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Montgomery County

Hidden Garden Lane, 17513-Mark A. Clifton to Walter F. and Nancy H. Fennell, $857,000.


Bauer Dr., 14403-Kyle and Elena Kovkin to Majid Laasri and Anna Maounounen Laasri, $440,000.

Dabney Ct., 7-Ronald J. and Mary E. Grill to Thomas Joseph Maruna, $365,000.

London Lane, 14007-Loretta Sibilia Reinersmann to Janet D. Santos, $356,300.

Monty Ct., 16204-Joseph T. and David J. Hansen to Douglas A. and Pamela A. Gordimer, $605,000.

Sunflower Dr., 4912-Demitry Dorfman to Jonathan and Jennifer Stocks, $623,820.


Alta Vista Rd., 5424-John J. Paluck to Richard G. Cruz and Mary E. Rayment, $700,000.

Benton Ave., 5010-Makio Murayama to Nicolas Jean Marie Million, $555,000.

Brook Lane N., 8315-Jennifer A. Fedder and Alicia M. Deeny to Scott A. Yamada and Mary E. Ashe, $379,000.

Burling Rd., 5411-Angelique Jacobs to Robert S. and Carol B. Parker, $1.36 million.

Chelton Rd., 7912-Glenn R. and Emmanuelle Bergmann to Kimberly Ann Baer and Michael W. Musgrove, $1.5 million.

Dahlonega Rd., 6202-Gordon R. Letterman and Elma A. Letterman to Nikoo Pourshakouri and Amirhossein Faraji, $715,000.

Elsmere Ave., 5202-William J. and Anne Marie Potts to Philip J. Gatti and Jasmine Chen, $569,500.

Fulbright Ct., 7800-Warren S. and Lois Jean Colison to Manu Anand and Sujit Kumar Basu, $700,000.

Grosvenor Lane, 5714-Geraldine J. Torray to Michele M. Newman, $475,000.

Hollins Ct., 9502-Helmut Sommer to Mark Teather and Danijela Smiljanic, $725,000.

Lambeth Rd., 5504-Scott N. and Ellen P. Kleinknecht to Isadore M. and Meghan K. Gudelsky, $2.6 million.

Maiden Lane, 6301-Dawn M. Armstrong to Elisabeth C. Scott, $837,000.

McKinley St., 5902-Frances Helen Barry and Darrell Spalding to Wexford Homes Corp., $580,000.

Montrose Ave., 10513, No. 104-Amanda Petruccelli Plant to Sergio A. Hassan, $229,500.

Newport Ave., 5135-Robert M. Zeskind to Benjamin D. Brown and Rebecca Bond, $1.28 million.

Parthenon Ct., 10404-Youssouf and Anna France Loum to Chih Hao Hsu and Mei Jen Liao, $415,000.

Quarry Ridge Way, 8029-Vishwajit P. and Nanette E. Phadnis to National Residential Nominee Services, $825,000.

River Rd., 6617-Isao and Sachi Yamada to Pablo Augusto Molina and Maria Teresa Acosta, $875,000.

Sentinel Dr., 4936, No. 404-Nancy Jean Seigel to Katherine Goldenberg, $412,000.

Tiffany Hill Ct., 9805, No. 64-Ian A. Pople to Rabindra N. Paul and Gitanjali Ghosh, $600,000.

Walhonding Rd., 6314-Winifred De Los Santos to John G. and Nina R. Fenton, $550,000.

Westlake Terr., 7401-Sasanti Sujono to Amir and Orit Mushkat, $212,500.

Weymouth St., 10661-Robin Noble Zolin to Michael and Suzanne Klugerman, $198,500.

Wilmett Rd., 6508-Howard W. and Carlee L. Hallman to Tamineh Farhadyeh, $645,000.

York Lane, 5501-Robert and Kristen McCarrick to Pritpal S. Aujla and Megan R. Penniston, $2.84 million.


Sugar Ridge Terr., 21020-Mathilde D. Gardner to Hyein and Myung Jay Kim, $607,000.


