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Montgomery and Frederick home sales

These residential sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other real estate transactions, visit

Montgomery County

Barkwood Dr., 14520-Clarence Irvin and Barbara Ann Gessford to Michael and Elizabeth C. Dretch, $410,000.

Crispin Way, 13405-Martin B. Meyers to Manish Ashok Langhnoja, $410,000.

Fawnlilly Ct., 16024-Bogdan Bazyluk to Morgan R. Gale, Jacqueline Post and Jakki Post, $600,900.

Parkland Dr., 13700-Charles Edgar and Carol J. Epperly to Amrinder Singh and Kiran Banwait, $270,000.


Battery Lane, 4970, No. 609-Norlie L. Lin to Jainendra K. Jain and Nanju Kain, $320,000.

Bulls Run Pkwy., 9205-Donald Robert Goral and Jun Li to Bulls Parkway Corp., $550,000.

Chestnut St., 4314-Deborah D. Stine to Chestnut Street Corp., $650,000.

Dickens Ave., 10105-Chiu S. Lin and Douglas C. White to Victor E. Palmero, $490,000.

Farnham Dr., 10229-Leslie Hatton to Robert C. and Belainesh Negash Robnett, $670,000.

Greenlawn Dr., 5812-Bijan Mashayekhi to Mohammad Reza Memarzia, $550,000.

Irvington Ave., 8607-Barbara K. and James S. O’Connell Sr. to Bryan C. and Amy S. Foulger, $825,000.

Linden Ct., 5420-Joseph M. Hannon Jr. to Paul L. Zador and Ellen C. Ficklen, $860,000.

Maple Ave., 4415-E. Eric Evanson to Sebastien and Gaelle Dessus, $784,000.

Montauk Ave., 9917-Richard Louis and Jacob L. Griffith to Zack A. and Gayle K. Martin, $470,000.

Montrose Ave., 10643-Mary A. Easton to David W. Nazarian, $172,500.

Randall Lane, 5007-Shannon M. Kelly to Marc T. and Daniela A. Nobleman, $900,000.

Sangamore Ct., 7-Sim Suk Seo to Pavel Lukyantsau and Liudmilla Uvarova, $719,000.

Shelton St., 9222-Ralph J. and Josephine D. Katrosh to Patrick and Amy Lynn Shroads, $670,000.

Spring Lake Dr., 7561, No. C-1-Richard S. Remer to Miguel Diaz, $183,000.

Thornbush Ct., 5503-Frank Leung and Christine Lee to William Tung and Amy Mon, $840,000.

Walton Rd., 6007-Stephanie J. Grogan and Renee Latt Trust to Adam Christopher Supple and Kuang Chiang, $645,000.

Whittier Blvd., 8512-Marie L. Simmons to 8512 Whitter Boulevard Corp., $625,000.


Barnesville Rd., 15310-Jose Cesar and Blanca G. Saravia to Dong Liu and Karina Hou, $650,000.

Gate Dancer Lane, 14204-Margaret E. and Carey W. Fleming to Sreenivas and Ganga S. Talasila, $575,000.


Dubarry Dr., 19323-Michele R. Stone and Brian E. Comer to Thomas F. and Lisa C. Barry, $482,500.

Tanterra Cir., 3400-Carol H. and Chris J. Zervas to Dwight K. Gledhill and Maria Clark, $423,000.


Autumn Glen Cir., 3643-Tizeta H. Arage to Wondwesen Gebrecrstos and Selamawit Berhe, $219,900.

Cullingworth Rd., 3841-NVR Inc. to Lindsey Van Coutren and Ronald Curley Jr., $393,990.

Silver Ash Ct., 14824-Mindy Jean Jaffee and Jeffrey L. Bowser to Katherine C. Earle, $311,000.


Long Ridge Ct., 7924-Richard J. Lazarus and Jeannette Austin to Jonathan E. Zimmerman and Maya B. Lodish, $1.04 million.

80th St., 6546-Susan G. Board and Steven N. Berk to Dimple Mohan Chaturani and Sumeet Seam, $1.15 million.


