0These residential sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Montgomery County

Aspen Hill Rd., 4615-Tony Cerrahayan to Jonathan Rothbard, $285,000.

Clavel St., 14904-Alice A. Blevins to Nadav Segal, $475,000.

Faroe Pl., 4405-Carlito E. and Marcelina G. Pascual to Alpha R. and Crisalyn Deriquito, $225,000.

Hornbeam Dr., 4528-Lynne Freedman Bligh and Charlotte E. Freedman to David Johnson and Kendra Jeanne Pasquill, $515,000.

Narada St., 13001-Round Hill Realty to Mei Ching Chen, $360,000.


Annan Dr., 6713-Minetta C. Liu to Alison L. Cooper, $825,000.

Bent Branch Rd., 5620-Adolfo and Marie Brizzi to Reza and Zarreen Baqir, $940,000.

Crescent St., 4841-Michael J. Gaffney and Janet Gwozdz Gaffney to Maia M. Larson and Markas Jan Larson, $689,500.

Fairfield Dr., 4504-Jean Guillaume Poulain and Dalila Nadji to Ambrose and Yana Dieringer, $695,000.

Granby St., 6804-Hector and Irasema Garza to Robert Lance Minor and Lorie Mertes, $858,500.

Honeywell Lane, 7210-Wayne G. and Marjorie Dix to Jeffrey A. and Marilyn G. Glick, $1.24 million.

Knollwood Rd., 5620-Matthew R. Fitzsimmons and Sarah Handwerger to Shane and Tat Lin Angus, $817,000.

Maiden Lane, 6409-Stephen J. Stevenson and George A. Stevenson to Wilfride Bonilla Ward and Svitlana V. Sweat, $750,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 6207-Kathleen S. Butler and Richard Bromwell to Evan and Lindsey Jacobson, $740,000.

Montrose Ave., 10527-Lawrence A. Reeves to Sally Ann Nottidge, $175,000.

Newport Ave., 5121-Rosemarie L. and Michael V. Bartlett to Mitchell C. Bailin and Lisa A. O’Brien, $995,000.

River Rock Terr., 8404-Brent D. Russell and Lee Ann Russell to Byung K. and Young H. Yi, $905,000.

Sentinel Dr., 4952, No. 303-James M. Quigley to Gary C. Lorenz, $540,000.

Southwick St., 5621-Hossein Boroumand Rad to Salman Ahmand and Shan Pradhan, $1.43 million.

Surreywood Lane, 6743-Kevin M. and Virginia O. Mullaney to Daniel Weissman and Phyllis Helle, $505,000.

Villa Dr., 9216-William F. and Joanna Todd to Marc J. Sievers and Michelle Raphael, $599,999.

Westlake Terr., 7420, No. 604-Richard H. Levin and Sharon Cantor to Bahie S. Dambrosio, $245,000.

Worthington Dr., 5007-Betsy Jessup and Christopher G. Caine to Michael J. and Janet G. Gaffney, $1.35 million.


Cornflower Rd., 18427-Sherman L. and Julia O. McEachem to Carrie Singer and Michael Singer, $625,000.

Slidell Rd., 24031-Anthony and Carol Lopilato to Francis A. Flomerfelt and Emanuela Lacana, $545,000.


Honeystone Pl., 19204-Thomas and Shelly Dawn Daniels to Jeffrey W. Summers and Elizabeth Summers, $590,000.


Alpen Green Way, 3662-Maria J. and Ernesto M. Hizon to Wells Fargo Bank, $194,706.

Cedar Tree Lane, 4311-Jonathan Dominic and Linda S. Jaeger to Sreng Sem and Yong Sok, $365,000.

Wood Swallow Ct., 4022-Nnamdi and Angela Nwosu to Christiana Tsitiwu, $212,500.


Seven Locks Rd., 6926-Harris S. and Patricia Ammerman to Qingyu Yin and Lei Wang, $1.5 million.


Bruton Parish Way, 3428, No. 172-Michael C. Jewel to Candice D. Peterson, $130,000.

Eldrid Dr., 607-Stepheni Granen to Warren Christian McDowell, $270,000.

Hidden Valley Lane, 2113-William L. Hatcher III to Ashley Nicole Moore and Marcel Eisele, $357,500.

Northcrest Dr., 1410-Kevin and Heather L. Burroughs to Nathan R. Dyer and Kim Tran Dyer, $332,500.