Abbey Manor Cir., 2822-Jeffrey L. and Ellen G. Goldman to Nazish M. Salahuddin and Malik M. Imam, $639,900.

Dubarry Lane, 2900-Bruce C. and Helyn C. Bartlett to Richard C. and Nancy E. Arthur, $735,000.

Sapling Ridge Lane, 2419-Panagiota K. Tsonis to Bank of New York Mellon, $1.8 million.


Angelton Ct., 3722-J. Gonzalez Sanchez to Tadesse E. Woldemariam, $199,000.

Crosswood Ct., 29-Jeanette L. Black to Michelle R. Meier, $233,000.

Stepping Stone Lane, 3701-Astoria Savings & Loan to Alemu Layew and Selenat Minaye, $220,000.


Wishbone Terr., 6454-Carol R. and Arthur L. Korotkin to Nancy and Miles Quist, $705,500.


Buccaneer Rd., 12906-Susan M. Ley to Hilda D. Rodriguez, $365,000.

Deer Ridge Dr., 2806-Terri J. Thomas to Amy I. Gantz, $368,000.

Featherwood St., 1505-Philip Moraganti and Randy Goodhope to Michael W. Lentz and Kristen D. Bernard, $549,900.

Memory Lane, 3116-Daniel Earl Shaw and Sue Allen Weber to Anita L. and Maytinee M. Pramawat, $362,000.

Morningside Ct., 6-Lisa Louise and Terri A. Dickerson to Amare Bekele and Mimi Zewge, $350,000.

Pentenville Rd., 12607-Mark H. and Laura G. Griffiths to Kevin J. and Anthea E. Baldwin, $484,500.

Snow Cloud Lane, 3415-Jay M. and Katherine P. Uomoto to Erica L. Mitchell, $395,000.


Ashboro Dr., 2303-Seyed Saeed Mirzaie and Farnaz Askari to Robert S. Tanenbaum and Phyllicia Tanenbaum, $685,000.

Brookville Rd., 7505-James E. Stormes and Robbin C. Mullin to Timothy Walker Doyle and Marla Katherine Bilonick, $825,000.

Cumberland Ave., 4814-4814 Cumberland Avenue Corp. to David J. Brown, $780,000.

Falstone Ave., 4806-Diane and Theodore Kupelian to John R. and Katherine S. Coleman, $1.22 million.

Oakridge Lane, 4217-Mark H. Kaufman to Amy B. and Anthony P. Godwin, $1.25 million.

Rolling Rd., 3101-Vivian L. Pollock and Rhoda D. Sherman to Jennifer Joyce and Gary J. Helminski, $1.72 million.

Underwood St., 3801-Andrea Meditch to Emily Tucker and Samuel Eric Strulson, $1.25 million.

Warwick Pl., 5711-David Parina and Sharon L. Spigelmyer to Steven D. and Elisabeth A. Spiegel, $1.46 million.

Woodmont Ave., 7111-Barbara Ann Lauer to Stefano Baroni and Admela Jukan, $349,000.


Catawba Manor Ct., 8-Fannie Mae to Krishna K. Vallabhaneni and Roopa Datla, $285,000.

Grand Elm St., 12726-Wenjun Zhang and Qingxiang Wei to Qiang Zeng and Wei Liao, $695,200.

Houser Dr., 12307-Christopher and Corrine H. Jacob to Kiran Sree Nadella and Sridhar Murahari, $575,000.

Observation Dr., 23210-U.S. Home Corp. to Daniel Konieczka, $259,990.

Shaws Tavern Ct., 23210, No. 2226-U.S. Home Corp. to Keith and Stephanie Madden Kobb, $269,990.

Sugar View Dr., 23601-Matthew R. and Emily N. Lederer to William G. and Tammy S. Danchanko, $495,000.

Wood Crest Manor Way, 13515-Alain Edmond and Kathy A. Roche to Matthew Czaga and Mark Suriano, $535,000.