Castle Way, 3509, No. 3-13-Wellington Varona Abud and Neri C. Guerrero to Lin Qi and Weiwen Gu, $149,000.

Hawkesbury Lane, 715-Robyn Mooney and Robyn L. Morriss to Frew Gebreab and Tewabetch Negussie, $585,000.

Kathryn Rd., 1111-Oscar A. and Ana R. Murillo to Mebrie A. Jenberic and Yebirgual D. Tedla, $271,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 11825, No. 37-Michael and Phylis E. Harris to Futsum W. Abraha and Almaz Y. Abadi, $182,000.

Overton Lane, 13800-Bruce N. and Dolda C. Butler to Marvin J. and Josephine J. Laney, $450,000.

Sheffield Manor Dr., 13300, No. 7-National Transfer Services Corp. to Mohammad Elkhateeb and Bushra Almarashdi, $338,000.

Strauss Terr., 2903-Myung Hui H. Anderson to Uttam M. Pradhan and Galina Pradhan Singh, $197,000.

Venice Dr., 907-Salomon and Reina Isabel Gomez to Smiley Hsu, $240,000.


Chevy Chase Dr., 4818, No.202-Walton Taylor and Ethel Knill Loevy to Guillaume Guy Bruno Desnoe, $150,000.

Elmwood Rd., 6201-Jacqueline R. Knepshield to George R. and Carroll C. Dunn, $2.3  million.

Maple Ave., 7309-Charlotte A. and Samuel T. Duvall to Leonard L. and Kathleen E. Friedman, $860,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600, No. 1-709-Daniel A. and Jeffrey D. Ross to Joyce L. Johnson, $989,000.

Woolsey Dr., 3406-Irma F. Rosenblatt and Samuel M. Rosenblatt Trust to Sheri M. Wright, $840,000.


Bent Arrow Dr., 23218-Hugo and Mary Zapata to Duvuru Rajanikanth, $550,000.

Horseshoe Bend Cir., 12623-Clarksburg Village Corp. and Clarksburg Village Partnership to Selorm F. Tsegah, $349,900.

Newcut Rd., 22979-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Carla Jacinta Riddick, $268,516.


Fairdale Terr., 2729-Tamunouro Ockiya to Suresh K. and Bimla D. Agarwal, $160,000.

Jaystone Dr., 14632-Clifford W. and Claudia S. Moy to Jason S. and Kaye E. Sedarsky, $535,000.

Notley Rd., 14625-Charles G. and Ruth M. Evans to Paul J. Kaiser and Rose M. Kadende Kaiser, $430,000.

Silo Way, 1433-Clemente and Despina Cascio to Beverly A. and Miguel A. Hernandez, $415,000.

Wembrough Ct., 1312-Gloria P. and Harold C. Markward to Sun K. Hong and Jae Hee Song, $286,000.


Durango Dr., 10129-Brian S. and Shannon A. Palik to Nikita Raush and Ganna Rausch Gernett, $330,000.

Woodview Dr., 28528-Jeffrey A. and Tina R. Bruland to Terence M. and Victoria Gallagher, $365,000.


Grist Mill Dr., 16225-Michael C. Loprete to Andrew and Sarah Melchior, $425,000.

Silver Oak Ct., 5605-David Brent and Darlene S. Byer to Mustafa Sevki and Jill Frances Atac, $1.15 million.


Barn Swallow Terr., 18711-Kenyetta Marie Taylor to Timothy J. and Elizabeth B. Lankford, $213,200.

Bayswater Rd., 11912-George P. and Jacques P. Worthington to Jeananne Ware, $310,000.

Calypso Pl., 18737-Albert Ko to Christopher Paul Abel and Camille Irene Towsend Abel, $370,000.

Citrus Grove Rd., 12003-Lois C. Hodgson to Seth A. and Kate A. Wernick, $845,000.

Duvall Lane, 106, No. 47-Charles F. and Linda F. Wilson to William P. Fhal, $41,500.

