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Montgomery County

Crystal Spring Terr., 17717-Nancy Olkewicz to Douglas Gene Popham Jr., $450,000.


Brad Ct., 4600-Delmy and Jose Ramirez to Cogent Resources Inc., $255,000.

Crossway Rd., 14621-Christopher E. and Joya K. Martin to Mary Ann and Patrick Caulfield, $695,000.

Independence St., 4206-101 Geneva Corp. to Nouguine Djalogue and Abra T. Edoh, $330,000.

Margot Dr., 12913-Carmen R. Delgado to Wen Sheng Li and Xiuzhen Huang, $263,000.

Parkland Dr., 13918-Howard L. Thompson to Beatriz Briceno, Ramon A. Sanchez and Fernando Ramirez, $295,000.

Waterfowl Way, 4917-Kenneth David and Joan Elizabeth Heller Miller to Brian P. and Erynn M. Tait, $549,900.


Baltan Rd., 4900-Fletcher Price Thompson to Andre Oliveria Santos, $852,000.

Burning Tree Rd., 9508-M. Trenton and Tanya T. Crow to Clifton M. Mount and Rosemarie H. Truman, $625,000.

Cromwell Dr., 5404-Charles T. Donnelly Justus and the estate of Patricia Ann Donnell to Homaira Ahad and Fazi Rokay Amiri, $875,000.

Garfield St., 8801-Gregory and Christy Ludlow to Stanley H. and Marvallie P. Freed, $787,000.

Holmhurst Rd., 9913-Joseph Watson and Stephanie Raimondeau to Aron Betru, $665,000.

Kenilworth Ave., 10618-Carmine J. Capozzola and Barbara Alloway to Mark, Dina and Esther Stuhl, $260,000.

Leesburg Dr., 7603-Jesus and Ana Contreras to Ratna Sahay Family Trust, $722,000.

Marbury Rd., 5840-Marbury Corp. to James E. and Deidre G. Duncan, $2.28 million.

Milstead Dr., 9515-Manor Homes 2 Corp. to Arts Trust, $1.4 million.

Park Ave., 4842-Peter J. and Elizabeth Hopkins to Dennis E. Connors and Regina M. Reilly, $708,000.

Robison Rd., 7916-Paul J. and Zena S. Mason to Giammichele Demaio and Maria Letizia Santangelo, $855,670.

Spring Lake Dr., 7522, No. A-Elena C. Pell to Christopher and Mary Ann Carter, $165,000.

Terrace Garden Way, 8621-Paul K. and Julie Akiwumi to Drew and Cynthia Boshell, $960,000.

Westlake Terr., 7420, No. 708-Nahid Safaei and Mohammad Reza M. Moghaddam to Abolfazl Sarraf, $231,000.

Wickett Terr., 5118-Antonio and Dolores V. Rodriguez to Michael J. Molinari and Amy E. Goryl, $720,000.

Woodmont Ave., 7500-The Chase at Bethesda Limited Partnership to Patricia Ann Ramsay, $714,400.


Autumn Field Ct., 18411-Katherine H. Hudson to Huan Xin W. Cai and Peter Chan, $470,000.


Lubar Dr., 2711-David A. Bartley to Hamid and Katherine A. Tavakolian, $580,000.

Sapling Ridge Lane, 2420-M. Imtiaz Kadir to John and Kimberly Hoover, $725,000.


Blackburn Ct., 11-John Sinnott and Billy Williams to Isabel Duncan, $358,000.

Dustin Rd., 4000-Petra Tischer and Charles G. Hartung to Mujtaba Yahya and Nahiya Saeed, $865,000.

Isleswood Terr., 4335-Karen L. and Clifton A. Leftridge to Danielle E. Harris, $200,000.


Angelwing Dr., 1621-Joseph H. Clements III and Suli Li to Estrelita P. Miranda and Jannyn Mae M. Sioson, $475,000.

Bruton Parish Way, 3485, No. 19-Carole A. Blackburn to Robert H. Collier, $212,000.

