-John Followell and Carmen Alvarado to Nova Partners Corp., $251,000.

Manor View Cir., 21503-Yujun Zheng and An Hu to Armand and Marie Mvogo, $605,000.

Scottsbury Dr., 20824-Randall P. Lastinger to Huo Liang, Huo Xin and Tian Lun Lei, $375,000.


Blair Mill Rd., 1220, No. 1105-Haile Michael Mezghebe to Neil H. Enet and Veronica Y. Magan, $441,000.

Leonard Dr., 8717-Roosevelt Q. and Lila M. Ingram to Roohollah Ebrahaimian and Bethany Allen, $500,000.

Meadowneck Ct., 10113-Russell B. and Amy Furr to Marshal I. and Rebecca F. Kander, $715,000.

Sharon Dr., 1508-Charles R. Pierret and Carol L. Muskin to Erich E. and Hannah S. Olson, $659,000.


Bayfield St., 718-Lusetha Rolle Dowston and Lusetha Rolle to Orfilio Rubio, $325,000.

Flower Ave., 8308, No. 402-Anita S. Pullani to Joy Banks, $174,000.

Kennebec Ave., 701-Mary E. Kannard to John Stephen Quinn, Elizabeth Alison Patton and Madeline T. Quinn, $465,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 6906-Rjre Investments Corp. to Drew and Jane R. Spalding, $429,000.

14th Ave., 7104-David A. Ratcliff to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $386,000.


Grandin Ave., 1032-AAA Homes Realty Corp. to John C. Brown, $350,000.

Midway Ave., 13218-Charles D. Pibel and Pui Teng Howe to Kristin E. Musy, $315,000.

Twinbrook Pkwy., 201-Valencia Moulton to the RGS Revocable Trust, Richard Alan Gottfried and Stacey Lynn Freeman Gottfriend, $401,000.


Belvedere Blvd., 1806-Mark Rashid to Brian Probus and Meghan Cassin, $432,500.

Cascade Rd., 2115-Daniel W. and Laura Spates Carlson to Benjamin A. Snow and Arthur W. Liu, $465,000.

Douglas Ave., 10210-Mohamed M. Kheiry to Tanya R. Winters, $350,000.

Hemley Lane, 10410-Michael R. and Catherine M. Williams to Robert Maxwell and Megan Gayle Remley, $349,900.

Lantern Dr., 3937-Timothy J. and Luigina Whitney to Ana Elizabeth, Ricardo Antonio and Elisa Linares, $360,000.

Munson St., 2809-Patricia M. Lengermann and Jill N. Brantley to Ismael Perez, $275,000.

Sanford Rd., 1816-Suzanne and Robert J. Feighny to Michael J. Cackoski and Caitlyn R. Zachary, $379,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Mountain Approach Rd., 7518-Marilyn L. Mitchell to Derick Ogg, $314,900.


B St. E., 47-Federal National Mortgage Association to Raymond Q. Hyde, $31,500.

Peach Orchard Lane, 1055-Federal National Mortgage Association to Heather M. Fleishell, $100,000.

Wenner Dr., 71-Michael Tuthill to Stephanie Fellows, $145,000.


Apple Way, 67-Pedro A. Orellana to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $98,607.

Bamburg Ct., 5251-Timothy Patrick Sullivan and Michelle Suzanne Nagy to Courtney Thompson, $271,000.

Cascade Way, 546-Ornogeah T. Wurah to Beatrice Elgbokhan, $170,000.

Cypress Ct., 7195-Janet C. Sykes to Calvin V. Vanbik and Hoi L. Sung, $126,900.

Glen Echo Rd., 614-KH Investment Properties Corp. to James Ghang and Eun C. Shin, $239,901.

Hillcrest Dr., 1310-John Dayton and Katie Mcpeak to John Alvin Lee and Maureen E. Mehrtens, $225,000.

Jack Linton Dr. S., 6481-NVR Inc. to Ning Li, $297,590.

Mclauren Lane, 5112-David E. and Kristin Snipes to Ronal Vidal Vargas, $270,000.