Federal Ct., 24, No. 52-Jose A. Garcia and Nery E. Castro to Mary Hunter, $110,000.

Fields Rd., 9701, No. 1204-Ali Ashgar Saberioon to Hamid Modonpur and Haydeh Aryannejad, $158,000.

Goodport Lane, 18-Karen L. Kyte to Tongqing Zhou and Qing Guan, $275,000.

Jones Lane, 15604-Randolph T. and Brenda K. Weis to Kevin Lee Cooper and Clinton Neal Carpenter, $520,000.

McDonald Chapel Dr., 12169-John E. and Venus Walker to Mohammadreza Keyvan and Yasaman Hakami, $525,000.

Native Dancer Pl., 12628-J. Aaron and Tracey L. Bishop to Lili Khozeimeh and Nicholas M. Picerno, $624,000.

Paramus Dr., 11609-Wei Min Wu and Sylvia Hsiao Yeh Wu to Yujian Zhang and Zhen Yuan, $715,000.

Prairie Rose Lane, 8, No. 12-4-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Moshe and Omri Pinto, $203,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 856, No. 201-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lidia M. and Carmen Chavez Ishii, $88,000.

Shadow Glen Ct., 217-Sutoro Properties Corp. to Ravi Munshi, $590,000.

Stoneridge Dr., 17736-Greg J. and Aimee Conroy to John and Birgit G. Cox, $525,000.

Sunburst Ct., 491-Carlos and Concepcion Reyes to Ciaoqiu Hu and Jian Mao, $187,000.

Trento Ct., 4, No. 4-Joseph Victor Hawkins to Francis Ben Connel, $131,000.

Wheatfield Terr., 19236-Justin and Julie C. Redfern to Jason T. Balzer, $278,650.


Afternoon Lane, 20572-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Alexander Ghaderi, $141,400.

Celebration Way, 19805-Raymond J. Kassel to Tade Group Corp., $262,500.

Curry Powder Lane, 18706-Benjamin K. Abban to Mac Properties Corp., $115,000.

Diamond Hill Dr., 13150-Jung Sup and Myong Cha Kim to Andrew Chiamin and Pingchieh Lee Chang, $290,000.

Galway Bay Cir., 19603, No. 404-Bank of America to Andrew and Sherri Ledner, $95,000.

Lake Park Ct., 17, No. 976-Adam Pike to Noelie M. Kooler and Kenneth Y. Nakamoto, $310,000.

Middlebrook Rd., 12991A, No. 3-Elvin M. and Meredith Luskey to Marco G. and Jennifer Fabiani, $225,000.

Port Haven Dr., 12433-Conrad Beadling to Jennifer E. Jacobs, $235,000.

Sage Way, 18611-Manuel D. and Veronica D. Barillas to William Weiss, $122,000.

Spring Meadows Dr., 15104-Reynolds Kirby Smith to Emmanuel A. and Colleen E. Midingi, $730,000.

Well House Ct., 13039-Ahmad Reza Massahi to Aaron J. Cook, $225,000.

Wisteria Dr., 13516-Elmer A. and Dolores O. Perez to Andrew G. and Melinda L. Elias, $340,000.


Connecticut Ave., 9813-Shelley Moore Janashek to Justin T. and Lindsay Anne Sher, $610,000.

Denfeld Ave., 4123-Barbara C. Fielding to Abby Gurewitz, $315,000.

Fayette Rd., 3210-Scott L. Rives to Stephen W. and Deanne R. Varney, $450,000.

Mills Crossing Pl., 3314-Vernon E. and Marilyn M. Reynolds to Lili M. Lawrence, $517,000.

Strathmore Ave., 4919-Matthew H. Holahan to David L. Godsted and Jeanette H. Will, $540,000.

White Flint Dr., 5029-Arthur W. Dodds Trust to Ying Tang, $480,000.


Newbury Rd., 24055-Robert J. and Linda B. Eby to Jennifer L. Wilkinson and Robert Ciri, $325,000.


Billings Ct., 19845-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. to John E. Loftus and Allison G. Weaver, $267,500.

