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Montgomery County

Clavel Terr., 5125-Michael D. and May M. Klein to Daniella M. and Owen G. Schwartz, $532,000.

Fawnlilly Ct., 16024-Bank of America to Bogdan Bazyluk, $421,000.

Norbeck Rd., 4014-Vivian Hsia to Malena K. Crawford, $225,000.


Barkwater Ct., 7004-Marcel and Elizabeth Bilbao to Guenter G., Hannelore and Ursula Pfeil, $749,900.

Fairmont Ave., 4801, No. 311-Erin E. Dolan to Jillana Paige Minchoff, $265,000.

Greenlawn Dr., 5710-John M. and Anita S. Morin to Andrew J. Merickel and Jimena Gomez Merickel, $802,000.

Hoover St., 5606-David Louis and Catherine Timmerman Frezza to Ari Baranoff and Julie Mirman, $1.1 million.

Lincoln St., 5603-Douglas Construction Group Corp. to Michael and Rachel Svec, $1.54 million.

Maple Ave., 4323-Ruth Weis to Aleksandra E. Braginski, $710,000.

Melwood Rd., 8612-Mark Luther to Stephane Roudet and Analisa Encinas, $775,000.

Rosedale Ave., 4526-John William Wall to Winston and Beatrice Dang, $649,000.

Spring Lake Dr., 7531, No. D2-Scott M. Rider to Naile Onmus, $199,000.

Swansong Way, 7219-Ronald D. and Cassandra B. Strawn to Andrew C. Kuchins, $570,000.

Wadsworth Dr., 9501-Edward J. and Barbara C. Barnes to Phillip Rickett and Brooke McQuade, $590,000.

Whitley Park Terr., 5437-Jeremy G. Strudwick to Mary Cecile Finan, $657,000.


Avatar Lane, 14203-Shaivanthi and Varun Gupta to Christopher F. Forrey and Laura Espinal, $615,000.

Dairy Farm Dr., 13826-Velda Nzams to Kamal Agnihortri, $102,500.


Dimona Dr., 19213-Charles Thomas and Laurie E. Hulcher to Stacey L. Guardino and Terri A. Guardino, $455,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 22100-Barbara A. Charles to Shannon and Jordanna McMillan, $268,000.


Angelton Ct., 3776-Bayard Kiki to Chinedu Akubudike, $191,000.

Childress Ct., 15-Talamas Pierrelus to Zuhair M. Sharif, $186,000.

Regalwood Terr., 4401-Dodo R. Cueva to Alpha Abate and Yilma Wolde, $245,000.


Little Leigh Ct., 6417-Sandra Keeling and Joscelyn H. Wainwright to Matthew W. and Dawn R. Jessel, $1.04 million.

76th St., 6515-High and Pennye Green Latimer to L. Paul and Tara Duggan, $929,000.


Buccaneer Rd., 13106-Nancy Diana Tzeng to Claire A. Hunte, $418,000.

Featherwood St., 1748-Patrick and Georgia Schmahl to Selamawit G. Yirgu and Ermeias T. Assefa, $272,700.

Hollywood Ave., 1013-Daniel McGurk to Celeste T. Blair, $235,000.

Northcrest Dr., 1609-Gladys Mogekwu to Bogdan Bazyluk, $225,000.

Olivine Way, 12904-Anil K. Malik and Mary P. McLean to Sudhir K., Neelam and Rishi Malik, $425,000.

Shannon Ct., 4-Robert S. and Kristina E. Moffett to Patrick Scott and Beverly A. Brooks, $455,000.

Valley Brook Dr., 319-Donald R. and Ann W. Aukamp to Tuyet Lien Thi Tran and Tam Thanh Tran, $380,000.


Chevy Chase Blvd., 4807-Joseph J. and Marlene R. Lee to Yael N. and Daniel C. Ephraim, $1.25 million.

Dunlop St., 3608-Elizabeth Herman to Michael P. and Allison F. Jacobs, $810,000.

Woodmont Ave., 7111, No. 714-Francesca M. and Mary H. Amott to Richard L. Wu, Steffen Matt and Linda L. Matt, $345,000.


Bennett Chase Dr., 23608-Debra L. Walker to Annamalai Annamalaichettyar and Soundaram Chitambaram, $360,000.

Clarksburg Square Rd., 12824, No. 304-Citibank to Zachary Lemley and Ashley Lane, $600,000.