Eldrid Pl., 12720-Jay M. Eisenberg and Susan B. Shapiro to Oren and Arielle C. Poleg, $455,000.

Laurie Dr., 12600-Warren and Patricia Lupson to Jose Andre and Katherine Cruz, $349,900.

Smith Village Rd., 1229-House Buyers of America Inc. to Ann E. and Graham A. Field, $474,900.

Whitingham Dr., 604-John J. and Ellen T. Beskey to Matthew J. Wingate, $428,000.


Chevy Chase Blvd., 4716-Brian A. and Donna K. Gragnolati to Tracie A. Winbigler, $1.68 million.

Georgia St., 7010-Elliott and Genevieve N. Schiffmann to 9608 Singleton Drive Corp., $750,000.

Meadowbrook Lane, 8103-Giorgio A. Piccagli and Mario Piccagli Trust to Elizabeth Gilliam and Daniel B. Hertz, $610,000.

Ross Rd., 2701-Lea S. Chartock and Abraham & Rose Chartock Trust to Gregory and Phyllis Greer, $435,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 5610, No. 906-Kla International Investment Co. to Joy S. Abel and the Leonard I. Abel Trust, $1.42 million.


Arora Hills Dr., 22944-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to John C. Keating Jr., $284,990.

Clarks Crossing Dr., 12700-Bhowani and Arpita Ramkaran to Sung Yop Kim, $530,000.

Frederick Rd., 23126-US Home Corp. to Unique Affordable Homes Corp., $195,000.

Rainbow Arch Dr., 23342-Jonathan P. and Cynthia M. Wasey to David P. and Lauren Ruane, $422,000.

Winged Elm Dr., 23026-Noelle S. Calfee to 101 Geneva Corp., $194,000.


Heil Rd., 115-Ana Ruth and Felix J. Trejo to Federal National Mortgage Association, $417,000.

Upland Dr., 1607-Elizabeth and Gregory L. Weigle to Federal National Mortgage Association, $367,000.


Founders Pl., 23608-Sheila I. Drohan and Meredith A. Miklozek to Sridhar Vishnubhotla and Ramani V. Sista, $600,000.


Applewood Lane, 17512-H. Gordon and Elizabeth S. Muir to Eric S. and Jessica M. Gann, $687,000.

Mill Run Dr., 7227, No. 11-Michael Molinari to Marea P. Petrelles, $279,000.


Caddington Ave., 1006-Martin and Betty Gilbert to Ha Minh Nhuyen and Ha Thai Le, $350,000.

Concerto Lane, 679-David and Rebecca Rudack to Kevin Chan and Yan Li, $315,000.

Flower Ave., 9406-David and Roshana R. Cohen to Benjamin Muschko and Sarah Erickson Muschko, $566,750.

Kerwin Rd., 902-Jorge E. and Edith Flores to Vinnie Mohabir and Melissa Camacho, $230,000.

Lorain Ave., 10828-Gun Akkor and Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto to Jeffrey M. and Sally L. Long, $395,000.

Normandy Dr., 5, No. 1-William and Encarnita S. Pascuzzi to Itamar and Rudy Simhony, $120,000.

Royalton Rd., 411-Joseph John Pilla Trust and Pamela Diers to Duy Nguyen and Suong Thuy T. Nguyen, $280,000.

Sutherland Rd., 9914-Natalie Davis Jordan to Benjamin H. Colmery IV and Leslie E. Ryan, $379,900.


Amber Meadows Ct., 18312-Steven B. Conlan to Mark L. and Heather D. Collins, $396,000.

Cactus Ct., 18069-Daniel Aquino to Maria Noel Soca Shank, $150,000.

Christopher Ave., 433, No. 87-Danielle K. Morris to Anja Shipp, $101,000.

Deer Park Rd. W., 386, No. 8B-Katherine A. and Preston Byrd III to Ailing Gao, $225,000.

Gatlin Dr., 19228-William and Elsa Von Boecklin to Gary G. Timmons, $419,000.

Harmony Hall Rd., 38-Luis A. and Felicita A. Merino to Kwansuda Poolsombat, $290,000.