Brookridge Ct., 9802-Danilo E. Rivas and Patricia Y. Serrando Medrano to Hector A. Santos Orellana, $120,000.

Club House Rd., 19309, No. 201-Alan J. and Nancy L. Hedlund to Maxim and Marina Buslovich, $60,000.

Forest View Pl., 9947-Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County to Yuhui Zhang and Xiaoyun Ling, $140,000.

Hawk Run Terr., 8545-William E. and Amy C. Davidson to Reginald A. Arias, $200,000.

Maple Leaf Ct., 20215-Gloria N. and Balmory R. Moran to Landmark Investment Properties Corp., $197,000.

Nathans Pl., 18645-Vu Hoang Nguyen to Alan Derck Savage, $130,000.

Shadow Oak Ct., 20418-Lois P. and Walter S. Liggett Jr. to Heather D. and Stuart A. Metzger, $251,000.

Sterncroft Ct., 20509-Gregory F. Malveaux to Yufeng Wen and Jihong Ma, $160,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18736, No. 6-Babak Damadi to William Andres Pena Martinez and Luz Marina Martinez Avella, $83,000.


Bel Pre Rd., 3736, No. 4-Orlando Villatoro to Manuel Saravia and Dina Ortiz, $55,000.

Birchtree Lane, 3232-C. M. and John W. Newland to Gary J. Rudden, $360,000.

Dean Rd., 12821-Sidney Aaron and Irene Spector to Kathleen A. Sheridan, $265,000.

Finsbury Park Ct., 8, No. 46A-Larry and Ronald Galey to Charles W. Eaton Jr., $217,500.

Greenery Lane, 2305, No. T2-3-Constance Kilpatrick and the estate of Peter L. Burnham to Ujjal and Sreemati Mukherjee, $119,000.

Hewitt Ave., 3354, No. 201-Sarah E. Maslanka to Farideh Yeganeh, $84,900.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-211-Ana L. Segura to Robert J. and Lisa K. Carroll, $65,000.

Island Creek Ct., 3406, No. 128B-Emily G. and Claude W. Myers to Young Living Trust, $245,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14801, No. 302-Edward L. Korn and Alexander Korn Trust to Josephine E. Palermino and Palermino Family Trust, $229,000.

Squaw Valley Ct., 2600-George Oluwafemi to Marlon S. Perera, $158,000.

Tynewick Dr., 3820, No. 28-Marilyn Langfeld and Wells Fargo Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $205,631.

Yorkshire Woods Dr., 14109-Claire C. Queja and Remedios C. Salonga to Maria Elaine Vierira, $185,000.


Chipping Ct., 17766-Daniel James and Tessa M. Keane to Eric S. and Rebecca L. Fishman, $355,000.

Gelderland Ct., 3731-Jed D. and Leigh Ellen M. Curl to Ashling Kaim and Jason Knight, $310,000.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18228-John E. and Anjia D. Glenn to Radesh A. Menon, $222,000.


Doctor Walling Rd., 17723-Carl F. and Priscilla C. Lyon to Jason M. and Laurie D. Brenchley, $579,000.

Hughes Rd., 17422-Douglas R. Harman to Terry M. Clark, $180,000.


Chandler Rd., 11007-Devi Dayal Puri Corp. to Dinesh and Amita Jain, $616,777.

Dunster Lane, 2294-Manuel Mark and Erin W. Lobato to Daniel Molina and Silvana Romina Goldszmid, $700,000.

Gainsborough Rd., 10807-Meric L. and Barbara M. Legnini to Andrew P. and Jennifer A. Dean, $740,000.

Hunt Club Dr., 11100-Gordon Dean Klepper and Taly Sher to Eli and Ekaterina Linde Kogan, $860,000.

Masters Terr., 10405-Eric James Moss and Madeleine Rose Greenwald to Josephkunju and Deepika S. Cheriathundam, $1.25 million.

Pebble Ridge Ct., 18-Salman Ahmad to Cirilo J. and Clarissa A. Bueno, $685,000.