Shady Knoll Dr., 13409, No. 113-Michael W. Rhine to Residential Value Corp., $63,500.

Sir Thomas Dr., 3323, No. A41-Juan R. Lander to Ashaad Emamdee, $106,000.

Tourmaline Terr., 12932-Rigoberto Torres and Ana Y. Torres to Girma Ayana and Obse Denbi, $285,000.


Chatham Rd., 7712-Judith G. Sarubin and Jay A. Resnick to Dennis A. Cullen and Ellen M. Dugan, $1.42 million.

Derussey Pkwy., 4605-George R. Dunn Jr. to Samie A. and Sandra S. Thabet, $1.5 million.

Kenwood Forest Lane, 6701, No. 51-Laura Milstein to Kapil Katyal and Nidhi Mohnot, $599,000.

Ridgewood Ave., 7403-James A. and Elizabeth K. Lawson to Jason K. and Ashley C. Givens, $1.23 million.

Woodmont Ave., 7111, No. 517-Julia B. Worley to Sheila Nasseri, $340,000.


Bennett Chase Ct., 13501-Zachary M. and Crystal L. Rhoad to Matthew Janowiak and Elizabeth A. Janowiak, $541,000.

Catawba Manor Way, 13228-Jose G. Meiia to Syed M. Pasha, $428,000.

Grand Elm St., 12725-William A. and Bonnie E. Pettit to Tareg M. and Rania Odeh, $610,000.


Butterchurn Lane, 15029-Stevan D. and Carol A. Werlinich to Amanda J. Wingo and David A. Vanderweele, $545,000.

Holly Grove Rd., 15604-William K. Chin to Vipin Desai, $100,000.

Millgrove Rd., 1205-Evelyn Bryan to Daniel and Heather Mattern, $329,000.

Rockport Dr., 15216-Deutsche Bank to Farida and Ramzan Sabir, $668,000.

Twig Rd., 14312-Joseph A. and Ligia I. Hock to Scott Charles and Kristen A. Gonzalez, $361,000.


Crosscut Way, 10224-Michael T. Kreischer and Sheree L. Wysocki to Rashida Kaniz, $528,000.

Mount Vernon Ave., 26018-Rodney Huntington and Glenn Arden Duvall to Patricia A. McKenzie and Richard E. Thompson, $145,000.

Ridge Rd., 27613-Bernard L. and Virginia L. Moxley to Jose S. Granados, $135,000.


Fraley Farm Rd., 17908-Mark M. and Shelley E. Mitek to Jerrold B. and Shani P. Boone, $842,500.

Muncaster Rd., 19121-Walter and Devorah K. Rubin to James J. Kelly Jr. and Mark T. Baird, $610,000.


Bradford Rd., 8708, No. 201-WCH Development Corp. to Christina M. Sfekas, $215,000.

Cavalier Dr., 10711-Alejandro Cardenas and Juana Huacae to Tizia Adams and Haddis Ketema, $280,000.

Edgewood Ave., 10427-Scott L. Spector to Kenneth Barna and Laura Borysowski, $402,500.

Guilford St., 804-Ludoph P. and Patricia Mercado Welanetz to Jonathan Arlotti Parish and Elizabeth Arlotti Parish, $430,000.

Leighton Pl., 9-Karen Stratman Krusemark to Susan Sheehy, $402,000.

Quinby St., 10006-Brian C. Fitzgerald to Tritana Supamusdisukul, $423,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9205-William Mason Emnett and David L. Trevathan to Susan S. Forbes, $676,000.

Williamsburg Dr., 302-Joseph G. and Jane M. Murphy to James B. and Kimberly D. Gray, $475,000.


Arch Pl., 11, No. 234-Residential Credit Solutions to Norman Michael Reed, $249,900.

Braemar Crescent Way, 14901-Stanley D. Schneider to Chris B. and Leigh Buchanan, $580,500.

Calabar Ct., 5-Jose A. and Melba J. Garcia to Johnathon Dellapenta, $425,000.

Chevy Chase St., 120, No. 405-Elisabeth Engel to Deepak and Shanti S. Ramlatchan, $269,000.

Creekstone Ct., 7613-Hardev S. Siddhua and Harbajan Kaur to Nolberto Antonio Orellana, $280,000.

Dufief Ct., 27-Yong Sun Lee to Yi Zhang, $310,000.