Crimson Spire Ct., 15602-Mercedes Jesus Saavedra and Alfredo A. Lara to Syed Manzur and Shameem Ara Elahi, $937,000.

Kaywood Lane, 2400-John N. and Kaliopi Polizos to Lasheka B. Bassey, $513,000.

Shoreham Dr., 14320-Dianne A. Carter to Francis Agyapong, $508,000.

Windmill Terr., 14908-John R. Cusick and Rosa Grillo to Tao Deng and Dan Zhang, $374,455.


Durango Dr., 9920-Scott and Kathleen Lewis to Richard R. Oncena, $260,000.


Artesian Dr., 5621-Helen R. Zakour to Leonard T. Bisson Jr. and Lisa H. Norwalk, $599,000.

Granby Rd., 5914-Marianne G. and Sammy W. Joseph to Fernando A. Torres and Eniko Szorenyi, $645,000.

Wick Lane, 7012-Emma T. Bowden and Jeffrey A. Torri to Matthew and Brooke Tredwell, $445,000.


Brewster Ave., 410-Anna Rodrigues to Hillary S. and Nicholas J. Fredrick, $489,000.

Crescendo Pl., 11315-SunTrust Bank to Abdul Salam Khan and Ayaisha Kanwal Qureshi, $270,000.

Greenock Rd., 10006-Raymond W. Nyeholt II and Margaret Bass to James P. and Calie B. Lillis, $469,000.

Kerwin Rd., 701-Bernice C. Bartlett to Amy T. Wright, $270,000.

Markham St., 10015-Prabhath I. and Monica Elizabeth Hewa to Kelly E. Davis, $310,000.

Wayne Ave. E., 95, No. 204-Kabbaj Abdelhakim to Gezhegan Kifle and Eden Yemata, $75,000.


Addenbrook Way, 20513-Patricia A. Fitzgibbon to David K. and Victoria L. Schneider, $520,000.

Boysenberry Dr., 18516, No. 206-Matthew Edward and Jana Leigh Manke to 5058 Strawbridge Corp., $110,000.

Cherry Laurel Lane, 18407-Jennifer H. Gertson to Ruilan Deng, $288,000.

Deer Park Dr. E., 100-Maria R. Donis to New Spring Corp., $278,000.

Gingerbread Ct., 8800-Sonia Juzl and Martin Perez to Shailendra and Ratan S. Kumar, $425,000.

Grackle Way, 18509-Sharon Ifrach to Patrick Ofordire, $256,250.

Laytonia Dr., 7633-Hector S. Vidal and Cesar A. Gutierrez to Juan J. Gomez and Laura Martinez Aquino, $120,000.

Rolling Rd., 240-David Edward and Connie L. Maul to Ashley D. and Amanda S. Henderson, $325,000.

Starboard Ct., 42-Jaime A. Flores and Yaqueline Lemus Pineda to Rishi Malik, $197,000.

Tulip Grove Rd., 9109-Rodney C. and Janice Silliman to Matthew J. and Alison E. Armentrout, $293,203.

Winter Park Ct., 18317-Janet S. Bridgers to Ryan K. and Angie M. Titcombe, $414,000.


Bayberry Dr., 13254, No. 39-Jonathan S. Lahey to Deutsche Bank, $194,418.

Chalet Dr., 18042, No. 302-Scott Fairweather to Steve and Helene Lipschutz, $115,000.

Country Ridge Dr., 13217-Carmen Feliciano to Minjing Li, $241,000.

Crystal Rock Dr., 19702-Muhammed J. and Purnamawaty Y. Yirka to Frederick C. and Jenilyn K. Justo, $464,000.

Eagles Roost Dr., 18535-Ruth Juarez to Dzidzogbe K. Matrevi and Adjo Ezo, $225,000.

Laurel Grove Pl., 12510-Fannie Mae to Ashan Balasooriya and Manoja Wimalkantha, $145,000.