Sandalfoot Ct., 16-Jun Young Son and Sue Jean Kim to Frank Leung and Christine Lee, $1.25 million.

Trailridge Dr., 11805-John Leland Ferguson to Justin F. and Lynn T. Smith, $635,000.

Watts Mine Terr., 8805-RQ Acquisitions Corp. to Kentsdale Corp., $1.05 million.


Azalea Dr., 634, No. 3D-Carl F. and Faith R. Bauersfeld to Dorian M. Harwood, $350,000.

California Cir., 6050, No. 309-Nathalie Narcisse to Judith E. Lowitz, $322,000.

Circle Dr., 12508-Stanton J. and Suzan H. Gildenhorn to Patrick M. Liu, $925,000.

Courthouse Sq., 22, No. 510-Gregory T. Kuhn to Joshua T. and Dixon P. Charles, $301,000.

Edmonston Dr. W., 703-Robert C. and Antonella D. Cortez to Adam Heister and Julie Siegel, $472,000.

Foxborough Cir., 9938-Mary K. Sokhor to Michael L. Quinn, $535,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1514-Yoshimi Endo Greer to Mayssa El Khazen, $286,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10823, No. 1111-Alejandra Mueller and Carlos Montalvan to John A. Heiman, $334,900.

Huntover Lane, 6310-James Wells and Ann Tracy Cahoon to Jeffrey J. Albrecht and Olivia M. Klonaris, $880,000.

Lawson Way, 531, No. 202-June and Sue Friedlander to Ahmed and Ashrofa Munier, $360,000.

Maryland Ave., 38, No. 337-Deidre Lawrence to Terence De Chau, $384,000.

Nicholson Lane, 5802, No. 2-1207-Virginia Pfab and estate of Verna R. Oberbroeckling to Louisa Levenson, $400,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 1607-Donald W. and Janet L. Kelemen to Giti Honarpischeh, $280,000.

Poindexter Lane, 6003-Robert P. Wilkinson to Lola Fox Rabinovich, $885,000.

Reserve Champion Dr., 1019-Michael D. and Cindy Kim to Oscar and Chia Hui Mekhaya, $610,000.

Smallwood Rd., 710-John M. and Wendy D. Herman to Kenneth A. and Sonia M. Sonner, $590,000.

Valley Dr., 13601-Joshua Korsower to Paul K. Goldsmith and Judith M. Whalen, $840,000.

Wilson Ave., 725-Roxanne Ghashgai and Rokhsan Draheim to Wai C. Lam and Rui Yu Li, $500,000.


Windrush Lane, 1026, No. 30-Dyle Ray and Julie Vasseur Koch to Patricia M. Nesbitt and Michael H. Conklin, $369,500.


Blue Banner Pl., 22730-Scott C. and Michele A. Leo to Nathan Fitzgerald, $499,000.

Delevan Way, 21206, No. 151-Brian A. and Ilyssa R. Weiss to Ali Darkhosh Teymour, $307,500.

Golden Meadow Dr., 19202-John M. and Melissa G. Decamp to Vida O. Anim and Kwesi Aggrey, $435,000.

Songbird Lane, 12105-David A. and Joann C. Davis to Julia M. Bores, $402,000.


Chesapeake Ave., 728-Linda L. Shafer and Rosaline H. Crawford to Stephen Scott Ollis and Jessica Louise Campese, $372,500.

Eastern Ave., 7915, No. 1008-Kendrick C. Fong to Malcolm J. White, $285,900.

Greyrock Rd., 9309-Louis Michael and Kathleen Henderson Staudt to Jason and Thaisa Tiglao Katz, $595,000.

Linden Lane, 2733-Peter J. and Veronica R. Everett to Santiago Montero and Laura Velaria Pacheco, $566,500.

Ritchie Ave., 127-David W. Conner to Calista J. and Scott C. Redmond, $240,000.

Sundale Dr., 8807-Dorothy Brown to Kwasi Hawks and Amy Fitzgibbons, $516,000.

Wayne Ave., 632-J. Ram Ray to Mac T. and Danielle E. Steele, $510,000.