Edgewood Ct., 9320-Linus L. and Evelyn O. Klitsch to M. Justsen and Lyle Vernon McDaniel, $428,000.

High Gables Dr., 300D-Angelina C. Koutsos to Deena G. Thompson, $212,000.

Hutton St., 206-Joseph B. Shelton to Juan Henriquez and Cruz Lopez Henriquez, $340,800.

Lloydminster Dr., 12626-Steve W. and Ann S. Black to Ari and Laura Sivitz Leifman, $620,000.

Midsummer Cir., 230-Albert A. and Sandrae Lindo Talin to Yaniv and Ellen Goury, $672,000.

Pleasant Meadow Dr., 11600-Artyom and Maria Linnik to Weichert Inc., $460,000.

Regent Ct., 725-GNF Corp. to Byron S. and Lauren Hartman, $439,500.

Sandpiper Lane, 18663-Boualem and Fatima Hammouda to Evelyn Rivera and Amanda M. Ayala, $181,000.

Split Creek Ct., 12721-James E. and Kathleen M. Savitz to A. Barry Henderson, $1.4 million.

Timberbrook Lane, 103, No. 301-Robert L. Ayoroa to Steven P. and Carmella M. McGowan, $290,000.

Towne Crest Ct., 8427-David and Andrea Duvall to Gary Li, $150,000.

Westland Dr. N., 8824-Scott G. and Cathy A. Davis to Benjamin D. and Alisa M. Heath, $387,000.

Winesap Dr., 15161-Douglas C. and Cynthia C. Tyson to Justin Matthew and Cindy Lu Jacobs, $489,900.


Crosstie Dr., 13863-Betlin P. Elliott to Karen A. Buckhalter, $236,800.

Deerwater Dr., 13502, No. 4B-Ali Elias to Sean Coates, $185,000.

Ebbtide Cir., 18913-David M. Brown to Qi Li and Zheng Xu, $250,000.

Harmony Woods Lane, 18813-Jerry and Edward Lin to Hocine and Nor I. Hemsas, $306,500.

McFarlin Dr., 18815-Betty S. and Gerard F. Foley to Rolanda Dinga, $250,000.

Palmetto Cir., 13744-Ana Ruth Martinez to Anna and Sean Thorton, $105,000.

Rosebay Dr., 13101, No. 705-Heather Jackson to Zeynab Nazie Fakharifar, $300,000.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18811, No. 101-Eric K. Aldinger to Regis and Tanyaradzwa Spandhla, $215,000.

Steeple Ct., 86-Rhonda M. Tilghman to Alex A. and Brendiz L. Agurcia, $320,000.

Tattershall Pl., 14108-Homeira Razavi and Saeed Ghelichkhani to Mark E. and Michelle Watson, $520,000.

Winding Creek Pl., 18602-Sharron A. Yankah to Ruofan Jiang, $200,000.


Bangor Dr., 4909-Murray A. Hunt Sr. and Katherine A. Binder to Elizabeth Yill Shang, $515,000.

Decatur Ave., 4007-Helga R. and Noble L. Veirs to Lilian Del Rosario Escobar, $220,000.

Edgewood Rd., 3327-Patti Riggs to Rachel A. Koblenz and Ben Straus, $525,000.

Lawrence Ave., 3904-Todd and Holly Owens to Lauren E. Potts, $365,000.

Rokeby Ave., 11421-James A. and Joan S. Bronson to Robert C. and Cynthia I. Lauta, $450,000.

University Blvd. W., 3333, No. 111-Victor E. and Guy D. Haas to Bill D. Michie, $187,000.


Melrose Square Way, 9546-Hugo Falero to Kuldeep K. Bawa, $193,000.


Ash Hollow Pl., 9500-Joseph A. Lynott III to Richard Gray and Sui Kuen Kaby Chung, $349,900.

Drexel Hill Cir., 19901-Timothy P. and Melissa F. Pritchard to Stephen A. Urich, $221,000.

Greenside Terr., 19741-Ryan Alexander Everett to Anne M. Deschamps and Eugen Zaharescu, $308,050.

Hickory View Pl., 9405-Bridget M. and Rudolph Poulos to Robert L. Clark Jr., $152,500.

Mills Choice Rd., 19025, No. 5-John Chenjyou Teng and Shu Jiin Lien to Brian E. Pulfrey, $85,000.

Pier Point Pl., 18706-Dorothy Y. Lu to Sabriz Naduvilothi, $215,820.