Ivy Oak Ct., 7-John and Denise M. Clarence to Jimmy Cancau and Nancy Cuc Luong, $197,000.

Peony Dr., 13-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Reubena C. Acuesta, $240,850.

Streamside Dr., 18334, No. 201-Krystal Jordan to Rama Rajaie, $84,000.


Amber Tree Ct., 800, No. 302-Janet M. Shipko to Anne L. Kozma, $275,000.

Blue Mountain Ct., 12613-James Michael Nicholson Jr. and Melissa Susan Kelly to Stephen M. and Gina L. Britton, $590,000.

Chestnut Ridge Ct., 14904-A. Stewart and Katherine D. Booher to Ilya and Julia Slutsker, $575,000.

Curry Ford Lane, 805-Fariba and Farnaz Doroudian to Erin W. and Eric S. Slagle, $319,000.

Glacier Ct., 15801-Adriana C. Vatter and Jerry E. Moore to Eileen H. Barrett, $485,000.

Helene St., 557-Tina E. Story to Sergey S. Katsenelenbogen, $565,000.

Midsummer Dr., 409-Balagan Corp. to Eyal and Sigal Balva, $187,140.

Palmtree Dr., 514-Francis and Lilian Magero to Eva D. Metumi Muiruri, $165,000.

Prairie Rose Lane, 6, No. 12-3-Dante and Karissa L. Calvo to Olivia Juan and Ivy Dan Zhao, $230,000.

Sharpstead Lane, 108-Samuel Osei and Suzzette Callwood Amanfo to Honggan Yang and Yanhong Liang, $248,000.

Sour Cherry Way, 12352, No. 107-Montgomery Homes Partnership III to William H. and Kathleen S. Mayer, $230,000.

Triple Crown Rd., 12230-Robert A. and Virginia M. Keene to Christopher Ahn and Tina Nader, $525,000.

Whitcliff Ct., 505-Zuo Qun Feng and Bing Tang to Xiao Long Chen, $299,900.


Ansel Terr., 13460-Ginger McLean to Jiangyun Zheng and Lin Stang, $385,000.

Bridger Dr., 13023, No. 1414-Ramatu Abdullah to Sahr and Matilda Wonday, $149,750.

Champions Way, 13509-Wenyu Wang to Thomas and Min Nam, $298,000.

Cross Ridge Way, 12555-Muhammad Kashif to Claudia V. Umana, $165,000.

Deerwater Dr., 13511, No. 5-Theodore T. Kelley Jr. to Fernando Delgado Marroquin, $142,000.

Eagles Roost Dr., 18514-Pamela Lee Kennedy and Jose Manuel Martinez to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $290,469.

Long Channel Cir., 14424-Ashish B. and Leena Verma to William W. Dempster and Jennifer M. Ball, $332,000.

Palmetto Cir., 13647-Temtsel Erhie and Lisi Mai to Residential Value Corp., $240,000.

Pickering Ct., 5, No. 501-Andrew A. Evidente to Brittany Segar, $154,760.

Robins Nest Terr., 13015-Julia and Carlos Infante to Chenlan Guo, $165,000.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20404, No. 3H-Julia Griggs to Jay T. Woodward, $181,000.

Timber Hollow Pl., 12522-William C. and Monica Brown Reid to Long Term Investors Corp., $222,500.

White Saddle Dr., 19637-Regina and Roncalli Domingo to Joseph A. and Amanda R. Chapman, $220,000.


Edgefield Rd., 4513-Matthew and Elizabeth M. Grandonico to Richard James and Elissa Jane Taylor, $855,000.

Hawick Lane, 9616-Russell A. and Nancy L. Suniewick to Gregg A. and Anne M. Levin, $1.12 million.

Mccomas Ct., 10816-Panalytics Corp. to Lenore G. Gladstone, $308,000.


Riding Stable Rd., 15510-Roger and Tara Sterling to Michael R. and Christina M. Dudley, $420,000.