Porterfield Way, 18851-John and Sharon Astill to Neil Zhen Li and Qiao Fang Pan, $480,000.

Shadyside Lane, 13020, No. 224-Manpreet G. and Robyn Hemnani to Zuma Beach Investments, $150,000.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18701-Jung E. Park to Martha E. Monks, $160,000.

Wheatridge Dr., 18044-Victor J. and Marjorie A. Sosnowski to Yi Chi Tung, $470,000.


Crestwood Rd., 10110-Jon G. and Angela M. Retzlaff to Lauren E. Myers, $611,900.

Farragut Ave., 3609-Cosgrove Enterprises Corp. to Constance Sayers Witherspoon, $615,000.

Jennings Rd., 3123-Jerri L. Harris to Brett T. Miller, $355,000.

McComas Ave., 2909-John F. Metcalfe to John L. Dufief IV, $355,000.

Oldfield Dr., 10207-Apurva N. Trivedi and Arpita V. Patel to Kevin D. and Kristen Hall, $605,000.

Strathmore Ave., 5341-Sue S. Mathias to Judith A. Burns, $680,000.


Brink Rd., 7409-David Dyke Deal to Glenn R. and Emmanuelle Bergmann, $3 million.

Harvest Knolls Way, 9620-May Lynn and James E. Stunkle to Katherine D. Constantinou, $425,000.

Sugar Cane Lane, 24112-Roger B. Molano to Deutsche Bank, $231,000.


Burlingame Way, 19516-Walter H. and Linda Darwin Wolf to Laarni A. and Joel S. Dames, $295,000.

Darlington Dr., 20101-David H. Stoughton to Celeste L. Basier, $435,000.

Hallowell Pl., 9804-Sarah A. Frech to Annise L. Chapmon, $599,000.

Lumaryn Pl., 20003-Robert and Ruth Geralyn Peter to Roxana D. Soriano and Edis Arevalo Hernandez, $235,000.

Nathans Pl., 18613-Garry Meus to Sylvia M. Montano and Pablo F. Dubueceac, $125,600.

Royal Bonnet Cir., 18076-Joan E. and Fredric J. Bell to Sue A. Friedlander, $229,000.

Swallow Point Rd., 20315-Jose R. Bastidas to Douglas B. Massey and Andrea L. Noble, $345,500.

Welbeck Ct., 2-Robert L. Clark to Michael R. Martinez, $171,000.


Connecticut Ave., 12821-Barbara A. Crooks and Richard W. Crouse to James V. Chelini, $304,000.

Foggy Glen Dr., 13904-Christopher D. and Pam K. Paladino to David J. Shao and Huong H. Nguyen, $654,000.

Greenly St., 3523-Edwin H. Lansdale to Travis and Sean Rousset, $245,000.

Hickory Hill Lane, 1949-Michael A. Sprague to Vicente F. Lopez, $345,500.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-Robert E. Randle to Mark Levine, $72,500.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 711-Carl Stein and Linda Stein Kaufman to Nancy J. Frole, $95,000.

Ladymeade Cir., 14901-Bernard Ali Napo to Thomas Russell Green III and Keila Elizabeth Woodard, $249,900.

Nisqually Ct., 2605-Nikolla Llaguri to Dawit S. Negari and Tigist G. Woldesilasie, $230,000.

Piccadilly Rd., 14217-Cristina and Bill Shedid to Wallace A. Longton, $384,900.

Silverdale Dr., 2705-John and Sylvia H. Eliot to Kevin and Jennifer Davern, $420,000.

Wilcox Lane, 1752-Housing Opportunities Commission to Barbara Dickson, $225,000.


Appleseed Lane, 47-Jason P. Shelton and June Cai to John Sungsup and Yoon Hye Ji, $340,000.

Chestertown St., 255-William G. and Susan M. Moran to Luis E. Bermudez and Maria G. Orticochea, $619,000.

Darnestown Rd., 13324-Debra D. Stouffer to Jay R. and Alison Clarke, $555,000.