Royal Bonnet Cir., 18043-Rudaba Javaid to Shjajia Javed Zaheer and Mehr Iqbia, $235,000.

Stedwick Dr., 19015-Jacques G. and Beverly S. Hermenier to Celeste Suza, $241,000.

Tambay Ct., 9930-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Melike Uzun and Abdulhaluk Ensari, $167,250.

Yankee Harbor Dr., 7842-James E. Street to Thu Nga Nguyen, $310,000.


Bassett Lane, 15415, No. 24-A-Clarence A. Davis and Clarence A. Davis Revocable Trust to Wayne E. and Joan Y. Hart, $345,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3976, No. 2-Alonso A. Salazar to Violet R. Fernandes, $55,000.

Clear Shot Dr., 2800-Justo Rosario III to Jaegan O. and Mimie R. Williams, $159,900.

Farnell Dr., 12501-Wen Hui Gao to Amanda Jean Finnegan and James William Cooney, $337,000.

Gleneagles Dr., 3613, No. 1-Angelone D. Kennedy to Michael Corbey, $95,000.

Habersham Cir., 14944-Marvin Joseph Laney to Syed and Nusrat Zaidi, $286,000.

Idlewood Rd., 11506-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Alexandra M. Salvador, $225,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 317-Juliette Helen Friedland to David L. and Linda J. Little, $182,000.

Moray Rd., 12909-Mary Hune Seralde to Meseret F. Asfaw, $247,900.

Round Hill Rd., 4208-Jose M. and Gloria Barahona to Erika Y. Castellanos, $181,000.

Urbana Dr., 2804-Penny R. and Melke Tirajoh to Jacob Azhdam, and Golchehreh Azhdam, $176,000.


Bowie Mill Rd., 18504-Hsueh Lin Peaslee to Gabriel and Mirela Gheorghiu, $375,000.

Gatehouse Ct., 3007-Helmuth and Esperanza Wiemann to Laura Saba Jerley, $310,000.

Morningwood Dr., 4504-Andrea James to Kenneth K. Lee, $364,000.


Hickman St., 17916-Stephen J. and Giselle Robillard to Sherman L. and Julia O. McEachern, $677,500.


Devilwood Dr., 12034-Michael R. and Susan S. Namath to Brian J. and Elizabeth A. McLaughlin, $625,000.

Fontaine St., 7605-Hsieh Lee to Derek I. and Beverly K. McKinney, $748,000.

Heatherton Lane, 7840, No. 44-Kimberly A. Tene to Zhen Chen, $404,000.

Kersey Lane W., 1523-Robert Bruce and Iliana M. Brown to Todd and Holly Owens, $760,000.

Orchard Way N., 42-Oscar H. Mora and Sandra V. Armenta to Douglas Wilburn and Terri L. Hackenburg, $625,000.

Regency Dr., 11625-Sidney and Cynthia S. Fischler to Jun Li, $545,000.

Sleepy Hollow Lane, 8818-Stephen M. and Kang L. Cheng to Mike Yuan and Jennifer Zeng, $1.01 million.

Turnberry Dr., 9480-Richard Perrilli to Debra I. Rales, $1.17 million.


Antigua Terr., 10846, No. 64-Andrew P. and Jennifer A. Dean to David D. Hallisey, $360,000.

Chapman Mill Dr., 5705-Tarak H. Patel and Kimberly A. Wenner to Geoffrey S. Clasper Jr., $357,000.

College Pkwy., 812, No. 10-Robert and John S. Campbell to Harry Bottenberg, $242,500.

Crownwood Lane, 11401-Yeong Kaan Liou and Kai Hui Liu to Lan Lin, $850,000.

Fallsgrove Dr., 314-Shara Linde and Darren Blumberg to Gregory Sodano, $565,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10807, No. 514-Patrick Boyd to Behfar Rahmi, $220,000.

Lambertina Pl., 13718-Juan Pablo Bonilla and Mayela Salzedo to Quianbo Wang and Tingting Zheng, $590,000.

Monroe St., 118, No. 118-801-Teresinha Mamedes to Orion and Troy Zangara, $125,900.

Old Drovers Way, 11801-Rita S. and William Freas to Kristin M. Gwin, $296,000.

Parklawn Dr., 11909, No. T2-Jacqueline Sternberg to Hana Bao, $149,000.

Redland Blvd., 534-Patricia M. Wolfe to Joseph Raymond Skarda, $495,000.