Farcroft Lane, 20504-Ronald A. and Jennifer L. Rubloff to Nicholas Tedesco Jr., $637,500.

Rolling Fork Way, 23643-James R. and Hope L. Green to Delmer L. Desmond and Judith A. Stephenson, $393,000.


Bethany Ct., 2-Frederick and Donna L. Johnson to Mario and Jennifer Scherhaufer, $400,000.

Brassie Pl., 19439, No.102-Rosalina and Rubis A. Martinez to Stephen Oullette, $82,550.

Chadburn Pl., 9349-Marcos Romero Jr. and Ashley N. Lathroum to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $144,304.

Feathertree Terr., 9814, No. 25-Kurtley M. Tate and Tammy L. Dickson to Qiang Wan and Yanning Lin, $143,000.

Halfpenny Pl., 19904-Thomas E. and Mary K. Bertelsman to Anoma P. and Indra K. Bandara, $300,000.

Horizon Run Rd., 9429, No. 9A-Julia N. Martinez to Guang Han, $145,000.

Mills Choice Rd., 19116, No.6-Rosa M. Arevalo to Emigdio J. Montilla Ramirez and Clara Enma Suero De Montilla, $60,000.

Silverfield Dr., 19906-Kevin W. and Donna T. McCarthy to Adrian V. and Tiffany R. Castro, $515,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18609, No.2-Marcia Kemp to Matthew Harrigan, $97,500.


Kinloch Rd., 10405-Stephen and Scott Koziol to Dionne Elizabeth Thompson and Harold J. Tabb, $360,000.


Briar Path Lane, 13417-Joseph E. and Amy D. Federman to Samson Solomon and Tsegehanna T. Mathewos, $429,900.

Dulwick Dr., 3703, No. 39A-Paul A. Mitchell and estate of Evelyn F. Mitchell to Barbara J. Victor, $219,000.

Forest Edge Dr., 3501, No. 14-3F-Martin W. Snyder and the estate of John P. Stack to Samuel E. Kadushin and Bernadette Deberry Fear, $62,500.

Goodhill Rd., 12907-Juan Llamocca to Maria V. Benitez Zamora, $207,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-Tammy A. Kistler and the estate of Luell M. Lewis to Jonathon V. Brown, $85,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210, No. 602-Mary Laskin to Federal National Mortgage Association, $180,000.

Lindsey Lane, 14715, No. 224A-Mary Lou Amatucci to Federal National Mortgage Association, $230,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15320, No. 3K-Robert Edward and Doris W. Rodney to Michael Drabble and Emma Villedrouin, $135,000.

Village Lane, 2709-Samuel E. and Gladys A. Hetherington to Lanchi Thi Nguyen, Hoang Oanh Thi Nguyen and Amy Clara Nguyen, $332,000.

Wilcox Lane, 1732-Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County to Xinfeng Hu, $230,500.


Boastfield Lane, 4503-Sachin Vaidya and Nadia Bakhshi to William A. Messer, $295,000.

Kilt Terr., 18512-John Chester and Lennin F. Greenwood to Khoi N. Ho, $375,000.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18251-Elsie E. Buckalew to Sergio E. Rochac, $225,000.

Yarnbrooke Pl., 18511-Karen Sue Zlotnick to Tinghui Yu and Sherry Liu, $425,000.


Wootton Ave., 19692-Edgar O. and Rebecca R. Pollen to Federal National Mortgage Association, $164,111.


Brookstone Ct., 7312-John R. and Rebecca S. Redmond to Farzin S. Namin and Nooshin Geramifar, $1.6 million.

Deborah Dr., 11117-Barry D. and Barbara G. Silver to Ruiyi Shu and Ashley Lee, $699,000.

Grand Teton Dr., 8011-Sandra S. and Robert H. Galkin to Marc A. and Emily A. Lurie, $799,500.

Inverness Ridge Rd., 8163-Diana Gilpatrick and estate of Albert Stephen Daggett Jr. to Kate E. Oliver and Nathan K. Mote, $505,000.