Falling Leaf Dr., 14509-Stephen A. and Denise J. Hathaway to Mason T. and Jane Reeves Barlow, $767,000.

High Meadow Way, 14513-Curtis and Valerie C. Robert to John E. Hickman III, $785,000.

Kentlands Blvd., 406, No. 103-Suzette and Cicely Ann Procopio to Tona R. Ritter, $322,500.

Lazy Hollow Dr., 123-Joseph H. and Kristen A. Harris to Zafar Burki and Farrukh Burki, $320,000.

Mission Dr., 127-Mark S. and Cheryl S. Horn to Yong S. Lee, $600,000.

Pointer Ridge Dr., 916-Timothy E. and Laura B. Honesty to Stella N. Mukasa, $439,800.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 758, No. 201-Sondra and Harris D. Gilbert to Meng Yang and Xuemei Feng, $80,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 12913-Kenneth D. Bailey and Shelley D. Gerstner to Deutsche Bank, $395,250.

Split Creek Ct., 12513-Stephen S. and Anne M. Black to Yonatan S. and Amanda Nesher, $1.24 million.

Tschiffely Square Rd., 315-Ian A. and Nicole L. Karp to National Residential Nominee Services, $749,900.

Winter Walk Dr., 412-Stephen A. and Pamela D. Messier to Beverly S. Kragen and Robert Adler, $562,500.


Carnegie Hall Cir., 3223-Jane A. Manning to Cheryl E. and John S. Catania, $375,000.

Denhigh Cir., 18509-Edward A. and Jeanne A. Reedy to Jeremy and Sandi Ricci, $625,000.

Fiddleleaf Terr., 18619-Deborah A. Davis to Hailu Gebremarian and Bruk Leta, $364,000.

King William Dr., 3512-Edwina H. and Harold E. Earp to Amber and Denis P. Goodwin, $495,000.

Morningwood Dr., 4360-William J. Luksis to Laura B. and Timothy E. Honesty, $518,900.

Princess Anne Dr., 17809-Bennie Wade and Ruth Patterson Green to Albert E. Schmelzer and Tirza Schmelzer Covel, $499,000.


Hughes Rd., 17317-Jeanette M. and Jack L. Broadwater to Andrew J. and Anne M. Smith, $350,000.


Becket St., 11728-Pablo V. and Lucia Renart to Maria Isabel Villanueva and Roberto Villares, $737,000.

Bunnell Ct. N., 11704-Susan Beth Chertkof to Kapil and Sanita Bharti, $750,000.

Cliffe Hill Way, 1820-Mark D. and Stephanie A. Eidelman to Steven H. Gluckman, $780,000.

Espalier Pl., 12204-Urban Joseph and Caroline L. Hecker to Adam G. and Katharine W. Brand, $700,000.

Great Elm Dr., 12017-Raphael Semmes Jr. to Hans and Shalini Kapur, $729,000.

Hillbrooke Lane, 10804-John and Anshu Utterback to Maxwell Opoku and Yvonne Afari, $899,900.

Kersey Lane, 1393-Mark R. and Kathleen Whisenhunt to Kevin M. and Lindsey M. McCullough, $695,000.

Logan Dr., 10001-Lawrence S. Robbins and Leslie H. Danoof to Matias Silvani and Maria Firpo Silvani, $1.16 million.

Park Potomac Ave., 12500, No. 702-Randall T. Elliott and Roberta F. Palestine to Don P. and Randy L. Greenberg, $1.72 million.

River Falls Dr., 8113-William J. Tennis and Sara A. Cartmell to Ross Stone and Christine C. Babbit, $1.18 million.

Sunrise Dr., 1909-James R. and Linda Stern Siegel to Steve Gary and June Stevens, $610,000.

Travilah Rd., 12705-David F. and Lori Ritz McQueeney to David S. and Jeannie Chow, $1.35 million.

Willowleaf Way, 923-Nancy L. Schoenfeld to Omeed Rezaian and Reyhaneh Aghorli Khani, $775,000.