Horseshoe Bend Cir., 12433-Clarksburg Village Corp. to Kim Vui Thi Le, $340,000.

Newcut Rd., 22979-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Brian K. Hawkins, $300,086.


Cobblestone Dr., 14601-Brian Alan Jaka to Priti Basnyat and Nabina Lama, $360,000.

Mission Hills Ct., 607-Samuel H. and Deborah M. Shepard to Vangimalla R. and Geetha K. Reddy, $900,000.

Rossiter Ct., 1400-Maximo and Melchora Rafael to Obaid Siddiqui and Maryn Azizullah, $300,000.

Wellwood Rd., 14905-Karen T. Lane to Adam S. and Julie A. Morris, $420,000.


Cutsail Dr., 24710-Jordan R. and Elizabeth Young to John Patrick Kruse, $310,000.

Preakness Dr., 24104-Walter Scott and Patricia B. Kemeys to Jahanbakhsh Sad Ighi Rad and Marjan Alijani, $365,000.

Showbarn Cir., 24713-William Joseph and Mary Jean Campanellie to Kelly C. Gimmi and Kevin M. Hogan, $375,000.


Goodfellow Way, 7702-Lath J. Akadje and Rose Ebebah Nguetta to Jane Tan, $305,000.

Osprey Dr., 7213-Sung W. and Young J. Woo to Li Chen and Jie Feng, $585,000.


Bristol Ave., 9510-Arthur G. and Anne French to Frederick C. Sisk and Allison Weiss, $380,000.

Finale Terr., 153-Cynthia M. Rogers to Rudy F. Bejarano, $346,500.

Heron Dr., 806-William S. Mussenden to Alan D. and Kathy A. Hollis, $311,000.

Linton St., 9015-Linda K. Bell and Wayne V. Howard to Aaron Marx and Jaclyn Shettler, $295,000.


Bunchberry Lane, 11900-John E. and Astrid Bournas to Pallaoor V. Sundareshwar and Shalini A. Kanekar, $540,000.

Calypso Pl., 18716-Harold and Karen Weathers to Jeewalal P. Welikala and Champa W. Gunathilake, $340,000.

Deer Park Rd. W., 346, No. W4B-Bertha Lidia Barrientos to Wells Fargo Bank, $149,990.

Dufief Dr., 14953-Mukehs P. and Barinder K. Patel to Daniel J. and Pamela I. Barrett, $830,000.

Emory Grove Rd., 9444-Donald J. Byrne and Martha Byrne to Curtis L. and Irenilda M. Sumpter, $405,000.

Goodport Ct., 5-Tiki Edwards and Vicki Long to Rieman D. and Karin M. Dasuki, $207,000.

High Gables Dr., 301, No. 410-Mojgan Almasi to Kathyryn D. Guzzone, $294,900.

Larchmont Terr., 17711-Aaron P. Maier to Julieto M. Carell and Raechel Gavarra, $205,999.

Lloydminster Dr., 12630-Patricia and Antonio A. Machicado to Behzad Moradnejad and Maryam Ghavizary, $525,000.

Napa Valley Rd., 11-Juan V. Alvarado and Santos M. Portillo to Gang Xu and Haiying Qia, $258,000.

Palmtree Dr., 503, No. 12-Kelley Elizabeth and Alejandro Antonio Ferrer to Jennifer Hsieh, $122,500.

Prairie Landing Ct., 9-Yiu Kwan Leung and Su Mei Wu to Wei Hu and Chunling He, $395,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 812, No. 102-Michael S. and Anna Y. Adams to Haifeng He, $56,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 13009-Matthew A. and Lynn Hutmaker to Douglas J. and Vanessa L. Heck, $619,000.

Travis Lane, 1031-Zena Walker to Chainchung Duffy Men and Wenjing Lee, $209,000.

Westland Dr. N., 8907-Luciano Pineda to Kei Yeung Chau and Nik Chun Choi, $349,900.


Oxford St., 4800-Laetitia Yeandle to Jay Endelman, $225,000.


Burnt Woods Dr., 20721-Aghil Rastgou Damavandi and Andrea L. Giuliano to Stephen W. Palmeter Jr. and Jennifer Donna Skarzenski, $316,000.

Crownsgate Cir., 18418-Nilanjan Chatterjee and Barnali Das to Victoria Y. Cho and Vithaya H. Iem, $542,500.