Mount Zion Rd., 4637-Frank L. and Danielle L. Bardo to Colin D. and Michelle S. Paul, $440,000.

Partridge Way, 506-James and Rosalie Powell to Billie Jo Joseph, $282,500.

Regal Ct., 5357-Pamela C. Herald to Gillian Deborah Ghans, $189,900.

Staghorn Ave., 1048-Spectrum Credit Union to Suyapa C. Portillo Reyes, $121,500.

Walcott Lane, 6327-NVR Inc. to Andrew J. Linker and Amy N. Eyler, $325,980.


Adam Rd., 327-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Alan Weiner, $141,750.

B&O Ave., 146-Richard A. Ade to Scotti J. Smith, $195,500.

Blue Leaf Ct., 901, No. 10-3D-Wendy Lynn Lethbridge to Stephanie Lynette Bibbs, $143,000.

Carrollton Dr., 464-Brenda L. Propheter to Gary Staley, $122,000.

Cool Spring Terr. N., 6124-Cartus Financial Corp. to Robert J. Morton Jr. and Joann C. Hoffman, $400,000.

Dogwood Dr., 1730-Citifinancial Servicing Corp. to Marco A. Robles and Alfredo Rodriguez Tapia, $164,000.

Market St. N., 506-Apple Reese to Brett J. Day and Kathleen Barnes, $199,000.

Mohican Dr., 441-Robert M. and Sharon K. Gum to Valyre Barrington, $432,000.

Osprey Way, 2723-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Inc. to Alexander Sergeevick Konev, $316,947.

Pearl St., 523-Politz Holding Two Corp. to Maggie E. Sundby, $195,500.

Queen St., 311-John R. Knowlton to Sappington Properties Corp., $119,000.

Shadybrook Dr., 9009-Mark J. and Tara W. Perry to Jeffrey S. Rollinas and Samantha Hope Rollins, $495,000.

South St. W., 404-Federal National Mortgage Association to Erskine H. Geer III, $145,000.

Terry Ct., 402, No. B-2-Mary H. Scofield to Federal National Mortgage Association, $130,622.

Wayside Dr., 2100, No. 2-B-Coy R. and Patricia A. Chaney to Stewart John Reich and Stephanie Anne Bryan, $162,900.

Fifth St. E., 124-Thomas B. Trott Jr. to Paul K. and Elizabeth B. Hadfield, $411,671.

14th St. W., 108-Anne Marie Bradley to Andrzej Wilk Jr. and Karolina V.G. Wilk, $290,000.


Carriage Ct., 1707-William W. and Diane M. Perney to Elizabeth U. Christoffel, $166,000.

Coach House Way, 2507, No. 3A-Lois F. Tyson to Judith Wilson, $157,900.

Country Run Way, 1827-Tandem Development Group Corp. to Denise M. Santeufemio and Donnell I. Wilson, $270,000.

Edgewood Farm Rd., 7900-Joseph P. Wilson to Jordan K. and Natalie R. Bohannon, $337,900.

Fieldstone Dr., 8028-Arthur D. and Marian R. Heine to Sean P. and Krystal L. Rafferty, $346,625.

Greenvale Dr., 8218-Michae McCaman and Christi Ober to David E. Smith, $360,000.

Hunter Trail Ct., 8167-David and Paula N. Nathanson to David and Kristine Snipes, $387,995.

Keyser Lane, 6007-Michael C. Snead and estate of Nile H. Snead to Jared and Jessica Bendy, $225,000.

Moran Dr., 1937-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Cynthia Y. Scott, $575,000.

Old 7th St., 7944-Duane E. and Kristen A. Miller to Steven R. and Karri L. Vaughn, $298,800.

Rocky Springs Rd., 8109-Powell MB Associates Ltd. and Cernomics Solutions to Katy A. Namovicz and Edward J. Bunyan Jr., $247,000.

Shookstown Rd., 5225-S. Robert and Catherine A. Rhoades to James Edward and Candace Michell Beghtol, $525,000.