Anderson Ave., 510-Maria Samenga to Thomas J. and Amie Elizabeth Biegler, $451,000.

Azalea Dr., 624, No. 2-Shirley R. Moulton to Stephani Sajai Karriem and Jonathan Urquhart, $283,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12213, No. 14-Michael R. and Kathleen Hosier to Kimberly M. Seibert, $163,000.

Brewer House Rd., 10840-Samir S. Layous to Farid E. Zadeh and Ramesh Shekohinia, $620,000.

Courthouse Sq., 22-Hirad Yazdankhah to Jason Jiashuan Liu, $340,000.

Delamere Ct., 9704-William F. and Winifred A. Brill to David Z. Zhuang and Ying Fan, $605,000.

Garcia Lane, 124-Jennifer Uhle to Edwin and Nadia Ashourian, $540,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1807-Jennifer Luna to Lucky Singh, $290,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10823, No. 1106-Bonnie Rosen Clausen to Silvia E. and Giuseppina Fabiani, $310,000.

Longwood Dr., 506-Hua Guan Peng and Philip Dai to Jennifer Hoal Hamberger, $268,000.

Mist Haven Terr., 10703-Margaret Archibald to Arun C. Barman and Rini Sen, $559,500.

Monroe St., 128-Roger M. and Lois Jean Beach to Puja Guha, $255,000.

Nicholson Lane, 5802, No. 2-Leigh Messett and Michael Hagen to Lois Mikyung Kim, $355,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710-Marc Zwillinger to Susan K. Buchanan, $680,000.

Pommel Dr., 14608-Keith A. and Rita M. Harding to Arick M. and Meiba C. Brown, $775,000.

Rockville Pike, 10500-Mary A. Bailey to Raghavan Narayanan and Tejasvi Raghuveer, $338,000.

Shining Willow Dr., 10213-Harvey J. Cederbaum and Catherine Randazzo to Rathnakar and Rashmi A. Tadiparthi, $955,000.

Tildenwood Dr., 12228-Konstantin Skorodumov to Rula N. Dababneh, $591,000.

Valley Oak Cir., 13724-Albert Wong and Chen Chiu to Amit and Indrani Jindal, $580,000.

Winding Rose Dr., 310-David J. and Jamie F. Becker to Steven Ik Lee, $602,500.


Applegrath Way, 11449-Santos Elisa Argueta to Yuan Huang and Anya Zhang, $175,000.

Gunners Branch Rd., 19525H-Robert W. Lowe Jr. to Dean Zarpak, $96,000.

Seneca Forest Cir., 11506-Kirk E. Hinckley and Corinne Hwa Hsu to Harsukh and Rekha Kamani, $560,000.

Vaden Terr., 13009, No. 213-Nilla Salonen and Matthew Swyndle to Gopinath Padmanabhan, $300,000.


Ballard St., 1220, No. 1002-Jackie Crenshaw to Loretta Reinersmann, $255,000.

Clement Rd., 9533-Valda Jenkins to Peter H. Talt and Alison M. Boyce, $680,000.

Dale Dr., 1325-Michael J. Klyce and Olga B. Grushin to Christopher Kemmitt and Premal T. Dharia, $650,000.

Grubb Rd., 8207-Christina L. Kichula to Taylor and Emily Morden, $258,500.

Monroe St., 9407-Karen Levine to Donald Beck and Melissa Beck Needleman, $520,000.

Quinton Rd., 2202-Keith J. and Shelly N. Foston to Amir M. and Lauren E. Hassani, $515,000.

Thayer Ave., 734-Damon B. and Georgia Callis to Jennifer S. and Karen S. Kali, $560,000.

Westview Terr., 2107-Fredric C. and Barbara B. Cooper to Neel R. Singh and Meredith Deviney, $420,000.


Boyd Ave., 310-Karen Holmcrans to Felix V. and Jacqueline Brown Baxter, $760,000.

Ethan Allen Ave., 509-John T. Cox to Julie Pelletier, $429,000.