Meyer Point Terr., 10001-Kun Cha and Tu Pyo Hong to Darrell and Mausumi N. McGraw, $1.28 million.

Penfold Ct., 10012-Raymond C. and Patricia F. Elton to Jonathan P. and Genevieve M. Diamond Krebs, $660,000.

Red Barn Lane, 10812-Richard and Rebecca Kay to Victor and Carla Crawford, $1.3  million.

Smoketree Rd., 11911-Paul Terry and Janet E. Lubeck to Yingshuo Shen and Xiaohong Zang, $671,000.

Wandering Trail Dr., 8813-Ward Family Trust to Abigail and Gregory Kopstein, $790,000.


Anderson Ave., 548-Robert D. and Jill Northrop to Spencer D. Bates and Jaclyn B. Halpern, $610,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12411, No. 531-Mehrdad and Khin C. Dastanlee to Nima and Roya Goharkhay, $120,000.

Copperstone Ct., 1032-Harlyn S. Blum to Copperstone 1032 Corp., $280,000.

Currier Ct., 7-Stella S. Shinn to Jane L. Cho, $515,000.

Fallsgrove Dr., 343B, No. 44-Oguz and Ozlem Ayan Mandaci to Rhe Properties Inc., $122,199.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 417-Paul J. Demarco to Xiaomin Li, $192,000.

Hill Dr. W., 11508-Peter and Lydia R. Schlosser to Adam D. Levy and Beth Joy Ciangulli, $950,000.

Jay Dr., 209-John C. Wilson and Michael J. Bromley to the Mindy Felinton Trust, $775,000.

Lincoln St., 909-Kevin A. Harriday to Jacob Azhdam, $278,000.

Monroe St., 110, No. 302-Marva W. Halle Trust to Patricia D. Gill, $228,500.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 1304-WFP Front Lot Partnership to Matthew J. Tarosky, $699,000.

Old Stage Rd., 7001-Michael A. and Karen McKone to Ran and Sharon Tzioni, $755,000.

Potomac Corner Dr., 10310-Min Pin Liu and John Ting to Wang Chen Chuang, $650,000.

Rockville Pike., 10204, No. 402-Robert McCarthy and Sarah Lucille Smith to Ivy Chow, $225,000.

Seth Pl., 324-Frances Emogene Schildroth to Federal National Mortgage Association, $229,000.

Tildenwood Dr., 12254-Steve Cordell and Carol L. MacLeod to Joseph H. and Lori W. Hunt, $600,000.

Welwyn Way, 16-Robert L. and Wilmara H. Manuel to Timothy W. Hefferon and Daniela Macava, $650,000.


Apperson Pl., 20021-Patricia M. Vacherlon to Michelle V. Jones, $230,000.

Cider Barrel Dr., 20316-Eton S. Corp. to Ricardo Reyes De Leon, $398,229.

Locustdale Dr., 20129, No. 318-Doris J. Nedved to Brian W. and Joyce Cobb, $185,000.

Saint Johnsbury Lane, 19456-Ralph N. Johnson to Laura E. and Joel Alonzo, $250,000.

Wheatfield Dr., 19200-Richard A. and Frances E. Farrell to Steven S. McWilliams, $464,000.


Dewitt Dr., 9610-Forest Glen Condo Corp. to Colleen M. Monaghan, $404,000.

Greenbrier Dr., 506-Edwin S. and Virginia A. Billhimer to Atul Sharma and Alice Enz, $407,000.

Mansfield Rd., 302-Francis Robey and Karren Barrett Spencer to Solomon T. Tsegaye and Tesfu T. Griorgis, $365,000.

Pershing Dr., 420-Eda Levitine Trust to Christopher B. and Emily A. Woodside, $570,000.

Washington Ave., 2212, No. W201-Patricia Sayer to Eileen Hurley and Sean Zullo, $279,000.


Ethan Allen Ave., 213-Jennifer Sisane and V.A. Leonides Lechuga to Christopher J. Meighan and Seema P. Kumar, $564,500.