Summerswood Dr., 6904-Carolyn E. Storm to John R. and Wilma Eisenman, $330,000.

Tuscarora Valley Ct., 2001-Day Development Corp. and Greentree Homes to Stephen C. and Lauren E. Thompson, $343,043.

Wainwright Ct., 2140, No. 2A-Jessica L. Smith to Jason A. Barr, $125,000.


Doctor Perry Rd., 9546-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Jae S. and June Kim, $710,000.

Knolls Pkwy., 3312-Todd R. and Lisa R. Gorham to Steven J. and Ronya S. McNerney, $559,000.

Pheasant Run, 3157-Zachary T. and Anita M. Evans to Philip J. and Megan K. Paul, $375,000.


Ari Ct., 8-Joel P. and Jennifer K. Schneider to Kyle and Anne Kuszpit, $489,000.

Mountain Church Rd., 1241-Michelle M. Martz and estate of Leah R. Martin to John L. Lucas, $162,000.

Summers Dr., 96-David K. and Teresa L. Eisentraut to Jacob Virgilio Mendez Mendoza and Lauren Elizabeth Mendez, $174,900.


Windy Hill Dr., 4194-Peter and Kristen Franzen to Mathew and Jana Amsellem, $410,000.


Harrisville Rd., 14927-David J. and Deborah J. Gallant to Gabriel Davila Suarez and Heather Christina Harbottle, $495,000.

Mitchell Ct., 13905-David and Krystal Trejo to Bradley G. and Katherine P. Raymond, $630,000.

Sidney Rd., 5242-Hercules Auto Salvage Inc. to JPB Property Management Corp., $225,000.


Bucks Run Trail, 5787-Richard Vincent and Rosemary Marcellino to Mark and Monica Neff, $410,000.

Glen Oak Turn, 5755-Robert E. and Heidi T. Adams to Elizabeth Ann and Matthew William Bowen, $365,000.

Huron Trail, 10296-Todd Martin and Amber Lyn Larson to Kevin W. Miller and Jennifer M. Riggles, $365,000.

Morning Glory Pl., 11701-James M. and Mary S. Norris to Tom and Julie Vogl, $365,000.

Talbot Ct., 5560-Kiffa Shirley to Shirley Smith, $225,000.


Woodsboro Pike., 12131-James F. and Sandra R. Notnagle to Bryan E. Pescatore and Randy A. Smith, $350,000.


Conrads Ferry Dr., 1702-William E. Beam to Frank Walter and Rebecca Renee Matchner, $355,000.


Altamont Ave. S., 12-Federal National Mortgage Association to Brenda Beard, $180,000.

Hammaker St. E., 133-Beneficial Financial I Inc. to William and Susan Fraley, $100,199.

Vista Ave., 22-Donna C. Stiles to James R. Alexis, $191,500.


Araby Church Rd., 4414-Cathy A. Delcoco to Robert Leland Anderson, $330,000.

Byron Cir., 3653-Cartus Financial Corp. to Jonathan A. and Janine Carlson, $569,900.

Kenway Lane, 9150-Monocacy Land Corp. to Brian O. Kaigler, $428,875.

Landon House Lane, 9121-Monocacy Land Corp. to Grace Shinsil Lee, $381,885.

Rines Tavern Lane, 3502-Katrina D. Gehle to Do Hyung Kim and Myungsun Paek, $328,000.

Spring Hollow Lane, 3632-Rand and Pamela Weinberg to Guo Xiong J. Lu and Yi Hong S. Cheng, $305,000.

Ward Pl., 9510-William C. and Shannon B. Medina to Erin E. Selby and Kevin S. Poland, $326,900.


Deer Run Dr., 242-John E. and Judy R. Ball to Manuel A. and Monica P. Majano, $400,000.

Inspiration Ct., 8788-Heidi A. Bauer and Roderick D. Williams to Parsonage Lane Properties Corp., $115,000.


Gravel Hill Rd., 9928-E. Alan and R. Evon Heflin to Eamon T. and Jennifer L. O’Shea, $265,000.