Demetrias Way, 13495-Charles M. Prue to Silvia Noemy Saravia, $169,000.

Esworthy Rd., 13709-David and Pauline G. Irwin to John Schmitz and Nancy Jacobs, $1.03 million.

Hickory Tree Way, 12417, No. 213-Erik W. and Rebecca L. Spolnicki to Sanjeev H. Butani and Jingnian Huang, $91,000.

Pickering Dr., 12927-Joshua and Stefanie Ruleman to Luis Diego Lee, $225,000.

Rosebay Dr., 13106, No. 302-Stephan Goupil and Margaret Calciano to Xiaojuan Sun, $272,000.

Spinning Wheel Pl., 20808-Virginia E. and John I. Gelling to Annette Vertino Bell, $459,990.

Summersong Lane, 20504-Adam D. and Stacey E. Iobst to Hongsheng Hao and Yangin Zhang, $247,750.

Winding Creek Pl., 18658-Sergio Ferreira to Dongweu Wang and Daisy Zou, $151,000.


Brunswick Ave., 10706-David Singer and Harry Singer to Matthew A. Cass and Leeann N. Huonker, $425,000.

Denfeld Ave., 4114-Lucy and Elias Janos to Maryann and Behrooz Massoudkhan, $270,000.

Everett St., 4101-Luis M. and Lizabeth S. Lopez to Matthew A. Grandonico and Elizabeth Grabdonico, $1.25 million.

Spruell Dr., 4107-Bryan J. Richardson to Brian and Nora Reilly, $405,000.

Washington St., 3932-Stephen J. and Mary S. Niven to Dejan Bujak and Jodi L. Longo, $675,000.


Newbury Rd., 24047-Scott and Deborah E. Jones to Jose R. and Miriam Figueroa, $470,000.


Bell Vernon Pl., 9500-Colin T. and Joan W. Clasper to Julius F. and April L. Ofiaza, $370,000.

Brassie Pl., 19575, No. 3G-Christopher B. Lockett and Lena B. Lockett to Demerce A. Young, $160,000.

Duffer Way, 9525-Nora H. Jason to Katerina Baxevanis, $325,000.

Inaugural Way, 9709-James W. and Jeanne J. Blackburn to Suyan Liu, $500,000.

Nathans Pl., 18602-Eduardo M. and Gudron M. Walters to Mark Piscopo and Yimei He, $136,000.

Pier Point Pl., 18735-William V. Clavelli to Eric Gutierrez and Karol Espejo, $234,900.

Royal Bonnet Cir., 18045-Danelle V. Gori to Ilias Tsipouras, $185,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18632, No. 5-Neyla Sanchez to Mehmet A. Halker, $75,000.


Cold Meadow Way, 2206-David A. and Jessica Chambers to Sujay and Pritty P. Joshi, $415,000.

Fernedge Rd., 13107-Clarence W. and James Wilkerson to Stephen James and Kaitlin Blythe Devine, $370,000.

Normandy Square Pl., 2401, No. 12-Reza A. Bulera to Suman Kapur, $70,000.

Squaw Hill Lane, 1421-Karen S. Diegmueller and Gary L. Gocken to William and Lorraine Amos, $487,000.


Charley Forest St., 4204-Alberto B. and Eleonir A. Cardoso to Gregg W. and Claire N. Nelson, $435,000.

Gelderland Ct., 3713-Dennis A. and Shannon Delrosario to Rebecca R. Evans, $289,900.

Prince Henry Ct., 3208-Michael F. and Diane A. Corsillo to Carolyn Schmid, $585,000.

Winter Garden Way, 2220-Ali Alabdulrazzaq and Srinivasan G. Thirumalai to Jeanne M. Posner, $401,000.


Hoskinson Rd., 17105-Frederick T. and Sandra J. Cissel to Jason E. and Deborah L. Stewart, $410,000.


Carmelita Dr., 9809-Douglas H. and Andrea J. Hurlburt to Jeremy M. and Magids Gaines, $1.7 million.

Front Field Lane, 11512-Sid W. and Mary F. Foulger to Shuangxia Xu, $572,000.

Hidden Meadow Terr., 7806-Alastair and Eric Wolman to Rosemarie D. Shefferman, $950,000.