Barron St., 8514-53rd Place Corp. to Soressa Gubena and Alemnesh Gezahegn, $304,500.

Ethan Allen Ave., 303-James E. and Mark S. Becker to Daniel Trachtman and Alexandria Faxlanger, $83,000.

Gude Ave., 6613-Anna Anatol to Nicholas Finio and Helen Lyons, $300,000.

Larch Ave., 908-Steven David Tessler to Robert B. Bullock and Jocelyn C. Newsome, $512,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 809-New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Kimberly T. Fowler, $205,000.


Denfield Rd., 5714-Steven B. and Lori A. Sokolowski to Randy Lee Hall, $326,000.

Lemay Rd., 7009-Geoffrey and Karen Sanders to Michael A. Grinnell and Shanna N. Mitchell, $388,000.

Pinneberg Ave., 2102-Nichelle M. and Miteshkumar J. Shah to Robert D. Lausch, $300,000.


Adams Dr., 3705-Stephanie Aileen Hall and estate of Jonathan Hall to Satya Corp., $206,000.

Brightview St., 3831-Margaret S. Pearson to Albert W. and Cindy K. Woodfield, $175,000.

Dalewood Dr., 12107-Eduardo Zeballos to Mayaliza Calamaya and Jaime C. Fernandez, $175,000.

Green Holly Terr., 10129-Lili M. Lawrence to Tracey R. Hering, $267,000.

Ivydale St., 2902-Donald J. and Delores Jean Stewart to Richard S. and Maria Generosa Adams, $283,000.

Leesborough Dr., 2232-Centex Homes to Yung Fong Cheung and Ying San Yeung, $446,990.

Remington Dr., 12201-Eugene H. Beach Jr. to Eric and Nicola Donovan, $450,000.

Taber St., 11520-Bernardino and Irma Marquina to Gen and Yi Liang, $326,000.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 314-B-Sarah Butler to Andreina and Robert Stampone, $71,500.


Bristol Ave., 9609-Susan Houser to Megan C. Leftwich and Edward Helfers, $402,500.

Dennis Ave., 1106-Joseph P. and Angela M. Howerton to Robert Ochs, $290,000.

Flower Ave., 9515-Kay Anderson to Danny Wells and Sarah Nash, $425,000.

Kerwin Rd., 502-Otuseyi Ademiluyi to Monesha Madison and Jonathan Patrick Lever, $385,900.

Lorain Ave., 10418-Monica G. and Brian S. Sakala to Todd and Kathryn Looney, $557,000.

Saint Andrews Lane, 604-David and Helene Marshall to Karl W. and Andrea E. Reid, $685,000.

Sutherland Rd., 10141-Fausto V. Rodriguez to Azzam Jawad, $250,000.

Frederick County

Washington St., 2782-Richard T. and Janice B. Mallardin to Mehrl Jason Mayne and Katie M. Albaugh, $220,000.


Potomac St. E., 405-Randolph O. Shores to Freedom 1 Corp., $118,000.

Ninth Ave., 120-Dean E. Johnson to Gregory Steven and Stephanie Lynne Auerweck, $130,000.


Manheim Pl., 3901-Tina M. Vogtman Bruley to Kevin D. and Heather S. Shawver, $219,000.


Apple Ave., 506-Jose E. and Maria J. Guevara to Harvey L. and Carolina Kisner, $199,000.

Appletree Ct., 1327-Zachariah W. Dupy and Christine M. Border to Maung Ling and Ram Lian Thang Rual Hleng, $185,000.

Black Duck Ct., 6737-Donald R. and Deborah King to Dan Shen, $120,000.

Catalpa Rd., 7091-Virginia I. Magaha to David & Jean Cross Trust, $179,900.

Delafield Ct., 6828-Trinh C. Pham and Phuong N. Ho to Johnny Ho and Thuy M. Mai, $352,000.

Delaware Rd., 432-Anthony M. and Katie Ellen Caldwell to Bruno O. Benedetti and Aida A. Pombrol, $324,900.