Jackson Ave., 7412-Anand Mundra to Alison Asarnow and Benjamin Foote, $412,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 918-Tenacity to Lindsey Robinett and Brandon Shaw, $292,250.

Westmoreland Ave., 6811-Connie E. North to Peter Paul Giampaoli Jr., $365,000.


Gladstone Dr., 1207-Danny C. and Raheema Childers to Jeff B. Griffin, $253,000.

Stanley Ave., 1939-Pedro Van Oordt and Ana M. Hurtado to Yuesheng Xu, $280,000.


Blueridge Ave., 1810-Ethel and Rubin Kaplan to Nathaniel J. Tor, $360,000.

Douglas Ave., 10303-Maria Orantes to Mintesnot T. Gebremichael, $240,000.

Gardiner Ave., 10402-101 Geneva Corp. to John M. McGarrity and Margaret L. Brennan, $310,000.

Huntley Pl., 10809-Edward Schroder to Douglas P. and Elizabeth R. Ryan, $299,900.

Livingston St., 12023-Siu Lam Wong and Robert M. McCarthy to Shaari Ellen Levine, $240,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 2901-Joseph R. Aluise and Jacqueline C. Gordon to Rebecca U. and Danny L. Stanton, $425,000.

Weisman Rd., 2927-Victor Palmeiro to Andrea F. Weiss, $288,000.

Frederick County

G St. E., 202-Ricky N. Coffey to Thomas E. Tompkinson, $140,000.

Virginia Ave. N., 16-Allen Kent Anders to Geoffrey S. and Stacie M. Kazee, $199,500.


Gene Hemp Rd., 4333-Howard M. and Brenda P. Day to John and Karen Nelson, $418,000.


Bollinger School Rd., 17214-Steven M. and Angela J. Ecker to Matthew and Susan Funkhouser, $305,000.


Alan Linton Blvd. W., 6215-Ausherman Homes to Dustin B. and Alanna N. Moody, $402,000.

Berry Rose Ct., 1603B-Judith A. Smarsh to Shelby L. and Diane P. Galny, $134,900.

Buell Dr., 2091-Jason and Angela Schlenz to Fannie Mae, $266,816.

Carrollton Dr., 531, No. 30-Ruth E. Barry and Ronald E. Jackson to Wenbin Ma and Xiaohu Zhang, $56,780.

Cawley Dr., 597, No. 3D-Yone S. and David C. Sohn to John R. and Leonie M. Null, $172,000.

College Pkwy. N., 312-Robert F. and Joanne M. Tansey to Brian N. and Patti Foss, $463,000.

Crescent Spot Lane, 1402-Julia Martz Fisher to Pengyu Fan, $252,000.

Edgewood Church Rd., 8104-Warren G. and Debra N. Corbitt to Red Maple Corp., $160,000.

Eisenhower Dr., 616-Lisa M. Smith to Timothy E. Bodnar Jr. and Joshua David Leaman, $188,000.

Frederick Ave., 53-Fred C. Miller to Second Maryland Real Estate Corp., $101,970.

Havilland Pl., 1516-Morgan Chase Bank to Christopher Clark, $125,000.

Jefferson St. S., 19-George W. and Loren B. Norton to Adam M. and Erinrose Lawrence, $145,000.

Kernel Ct., 6715-Fiore and Brenda Artigliere to Margaret E. Harp, $132,000.

Meadow Dr., 5803-Charles A. Hamburg to Stephen W. and Pingzhen Blickenstaff, $280,000.

Mercer Ct., 102, No. 1A-Paul J. and Helen Z. Green to Michael Von and Adrienne Von Grey, $205,000.

Palace Ct., 6916-Harry J. and Patricia A. Phillips to Jose M. and Brenda J. Tejada, $389,500.

Palace Green Terr. W., 2226-Justin and Elizabeth Chiang to Nourollah and Sherry S. Alidoosti, $187,000.

Poolside Way, 1792B-Sheldon Davis to Eun Y. Park, $210,466.