Jackson Ave., 802-Emily Finnin Ma and estate of Rachel M. Finnin to Clinton E. Stack and Olga E. Peterfalvy, $611,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 818-New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Jeremy Filsell, $292,000.

Wildwood Dr., 7807-Matthew A. and Elizabeth A. Bediako to Joel and Siddharth J. Swamy, $295,000.


Denfield Rd., 5733-Eddie Lin and Zhongping Chen to Artyom Tsaturov, $330,000.


Adams Dr., 3904-Daniel Christopher and Joan T. Diggs to 101 Geneva Corp., $245,000.

Clairmont View Terr., 11504-Xuan Mai Huynh and Anh T. Nguyen to Groupo Jose Pinto MD Corp., $430,000.

Elnora St., 2719-Mary P. Clements to Khanh and A. Nguyen, $255,000.

Gleason St., 1411-N. Kent Babson to Richard Daniel Murphy Jr., $230,000.

Kenbrook Dr., 619-Roselyn Kotz to Seife M. Haile and Tizita G. Gebre, $350,000.

Mapleview Dr., 11436-Rita S. and William Freas to Griffin L. Gasert, $350,000.

Monticello Ave., 11527-Jonathan and Rebecca Schramm Kristt to Jeremy H. and Bayla A. Goodman, $520,000.

Tilton Dr., 1810-JG Gore Corp. to Jamie and Monica Keller, $470,000.

Frederick County

Wenner Dr., 31-Wayne L.K. Proper to Gene A. Drake, $34,500.


Londonderry Dr., 4122-Cambridge Farms Homeowners Association to Anthony E. and Jamie Delili, $295,000.


Angelwing Lane, 609-Maurice and M. Pinnock to Federal National Mortgage Association, $336,269.

Bradley Ct., 502, No. 5E-Patricia A. Daniel to Aneston A. and Marina V. Arul, $125,000.

Carston Ct., 6515-Craig and Kristin Hartis to Angelica I. Robles, $245,000.

Daffodil Dr., 1153-Department of Housing & Urban Development to Nicholas Bouquet, $105,000.

Glenmeadow Ct., 7164-Michael P. and Margery F. Brubaker to Elmer Odar, $180,000.

Jefferson Blvd., 5729-Nicole D. Mason and Scott A. Wegner to Jerry K. and Lynn Nolan, and Holly K. and Paul Coughlin, $325,000.

Oleander Pl., 5804, No. 429-Matthew Chumacher to David and Lisa Schlesinger, $120,000.

Sunset View Lane, 5743-Department of Housing & Urban Development to Aaron L. and Nancy G. Garnitz, $105,000.

Whetstone Dr., 6574-Oscar and Neris Medrano to Sang Luai, $215,000.


Aztec Dr., 814-Federal National Mortgage Association to Monocacy Village Corp., $227,500.

Carroll St. S., 206-David R. and Kathryn A. Belcher to Martin A. McGreevy, $250,000.

Dockside Dr., 1598-Christopher K. Cote to Jordan A. Wright, $222,900.

Emory St., 1710-Stephen P. Harris to Douglas Roy and Karen Codella Sass, $223,000.

Harbor Pl., 8028-Douglas R. and Patrice A. Fletcher to Audzelika and Wojtak Tutak, $230,500.

Island Grove Blvd., 2539-David E. and Lisa A. Hogan to Mark F. Matera and Deborah Visconti Matera, $273,000.

Magnolia Ave., 332-James R. and Margaret A. Hudson to James R. Hudson Jr., Lynda M. Horsman and Marc A. Hudson, $550,000.

Mill Pond Rd., 208A-NVR Inc. to K. and Amanda Scuderi, $254,065.

Old Annapolis Rd., 10508-Debra L. Rose and estate of Frances P. Kauffman to Frances L. Helmstetter, $80,895.

Pontiac Ave., 893-Ann May and Maryetta V. Gastley to Monocacy Village Corp., $157,000.

Stratford Way, 809F, No. 1400-Elaine Y. Murrell to Xue Riedel, $70,000.