Eleanor Dr., 4942-William E. Enck and estate of Wilbur Enck Jr. to Jerry and Sandra Lenga, $500,000.

Honeysuckle Ct., 5608-Barbara S. Myers to Norman R. and Mary R. Allen Farmer, $145,000.

Liberty Rd., 9429-Marian R. and Charles L. Main to Joanne and Paul David McAllister, $340,000.

Lysander Ct., 6337-Jason B. Schmitz and Gina M. Wood to Paul A. and Deborah A. Mancinelli, $375,000.

Park Ave., 308-Heladia M. Nardi to Charles W. and Christine A. Eyler, $260,000.

Ridgefield Cir., 9283-Brian M. and Laura D. Gordy to Misty Main, $230,000.

Statesman Ct., 10102-Francesca A. Aloi to Robert H. and Beatrice F. Bertin, $465,000.

Waterside Dr., 2500, No. 309-Kathy N. Brown and Steven James Norris to Joanna E. Fishback, $210,000.

Second St. E., 9-Richard E. and Linda A. Tucker to 9 East 2nd Street Corp., $365,000.

Eighth St. E., 102-Clayton Dutton and Mary Kearney to Ludwig and Melissa W. Najera, $369,900.


Canary Dr., 11384-Winfred Sterling and Judy Marie Hood to Conrad and Rebecca J. Beadling, $345,000.

Ritchie Ct., 9809-N. Todd and Karen S. Tunnell to Robert J. and Holly D. O’Shea, $375,000.


Mountain Lane, 3601B-Jeffrey R. Polik and estate of Robert Parker Dexter to Nikolay Olegovich Kirillov, $324,000.


Ali Dr., 11-Susan Rodman Gnatt and Rose Elizabeth Sine to Morris A. and Jean A. Desimone, $375,000.

Hollow Rd., 8621-Dennis B. Zerby to Mark K. and Lauri A. Kirby, $299,900.

Wash House Cir., 10-Christian J. and Aleysha C. Rieser to National Residential Nominee Services, $269,000.


Barnett Dr., 12765-Wells Fargo Bank to Brian J. Bolger, $481,000.

Samhill Dr., 13689-Ravis and Ann Harris to Daniel and Melissa Franko, $480,000.


Coxey Brown Rd., 4311-Richard G. and Anne A. Long to Elizabeth M. and Paul D. Renninger, $349,000.


Fair Lane, 6954-Anthony S. Carducci and estate of Donna N. Kimber to Donald E. and Angela L. Norwood, $420,000.

Meadowlawn Cir., 6711-Timothy W. and Katherine L. Leland to Carlos O. Argueta Segovia, $165,000.

Sponseller Ct., 5559-Brian and Mary Beth Wall to Kristen D. and Brian J. Bonadies, $265,000.

Woodland Rd., 9647-Yong Song Lee and Sook Kwon to Anne G. Sloan, $430,000.


Oak Orchard Rd., 14850-Chad R. and Jennifer R. Walker to William F. and Iralys E. Buttrum, $540,000.


Catoctin Highlands Cir., 12-Bruce A. and Linda D. Burgee to Michael John and Lori S. Broker Knipple, $158,000.

Laurel Ave., 107-James M. and Tammy M. McCormick to Raymond and Lisa Walker, $175,000.


Bremen St., 3570-Monocacy Land Corp. to Deborah Jane Kramer, $403,820.

Reels Mill Rd., 4827-Paul Joseph Green to Shive Vijaya and Vikas Gowda, $150,000.

Sprigg St. N., 3727-John William Rose and Michelle D. Lamotte to David M. and Maryam Jordan, $500,000.

Worthington Blvd., 3581-Monocacy Land Corp. to Min Wan, $340,000.


Chapel Ct., 300, No. 3M-Herbert G. Mavars III to Federal National Mortgage Association, $146,571.

Heritage Ct., 203-Daniel and Laura Zettlemoyer to Steven J. Duncan, $165,000.

Wyndale Dr., 18-Ronald L. and Eunice F. Stottlemyer to Kyle and Chelsea Herdt, $224,900.


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