Schuylkill Rd., 11100-Lisa A. Davis to Jeffrey R. Strahota and Mollie K. Grover, $400,000.

Talbott St., 115, No. 115-Nancy M. Obold to Jianlei Wu and Jianxin Su, $100,500.


Meeting House Rd., 17714-Bruce J. Stedman to Audrey L. Milner, $350,000.


Appledowre Cir., 19978, No. 408-Steven Castillo to Milvia Garrido, $146,000.

Choctaw Ct., 19917-Katuka Bova to Oscar L. Pleitez, $200,000.

Dunstable Cir., 19935, No. 213-Janel Williams and Gille Talley Jr. to Nadja Choroszei, $180,000.

Panthers Ridge Dr., 12011-Yessica K. and Jorge Velez to Melissa P. and Gary R. Wright, $336,500.


Darcy Forest Dr., 9817-Robert C. and Tatiana V. Norman to Brendon and Lindsey Colburn, $519,900.

Gist Ave., 804-John D. and Lauren Ann Caskey to William L. Deye, $519,000.

Kansas Ave., 2316-Marat Iskakov and Amara Tabvshalieva to Wondwossen Hailu and Abisake Feleke, $375,000.

Peggy Lane, 2317-Eric L. Raun to Mark A. and Rachelle A. Schofield, $539,500.

Sligo Ave., 614, No. 211-Tiffanie Brown to Sarintorn Dechanuwattana, $58,700.

Washington Ave., 2100, No. 8D-James B. Gilbert to Derek L. Haber and Alba Struga, $213,000.

Wayne Ave., 930, No. 1407-Tyrone M. Bland to Charles F. Bell, $265,000.


Colby Ave., 811-Ernest L. Hill and Florence Ross to James C. Demattio and David G. Walker, $250,000.

Glenside Dr., 7508-Estelle A. Ware to Triad Investments Corp., $250,000.

Hudson Ave., 609-Alicia D. Powers to Fabio Leonessa, $95,000.

Maple Ave., 7302-Steven M. Melov and James A. Goddard Jr. to Samuel R. and Ingrid L. Carter, $765,000.


Baltimore Rd., 803-Wells Fargo Bank to Khadijeh A. Vahdat and Mahdi Hedayatinejad, $261,000.

Lemay Rd., 5945-Norman P. Miller to Zhidong Li and Jing Yu, $267,000.

Vandegrift Ave., 5810-Kevin M. Hogan to Carl J. Shadrick, $302,000.


Arbor View Terr., 12517-Marjorie S. Richards to David J., David John and Leigh A. Yarwood, $390,000.

Brunswick Ave., 10408-Edna Marilyn Jenkins to Matthew L. Do and Sarale H. Sewell, $305,000.

Evans Pkwy., 1904-Mecha Desai and Ira Dean Symes to Scott Carl and Tajuana Elaine Sebens, $415,000.

Hillsboro Dr., 616-David A. Vanderweele to Udaya S. Fonseka Compannage and Thamara Fonseka, $325,000.

Kingswell Dr., 2900-Billy Due and Betty Linda Do to Cecilia S. Rios, $241,000.

Schoolhouse Cir., 2906-Marla Aizenshtat and Elizabeth P. O’Callaghan to Stephen Bridges, $339,500.

Woodman Ave., 1422-John Edward Grassie to Nicole L. Dueffert and Brian J. Hickey, $495,000.

Frederick County

Tracey Bruce Dr., 5530-Beazer Homes to Alex Euler, $420,000.


Orndorff Dr. W., 19-David J. McKinney to Maurice F. and Laurie A. Hoffmaster, $75,000.

Fifth Ave., 207-Melissa and Lesley Cutliff to Deutsche Bank, $136,000.


Bullfrog Rd., 17041-Janet C. McGuigan to Mark E. and Kathryn B. Imirie, $206,500.


Apache Ct., 818-Daniel J. and Brenda L. Norris to Christopher and Natalie A. Connell, $248,500.

Appletree Ct., 1325-Darren Stegemann to Roslyn M. Woods, $215,000.

Basswood Rd., 7040C-Barbara A. Cramer and Irma M. Vallaster to Todd and Cynthia Burkhart, $100,000.

Cameron Way, 2604-Kellie McDougal Lewis to Adrian Rodriguez, $227,000.