Wheyfield Dr., 1801A, No. 15A-Sisavart Chanthaphon to Melinda S. Herrmann, $192,000.


Battery Lane, 2125-NVR Inc. to Corinne E. and Joshua P. Scully, $333,590.

Catoctin Ct., 2502, No. 2-1B-Ray A. and Magdalena P. Diehl to Joseph and Gloria Parsley, $144,900.

Clearfield Rd., 8115-Stephen and Khristina Kulikowski to Elizabeth Long, $258,000.

Flint Cir., 9301-William A. Roberts to Carl S. and Toni L. Minkel, $155,000.

Heather Lane, 1731-Michael Dayton Clark to Federal National Mortgage Association, $185,493.

Malvern Way, 2026-James B. Phillips Jr. to Elisabetta Simoncini Davies, $220,000.

Northridge Lane, 1752-Christine N. Lynn to Michael H. Price, $150,000.

Runnymeade Dr., 7904-Cynthia M.T. Whaling and Catherine Spencer to Richard E. and Lizbeth E. Cain, $80,000.

Sumner Dr., 2070-Brian K. and Jennifer A. Kramer to Barbara Stone, $200,000.

Windermere Ct., 2181-Ernst and Sharon Dragon to Philip A. and Dana S. Briggs, $293,000.


Ridenour Rd., 14502-Jefferey R. and Holly M. Cameron to Timothy S. Karol, $285,900.


Boss Arnold Rd. W., 2538-Deutsche Bank to Timothy Pridemore, $290,000.


Main St., 12063-Barbara Ann Zimmerman and Frances J. Ecker Trust to Bernard Warzynak, $190,000.


Valley View Rd., 4415-Marshall Horman and Paul J. Ellis Trust to James L. McArdle and Kristine A. Yaroschuk, $680,000.


Scenic View Ct., 11309-Eva J. Sawtell to Russell W. and Mary K. Harris, $335,000.


Chelsea Cir., 14924-Mark M. and Karen J. Krueger to William Owen Kerlina and Scott Chopas, $530,000.

Molesworth Dr., 12603-Lawrence and Catherine J. Eckert to Michael A. and Margaret M. Herod, $317,500.

Warfield Dr. S., 903-Gregory B. Siegner and Kathleen A. Hoover to Emory and Jessie Haines, $210,000.


Cairo Ct., 10650-Jeffrey L. Rotruck to Jerry P. and Tracy B. Arnold, $396,000.

Hemlock Point Rd., 6579-George L. and Tara M. Gonzalez to Michael and Mary Beth Carey, $156,000.

Meadowlake Cir., 10390-Paula K. and David R. Binns to Cartus Corp., $342,500.

Worchester Dr., 11124-Roger D. Rice and Karen J. Dondzila to Jennifer L. Goodridge, $215,000.


Harbaugh Valley Rd., 17116-Ronald Z. and Leura K. Sulchek to Michael J. Crow, $252,000.


Lombard St., 27-Brooke L. Hontz and Karl Reinsfelder III to Federal National Mortgage Association, $223,894.

Old Oak Pl., 427-Fay L. Webster to Kathy E. Wolford, $128,000.

Wigville Rd., 4905-George and Shawn Hanson to Tanya R. Lindsay, $384,500.


Bothwell Lane, 9660-Karen D. Heiser Trust to Michael A. and Christine M. Madore, $349,500.

Glasgow Way, 3847-M&T Bank to Hongfei Zhang and Hui Li, $450,500.

Hyde Pl., 9553, No. PLL-NVR Inc. to Richard S. and Cynthia A. Murray, $318,305.

Reels Mill Rd., 5301-Wayne A. Alexander to KH Investment Properties Corp., $90,500.

Sprigg St. S., 3602-Joseph P. and Karen S. Roberts to Cheryl Beth R. Pratt, $338,500.


Albany Ave. W., 221-Knute G. and Sharren C. Bidne to Arindom Chakraverty, $28,000.

Grape Creek Rd., 8989-Robert Charles and Cindi Lee Plauger to John A. Murnane and Theresa L. Johnston, $290,000.