Marseille Dr., 9300-Hector and Magdalene Livingston to Jason and Rachel Shrensky, $700,000.

Park Potomac Ave., 12500, No. 804-Park Potomac Condominiums to Keith E. Johnson, $825,000.

River Rd., 13775-Bank of America to Sanjay Bajaj, $416,000.

Steeple Chase Way, 12704-C. Patrick and Loretta S. Nolan to Xin Chen and Hongyu Yao, $845,000.

Wandering Trail Dr., 9116-Thelma Lindner to Julien Baboud and Ya Shian Li Baboud, $687,000.


Ashley Dr., 11421-Lester Elwood Bollinger to Brian P. and Kathleen C. Mitchell, $380,000.

Cherrydale Dr., 13615-Jo Anne Sickmen to Saba Sarraf, $890,000.

Copperstone Ct., 1028-Zahra A. Fard to Baifan Li, $342,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15307-Kenneth C. and Nicole W. Chen to Meera L. Bose, $260,000.

Fallsgrove Dr., 343A, No. 43-Tina Bhasin to Ningning Xiao, $344,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 601-Jane A. Jacobs to Colleen Thomas, $332,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10821, No. 616-Spencer Hecht to Andrew and Robin Melnick, $351,500.

Huntover Dr., 11012-Joi and George Swiggum to Cara and Jeffrey Garry Pearlman, $1.14 million.

Marian Dr., 14001-Shane Lundy to Andrew M. and Sherri L. Ledner, $165,000.

Nature Lane, 412-G. Lauder and Abigail A. Greenway to Bartholomew and Natalie M. Radolinski, $861,900.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 1101-Tina Nader and Hedyeh Farazad to Vector Corp., $325,000.

Parklawn Dr., 11925, No. 302-Lena J. Kofas to Yi Li, $135,000.

Reserve Champion Dr., 1006-Mohamed Karama to Christopher J. and Allison Beinecke, $585,000.

Schuylkill Rd., 11426-Frances M. Lease to Aimee Babcock Ellis and Vincent Mui, $302,000.

Valerian Lane, 6050-Nihat A. and Canan Emmen Arkan to Robert A. Curtis, $855,000.

Whitney Mill Way, 5613-Melinda Wolf to Qian Xiao, $779,000.


Windrush Lane, 1001, No. 17-Ann M. Vermillion to Marla Ker, $325,000.


Appledowre Way, 11402, No. 58-Corey D. and Daisha L. New to Hanxiang Si and Lin Sha, $163,900.

Panthers Ridge Dr., 12103-Vincent R. Brotski and William J. Delpino to Carlos Luna and Yemmy I. Flores, $338,000.


Ballard St., 1220, No. 205-Timothy Lewis to John G. Connor, $440,000.

Eastern Ave., 7915, No. 308-John P. and Christopher M. Sweeney to Carolyn Chuhta, $275,000.

Grant Ave., 10209-Karen G. Dewey to Emebet Negash, $317,900.

Linden Lane, 2111-Jeremy R. and Robin S. Lake to Stephen F. Murphy, $412,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8006-Hans E. Sholley and Renee A. Roberts to John Irons and Halimah Abdullah, $525,000.

Springvale Lane, 10-Spencer B. Moore to Ruth F. Buckley, $621,500.

Washington Ave., 2214, No. W104-Nicholas D. Kortan to Edwin H. Yeung, $290,000.

Second Ave., 9302-Roderick T. and Sharon K. Dwyer to Maura Eileen O’Connor and Justin M. Giovanneli, $648,000.


Eastern Ave., 6409-Unified Investments Corp. to Kristen L. Teraila and Trevor Martin, $310,000.

Greenwood Ave., 8312-Jeremy W. Derstine to Jennifer Rodriguez, $435,000.

Jackson Ave., 7408-Benjamin E. Bogin and Ani D. Kasten to Efrat Levush and Eli Meir Kaplan, $470,000.

Maple Ave., 7611, No. 203-Francisco Molina to Oliver Njong and Clare Kongnso, $152,500.


Lemay Rd., 6001-Patricia H. and John Barnhill to Edna Erolin and Ricardo Rodrigues, $273,000.

Patton Pl., 303-Laurie Elizabeth and Clifford Tell to Amy C. Rose, $315,000.


Arcola Ave., 1811-Demetrio and Maria Lopez to Gregory A. and Edwina J. Lewis, $350,000.