Carriage Way, 1700-Mirza Gulzar to Tuan Tran and Mai Trinh Dang, $148,000.

Catalpa Rd., 7089-Lucille B. and Melvin T. Fowler to Stephen A. and Janice A. Kinney, $155,000.

David Lane, 1361-David Miranda and Sandra L. Gonzalez to Teodor F. Marquez, $95,800.

Eisenhower Dr., 507-Steven M. Cooperstein to Jessie Stephen, $200,000.

Everly Dr. N., 2606, No. 6-Keith A. Bain to Mulet Dompierre, $149,900.

Greenleaf Dr. W., 2232-Thomas W. and Nancy K. Bugler to Joel A. Bozue and Christopher K. Cote, $399,900.

Hever Way, 5302-Jacques and Mary Leonardo Patry to Daniel J. and Lynn C. O’Donnell, $415,000.

Ivywood Dr. N., 5306-Ken and Christine Wagaman to Jeffrey E. Kopp, $344,000.

Kemp Lane, 7638-Mark Crone and Janie C. Harris to Stephen M. and Deborah I. Trimble, $247,000.

New Castle Ct., 110-Roberto W. and Julia Z. Camerieri to Emil Saweros, $160,000.

Old Annapolis Rd., 11637-Ruth Williams and James H. Welling to Richard M. and Lisa A. Storm, $350,000.

Quay Ct., 7992-Michelle Myers to Kenneth T. Junious, $216,000.

Springfield Lane, 1798-PNC Bank to Michael J. Vargas, $130,000.

Springwater Pl., 6134, No. 1200H-Mary Elizabeth and Frances Kaslick to Terry S. Flannery, $160,000.

Water St., 114, No. 116-Thomas H. Dixon to Bank of America, $103,488.

Wyngate Dr., 613-Herbert C. Wolfrey to Sandra M. Jones, $211,000.

Seventh St. E., 252-Lindsay D. Mayonado to Community Development Administration, $76,000.


Persimmon Dr., 2291-J. Michael and Jamie D. Hanselman to Aaron M. Horst and Nicole Horst, $455,000.


Agate Ct., 4400-Russell D. Endicott to Martin and Colleen Katz, $199,900.

Green St. E., 34-Phyllis Larue Thompson and Betty Ray Romane to Eric A. and Gina Rice, $279,000.

Wash House Cir., 10-National Residential Nominee Services to Tracy D. Montgomery, $270,000.


Tall Oaks Dr., 4942-Andrew W. and Alison M. Roark to Roger D. Mitchell Jr., $403,000.


Oak Cliff Ct. N., 1309-Ralph and Marian L. Allen to Scott A. Bate, $214,900.

Woodville Rd., 5751-C. David Malone and Amy Lynn Burner to Courtney M. Quatrano, $263,400.


Douglas Ave., 6066-Robert F. and Sunny M. McNally to Brian P. and Marybeth Wall, $383,000.

Main St. W., 73-Brian J. Candida to Daniel C. and Jenifer F. Ojeda, $218,000.

Rimrock Ct., 7429-Steven Simon and Donna Ferrandino to Jared K. and Brittany L. Lippert, $391,000.

Woodcrest Ct., 6734-Craig E. and Catherine A. Ulander to Bryan W. Jones and Shazi Jiang, $420,000.


Oak Hill Rd., 10360-Daryl A. and Terri J. Sensenig to Rebecca Dawson, $280,000.


Altamont Ave. N., 22-Jeffrey J. and Brenda G. Adamovicz to Christopher and Lauretta Greenbacker, $275,000.

Jimtown Rd., 13313-Roy L. and Troy A. Angell to Thomas and Judy Tuccinardi, $325,000.

Stull Ct., 205-Jason and Melissa Bowers to Laura J. Hassett, $150,000.


Bartonsville Rd., 6004-Dorothy A. Fogle to Alana C. Thompson, $82,500.

Notting Hill Dr., 9822-Brian and Danielle Hutt to Roderick J. and Julie Swan, $669,900.

Sprigg St. N., 3725-Allison A. and Yuesf Oncel to Patricia Attemene, $509,900.


Burlington Ave., 204-Edward J. and Edie L. Milihram to Sean and Christie Louthan, $218,000.

Frederick St. W., 59-Donald A. and Anita H. Roberson to Hartwood and Nancy L. Cornell, $188,000.

Solar Dr., 211-Steven George Broker to Timothy and Julianne Dufour, $299,900.