Shannonbrook Lane, 201-Pascal L. and Lorie D. Foucault to Deanna M. Lucio, $230,000.

Spring Meadow Lane, 6101-David W. Belak to James B. and Norma E. Hamilton, $475,000.

Storrington Dr., 1011-Neil B. and Lori L. Sood to Theresa M. Jarrell and David Hayes, $315,000.

Stratford Way, 811H-Steven Batcheller to Jacqueline Lee Brink, $79,000.

Sugarbush Cir., 532-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mary Ghassemich, $145,000.

Upper Mill Terr. S., 5401-Bonita E. Jeffries to Austin Vesper and Leanna Clark, $279,500.

White Rock Ave., 9305-Dominic and Kelly J. Esposito to Kyle W. Smoot, $170,000.

Wormans Mill Rd., 7803-Beazer Homes Corp. to Christopher Weisel and Matthew James Finley, $296,400.

16th St. E., 709-Robert W. and Gail E. Housaman to Bryant P. and Heather L. Thomas, $215,000.


Brandenburg Hollow Rd., 13407-E. Jeannette Kuhn to Paul F. and Brooke A. Smith, $204,900.


Nicholas Pl., 11021-Clyde R. and Betty K. Dismukes to Brian K. and Jennifer S. Kramer, $500,000.


Fern Lane, 7102-David T. and Michelle L. Wiltison to Robert E. and Melissa S. Greening, $260,000.

Old Hagerstown Rd., 8011-Edward Yurkunas and Brigid K. Ashwood to Fannie Mae, $307,123.

Shale Ct., 7099-Marjorie Inden to Jacob A. and Theresa D. Knill, $225,000.

Willow Tree Dr. S., 7022-Chad and Erin Lewis to Daniel W. Shea, $203,000.


Debkay Ct. N., 12397-John M. and Sara Jean Stamos to Gregory P. Belt and Julie C. Blake, $392,500.


Catoctin View Ct., 5701-Lisa M. Jarboe to Amy Hill, $315,000.

Oak Cliff Ct. N., 1313-Kristina Johnston to Julie Christine Jaeger, $227,000.

Ridgeline Dr., 6118-Michael D. and Martha K. Reyes to Jeremy T. and Stephanie L. Wolfe, $415,000.


Cherry Tree Ct., 6826-Kevin and Wendy Contardi to Allen H. Golland and Sheryl Mough, $460,000.

Meadowpoint Terr., 6982-Lisa Dymond Brady to Mariano Sanchez Lockhart and Maria Martha Manni, $295,000.

Pond Fountain Ct., 11151-Paul W. and Kelley A. Sager to Christopher and Valerie Ann Vinson, $289,900.

Vineyard Path, 11839-Andrew and Kathy Drew to Kenneth J. Kase and Angela Bailiff, $382,000.

Worchester Dr., 11126-Jeffrey L. and Michele I. Isaac to Rachel L. Pitts, $278,000.


Brookshire Run, 1757-Seth J. Pitta to Kevin M. and Adrianne D. Cole, $339,000.


Browns Quarry Rd., 6531-Fannie Mae to Rockie L. and Renee Knight Fraley, $162,000.


Blue Ridge Ave., 41-Lois J. Trout to Fannie Mae, $223,884.

Prospect Dr., 7195-Joseph V. Delaney to John J. and Suzanne E. Phillips, $195,000.


Addison Woods Rd., 3928-Gamini and Anula Gunawardana to Ajay S. Datta and Maria Dsouza Datta, $270,000.

Belvedere Dr., 9132-Hong Qi Peng and Robert Z. Luo to Nolan Clifford, $660,000.

Islington St., 3633-Harold and Monica Loring to Victoria M. Tompkins, $326,000.

Shawfield Lane, 3921-Jae Bong Lee and Jin Hee Kim to Arthur J. Shih, $345,000.


Eureka Lane, 8804-Gene Shuldes to James M. Mussman, $148,400.