Claridge Ct., 3322-Brenda L. Jenkins to Alfredo Deleid, $135,000.

Glenallan Ave., 2015-Nicola D. Donovan to Sheree N. and Francisco I. Marambio, $450,000.

Hyde Ct., 816-Annette Levy to Nicole L. and Robert C. Sikorski, $300,000.

Lantern Dr., 3923-Linda Lee and Shanna Fick to Fabian M. and Kelly L. Paniker, $300,765.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 309B-Jenny An to Monther Hasounch, $80,000.

Frederick County

Norwood Pl. E., 5951-Timothy John Gordon and Amy Frances Cunningham to Richard Burke Squires, $380,000.


Concord Dr., 2-Jason Dice to Dale R. Hawes, $210,900.

Wenner Dr., 71-Darrel Edwin and Marie Elaina Sigler to Michael Tuthill, $129,000.


Ramblewood Dr., 1449-David G. and Sharon K. Pullman to Sara Christine Johnston, $349,900.


Basford Rd. E., 4602-Gene V. Horner to Roger A. and Roxanne Manwaring, $725,000.

Bear Den Rd., 2515-Gary L. and Denise R. Miller to Jason H. Blough and Michele Tertel, $375,000.

Butterfly Lane, 6210-Khai Cin Pau to Martin Rios, $210,000.

Carrollton Dr., 479-Syedali and Hummara Wasti to Soofia Mujeeb, $107,400.

Dearbought Dr., 1749-Mark S. and Rebecca D. Madsen to Mark and Amie Hojnacke, $390,000.

Derrs Sq. W., 1702-Kathy A. Byrnes to Joseph A., Shawnee J. and Erica M. Shaw, $235,000.

Dulaney Mill Dr., 1021-Alfred Eugene and Anne Marie Gonzales to Stephen M. Hill, $322,500.

Goldspire Cir., 501-Larry E. and Judy P. Hallman to Daniel L. and Denice E. Weedon, $175,000.

Hunting Ridge Dr., 615-Lian and Khai Cin Pau to Jason S. and Tanya M. Vaughan, $315,000.

Lawnview Dr., 1809-Gene Shuldes to Berl Lee and Kendyl N. Lovelace, $189,900.

Rollinghouse Dr., 1406-Dwaine E. and Darian E. Robbins to Lian Pau, $127,000.

Rosecrans Ct., 2014-Camille M. Riley to Nathan T. Martin, $196,000.

Wynfield Ct., 2405-Brian C. and Joie N. Walsh to Ruifeng Ray Liu and Xuefeng Zhou, $180,000.


Oak Dr., 2333-Robert E. and Jennifer A. North to Kevin S. and Jillian M. Davis, $324,000.


Fiona Way, 121-Stephen and Tracy Laverty to Jamie C. and Mitchel E. Dawson, $225,000.


Bunker Hill Rd., 12762-Steven and Cynthia Wilhelm to Richard Allen and Linda Wildman Shepherd, $417,000.


Merricks Ct., 12122-Marc and Susan Gulliver to John W. Preston and Mindi N. Valuckas, $780,000.


Chelsea Cir., 14934-Jason and Jack Boonshaft to William V. and Jennifer L. Depaola, $515,000.

Timber Dr., 4812-John C. and Terri L. Armand to James and Mary Nalepa, $505,000.


Rocky Fountain Dr., 707-Arne B. and Anna Molander to David J. and Emily R. Oord, $310,000.


Jacobean Pl., 5934-NVR Inc. to Marjorie A. Johnson, $405,765.

Tessie Ct., 5653-Christopher A. and Stacy L. Bratburd to Patrick J. and Emily Weschler, $229,500.

Woods Ct., 6810-Cecily J. Ashbaugh to Benyam Asefa, $325,000.


Elm St., 10-Gary R. and Stacy A. Biser to David M. Reid, $140,000.

Winesap Cir., 13616-Gary L. Seiss to Stacey A. Seiss, $345,000.


Beacon Cir., 8760-Michael V. and Maria E. Alvarez to Deutsche Bank, $82,000.

Devon Lane, 8397-James G. Morrison and Debralee McClellan to Jennifer L. Wiles, $348,000.

Polaris Dr., 140-Dwain P. and Carol A. Remsberg to Keith A. and Nelly O. Bain, $385,000.